M&P Ajmer At A Glance

M&P Ajmer circle is the nodal office for monitoring & execution of metering & protection related works carried out in M&P Ajmer Circle comprising of Ajmer, Nagaur, Sikar & Jhunjhunu districts. The works being done by the circle are as under:   

(a)    Acceptance & some additional testing & analysis of sample meters received from SE (MM) against various tender enquiry including tender samples submitted with the bid & sample submitted by successful bidders before commencement of supply.

(b)   Testing & Analysis of sample meters received from ACOS Ajmer, Bhilwara, Nagaur, Sikar & Jhunjhunu during regular supply. Samples are selected by a committee comprising of concerned SE (O&M), XEN (MT) & XEN (Vig.)

(c)    Participating in Proficiency Testing (PT) Program.

(d)   Routine / 100% Testing of new meters received from ACOS Ajmer during regular supply.

(e)    Testing of disputed meters, old meters & repaired meters.

(f)    Routine / 100% Testing of new CT PT Sets received from ACOS Ajmer during regular supply.

(g)   Testing of Private CT PT Set.

(h)   The XEN & AEN(ST) perform on site testing of metering equipment of LIP, MIP, NDS/ML (above 18.65 k W) consumers in their respective area of jurisdiction. They are also responsible for installation, replacement of meters, release of connections, assessment of revenue in case of detection of defective metering and collection of monthly reading of LIP consumers through CMRI.

(i)     In addition to above the SE (M&P), Ajmer is also member of Protection Coordination Committee and Metering Coordination Committee constituted at Jaipur.

Central Control Room –                               

M&P Ajmer Circle is also the controlling officer of Corporate Control Room (CCR) which  is being operated by AEN (CCR) and 5 persons comprising of 1 JEN,  1 LDC & 3 Ex-Service Man and 1 MTR (on deputation from AEN (MT) Ajmer). The main work includes preparation of Daily Power Drawl Position 220 KV GSS wise and 132 KV GSS wise , implementation of power cut program in coordination with RDPDC wing of Ajmer Discom, Jaipur, monitoring of power supply / power interruption reports of Urban & Rural Areas of Ajmer Discom, collection of Daily Transformer burnt report of Ajmer Discom, to assist RDPPC for monitoring of hourly drawl position of Ajmer Discom and other works related to Energy Accounting.