अ.वि.वि.नि.लि. नियम 101-200

Sr No Rule Order No. Dispatch No. Subject Rule Order Date Size   Language
200 AVVNL Rule-200 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26)/D.2311 राजस्थान सिविल सेवा (चिकित्सा परिचर्या) नियम ,1970 Angioplasty पर व्यय होने वाली राशि के पुनर्भरण हेतु शिथिलीकरण के संबन्ध मे 18-Nov-06 174 KB Hindi Download
199 AVVNL Rule-199 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26)/D.2310 राजस्थान सिविल सेवा (चिकित्सा परिचर्या) नियम ,1970 Angiography पर व्यय होने वाली राशि के पुनर्भरण हेतु शिथिलीकरण के संबन्ध मे 18-Nov-06 183 KB Hindi Download
198 AVVNL Rule-198 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26)/D.2309 राजस्थान सिविल सेवा (चिकित्सा परिचर्या) नियम ,1970 – Pace Maker के लिये प्रत्यारोपित Implants पर व्यय होने वाली राशि के पुनर्भरण हेतु शिथिलीकरण के संबन्ध मे 18-Nov-06 187 KB Hindi Download
197 AVVNL Rule-197 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26)/D.2308 राजस्थान सिविल सेवा (चिकित्सा परिचर्या) नियम ,1970 18-Nov-06 207 KB Hindi Download
196 AVVNL Rule-196 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26)/D.2307 राजस्थान सिविल सेवा (चिकित्सा परिचर्या) नियम ,1970 Stents पर व्यय होने वाली राशि के पुनर्भरण हेतु शिथिलीकरण के संबन्ध मे 18-Nov-06 196 KB Hindi Download
195 AVVNL Rule-195 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(25)/D.2060 Amendment in procedure of recruitment to various posts. 31-Oct-06 694 KB English Download
194 AVVNL Rule-194 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(27)/D.2062 Recruitment to the post of JEN, Accounts officer, junior accountant and Helper. 31-Oct-06 1.3 MB English Download
193 AVVNL Rule-193 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(63)/D.2061 Revival of the post Vehicle Drivers and filling up to these posts through Limited Direct Recruitment Procedure. 31-Oct-06 246 KB English Download
192 AVVNL Rule-192 AVVNL/CAO/SR.AO(F&R)/F.1(04)/D.2027 Grant of Dearness Relief to Pensioners of AVVNL. 28-Oct-06 265 KB English Download
191 AVVNL Rule-191 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1()/D.889 Payment of Bonus /Ex Gratia for the accounting year 2005-06. 9-Oct-06 275 KB English Download
190 AVVNL Rule-190 AVVNL/FA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(62)/D.764 Diet charge for persons in the Anti Power Theft Police Station (APTPS). 13-Sep-06 112 KB English Download
189 AVVNL Rule-189 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(3)/D.762 Grant of Dearness allowance to AVVNL Employees. 11-Sep-06 276 KB English Download
188 AVVNL Rule-188 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(36)/D.572 Covering Probationer –trainees under the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme. 24-Jul-06 117 KB English Download
187 AVVNL Rule-187 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26)/D.571 Medi- claim Insurance coverage for the probationer trainee during the period of probation. 24-Jul-06 118 KB English Download
186 AVVNL Rule-186 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(25)/D.570 Withdrawal of Selection grade scheme to the employees in Class –IV , Miniterial and Sub- Ordinate Service. 24-Jul-06 102 KB English Download
185 AVVNL Rule-185 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(09)/D.555 Modification in the Purchase Procedure for Discoms and amendment in the Purchase Manual. 22-Jul-06 334 KB English Download
184 AVVNL Rule-184 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(25)/D.554 Recruitment and Promotion of the candidates of SC /ST category. 22-Jul-06 107 KB English Download
183 AVVNL Rule-183 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(01)/D.553 Giving incentive to Engineers who are in Service and possess ME/PhD Degree Engineering only. 22-Jul-06 120 KB English Download
182 AVVNL Rule-182 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(15)/D.515 The Board of Directors in its 92nd meeting held on 20.05.06 has ratified the action taken regarding of authorize the circle Superintending Engineers to exercise full power under item No. 1(a) & 2 (a) of delegation of Power. 15-Jul-06 103 KB English Download
181 AVVNL Rule-181 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(47)/D.417 Addition of new sub –clause No. 2 (II)(a) in the Contract registration scheme of the works Manual & GCC -2004. 20-Jun-06 116 KB English Download
180 AVVNL Rule-180 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(9)/D.345 Addition of new sub Clause in schedule –II (General Conditions of Contract) of Purchase Manual. 3-Jun-06 125 KB English Download
179 AVVNL Rule-179 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(15)/D.206 In Purchase of the approval accorded by the Co-ordination committee in its 93rd meeting held on 20th April .2006 the Circle Superintending Engineers are here by authorized to exercise the powers with regards to accords technical sanction. 9-May-06 349 KB English Download
178 AVVNL Rule-178 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(9)/D.66 General Conditions of contract with corresponding change in Purchase Manual. 15-Apr-06 403 KB English Download
177 AVVNL Rule-177 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(9)/D.65 To effect Recoveries from a supplier of One Company by other Companies. 15-Apr-06 119 KB English Download
176 AVVNL Rule-176 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(58)/D.62 To write of the amount of Rs. 1, 18,668/- only expenditure incurred in the year 1991-92 under Jawahar Rojgar Yojana. 15-Apr-06 111 KB English Download
175 AVVNL Rule-175 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(08)/D.61 Constitution of Committees for approval of technical specifications. 15-Apr-06 138 KB English Download
174 AVVNL Rule-174 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(9)/D.60 Reconstitution of the corporate level purchase committee and CE Level Purchase committee of Ajmer Discom. 15-Apr-06 138 KB English Download
173 AVVNL Rule-173 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.56/D.3337 Rajasthan Civil Service (Revised Pay Scale) Rules, 1998 – Fixed remuneration to Probationer trainees. 31-Mar-06 118 KB English Download
172 AVVNL Rule-172 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26)/D.3182 Medical Reimbursement for treatment taken in Hospitals/ Institutions (other than Govt. Hospitals. 8-Mar-06 473 KB English Download
171 AVVNL Rule-171 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(4)/D.3181 Grant of Dearness Relief to Pensioners of AVVNL. 7-Mar-06 127 KB English Download
170 AVVNL Rule-170 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(56)/D.3129 Amendment in Service Regulations regarding making appointment on fixed remuneration. 28-Feb-06 812 KB English Download
169 AVVNL Rule-169 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(Rules)/F.1(42)/D.3001 An Act to give effect to the financial proposals of the Central Govt. for the financial Year2004-2005. 20-Feb-06 810 KB English Download
168 AVVNL Rule-168 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(3)/D.3167 Grant of Dearness Allowance to ASVVNL Employees. 8-Feb-06 361 KB English Download
167 AVVNL Rule-167 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(9)/D.2800 Amendment in Purchase Manual. 1-Feb-06 1 MB English Download
166 AVVNL Rule-166 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1()/D.2773 The Board of Directors in its 83th meeting held on 30.12.2005 has ratified the action taken regarding of approval for the following revised /modified specifications for awarding contracts for operation and maintenance of 33/11 KV Sub Stations. 27-Jan-06 65 KB English Download
165 AVVNL Rule-165 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1()/D.2734 The Board of Directors in its 89th meeting held on 29th & 30th December 2005 has ratified the action taken regarding of approval for the expenditure celling in respect of [petrol , Oil & Lubricants for vehicle of the Nigam. 25-Jan-06 75 KB English Download
164 AVVNL Rule-164 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(53)/D.2541 The Board of Directors in its 82th meeting held on 29.11.05 has ratified the action taken regarding of adopted the Modal Rules of CPF, Farmed under the Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952. 27-Dec-05 99 KB English Download
163 AVVNL Rule-163 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(25)/D.2519 To regularize the orderly allowance availed by the state Govt. Officers on Deputation in AVVNL. 22-Dec-05 114 KB English Download
162 AVVNL Rule-162 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(53)/D.2518 Amendment in regulation 32 (1) (a) (ii) of Employees General Provident Fund Regulation 1988. 22-Dec-05 118 KB English Download
161 AVVNL Rule-161 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/05-06/F.1(54)/D.2506 Engagement of Retired Personal (s) and Computer Operator with computer. 21-Dec-05 117 KB English Download
160 AVVNL Rule-160 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F./D.2343 Circular (RVPN F&R. No.291) 27-Oct-05 651 KB English Download
159 AVVNL Rule-159 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(38)/D.2280 आदेश 21-Oct-05 86 KB Hindi Download
158 AVVNL Rule-158 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(1)/D.2027 Reconstitutions of Departmental Promotional Committees. 20-Oct-05 89 KB English Download
157 AVVNL Rule-157 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(11)/D.1991 Payment of Bonus /Ex-gratia for the accounting year 2004-05. 17-Oct-05 95 KB English Download
156 AVVNL Rule-156 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(33)/D.1983 Clearance of Miscellaneous Advance against employees of Nigam in absence of PCBs/vouchers and other record. 15-Oct-05 341 KB English Download
155 AVVNL Rule-155 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(52)/D.1982 Compensatory (Conveyance ) Allowance to the Engineers /non technical officers of the status of Assistant Engineers and above. 15-Oct-05 111 KB English Download
154 AVVNL Rule-154 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(51)/D.1756 Consumers Dues Settlement Committees cannot be Subjected to Internal Audit. 16-Sep-05 654 KB English Download
153 AVVNL Rule-153 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1()/D.1643 Valuation of Stamp Duty on Execution of Contract Agreement (s). 2-Sep-05 127 KB English Download
152 AVVNL Rule-152 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(25)/D.1442 Orderly Allowance to the Govt. Officers on Deputation in the Nigam. 10-Aug-05 119 KB English Download
151 AVVNL Rule-151 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(2)/D.1441 Regulation 6 of RSEB Employees (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules, 1962. 10-Aug-05 127 KB English Download
150 AVVNL Rule-150 AVVNL/FA&COA/AAO(F&R)/F.1(45)/D.1440 New Contributory Pension Scheme for the employees of AVVNL. 10-Aug-05 124 KB English Download
149 AVVNL Rule-149 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(50)/D.1195 Revised Minimum Wages. 13-Jul-05 102 KB English Download
148 AVVNL Rule-148 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(4)/D.1156 Grant of Dearness Relief to pensioners of AVVNL. 8-Jul-05 305 KB English Download
147 AVVNL Rule-147 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26 & 4)/D.991 Medical Reimbursement for treatment taken in hospital / Institutions (Other than Govt. Hospital) to the Pensioners of erstwhile RSEB /Power Sector Entities. 22-Jun-05 415 KB English Download
146 AVVNL Rule-146 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(49)/D.982 Amendment in House Rent Allowance Rules. 21-Jun-05 100 KB English Download
145 AVVNL Rule-145 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(03)/D.967 Grant of Dearness allowance to AVVNL Employees. 18-Jun-05 279 KB English Download
144 AVVNL Rule-144 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26)/D.417 Medical Reimbursement for treatment taken in Hospital /Institutions (Other Govt. Hospital). 12-May-05 434 KB English Download
143 AVVNL Rule-143 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(03)/D.229 Payment of arrears of enhanced Dearness Allowance for the period 01.07.2004 to 30.11.2004 to the employees of AVVNL. 27-Apr-05 296 KB English Download
142 AVVNL Rule-142 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(10)/D.142 To Prescribe /determine the “Pay” for payment of TA/DA in respect of employees engaged on contract or on consolidated salary. 16-Apr-05 83 KB English Download
141 AVVNL Rule-141 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(15)/D.141 New Item No. 77 in the D.O.P. regarding payment on account of Compensatory afforestation of land. 16-Apr-05 80 KB English Download
140 AVVNL Rule-140 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(25)/D.4093 Amendment in Regulation 51 of the Employees Service Regulations-1964. 10-Mar-05 334 KB English Download
139 AVVNL Rule-139 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(10)/D.4092 To allow officers to undertake Journeys by Air. 10-Mar-05 107 KB English Download
138 AVVNL Rule-138 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(18)/D.4091 Criteria for filling up the posts of Accountant. 10-Mar-05 77 KB English Download
137 AVVNL Rule-137 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26)/D.4081 Reimbursement of expenditure in connection with M.R.I. 10-Mar-05 100 KB English Download
136 AVVNL Rule-136 AVVNL/MD/CAO/Rules/F.1(9)/D.3766 The decision taken in the 8th meeting of the Board of Directors held on 6th June , 2001, the following Settlement Committees for resolutions of disputes relating to Purchases/ works of Ajmer Discom. 24-Feb-05 108 KB English Download
135 AVVNL Rule-135 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(29)/D.3482 Regarding of Order No. AVVNL/CAO/Rules/ESR/F.1(29)/d.681 dt. 20.08.2003. 8-Feb-05 99 KB English Download
134 AVVNL Rule-134 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(48)/D.3289 Release of Payment to the Contractors for supply of material against various Turn-Key packages. 29-Jan-05 85 KB English Download
133 AVVNL Rule-133 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(48)/D.2913 Payment to the Suppliers /Contractors bills over Rs.25, 000/- to Rs. 1, 00,000/-. 1-Jan-05 103 KB English Download
132 AVVNL Rule-132 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(7)/D.2912 Re-constitution of Audit Committee of Directors. 1-Jan-05 87 KB English Download
131 AVVNL Rule-131 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(34)/D.2903 Promotion channel in respect of CCA-III. 1-Jan-05 90 KB English Download
130 AVVNL Rule-130 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(47)/D.2837 One composite Bank Guarantee from Contractors in various Turn Key Projects. 27-Dec-04 94 KB English Download
129 AVVNL Rule-129 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(43)/D.2763 Economy Measures. 18-Dec-04 115 KB English Download
128 AVVNL Rule-128 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(4)/D.2585 Grant of Dearness Relief to Pensioners of AVVNL. 3-Dec-04   English Download
127 AVVNL Rule-127 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(3)/D.2584 Grant of Dearness Allowance to AVVNL Employees. 3-Dec-04 323 KB English Download
126 AVVNL Rule-126 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(46)/D.2502 Removal of pay anomalies of LDC’s recruited through departmental examination under direct recruitment quota among the class IV th and helpers having secondary or higher qualifications. 27-Nov-04 111 KB English Download
125 AVVNL Rule-125 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(22)/D.2501 Procedure of filling of the posts of Junior Engineers from departmental employees 27-Nov-04 86 KB English Download
124 AVVNL Rule-124 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1( )/D.2361 Adoption of New Contributory Pension scheme for the employees for AVVNL appointed on or after 01.01.2004. 16-Nov-04 341 KB English Download
123 AVVNL Rule-123 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(43)/D.2270 Economy Measures. 5-Nov-04 92 KB English Download
122 AVVNL Rule-122 AVVNL/CAO/Rules/F&R/F.1(11)/D.2200 Payment of Bonus/Ex-Gratia for the accounting Year 2003-2004. 30-Oct-04 85 KB English Download
121 AVVNL Rule-121 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(42)/D.212 Valuation of Stamp duty on execution of Contract agreement(s). 19-Oct-04 93 KB English Download
120 AVVNL Rule-120 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1()/D.2066 To authorize Managing Director to permit taking / engaging Mobile phones for the Call Centers established / to be established in the important Municipal Towns. 13-Oct-04 77 KB English Download
119 AVVNL Rule-119 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(8)/D.1977 Second appeal preferred by appellants against the penalty imposed by Managing Director on behalf of Board of Directors. 6-Oct-04 103 KB English Download
118 AVVNL Rule-118 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(29)/D.1976 Withdrawal of Nigan’s order of grant of Extra Ordinary Leave (without Pay). 6-Oct-04 97 KB English Download
117 AVVNL Rule-117 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(41)/D.1951 Revised expenditure ceiling limits for POl and R&M of Vehicles of the Nigam. 4-Oct-04 96 KB English Download
116 AVVNL Rule-116 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(25)/D.1950 Grant of Selection Grade to the Employees who forgone/Forgoes the Promotion. 4-Oct-04 85 KB English Download
115 AVVNL Rule-115 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(1)/D.1729 Nomination of officers for attending the Training Programme and Seminars etc. outside Rajasthan. 9-Sep-04 95 KB English Download
114 AVVNL Rule-114 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(9)/D.1728 Amendment in the Purchase Manual, 1999 and Delegation of Powers regarding enhancement in the limit for inviting open tenders. 9-Sep-04 116 KB English Download
113 AVVNL Rule-113 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(8)/D.1665 Selection criteria for filling up the vacant posts of Astt. Stock Verifiers/Astt. Store Superintendents by promotions. 3-Sep-04 76 KB English Download
112 AVVNL Rule-112 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(8)/D.1664 Reimbursement of expenses for treatment taken in private hospital. 3-Sep-04 80 KB English Download
111 AVVNL Rule-111 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(8)/D.1663 Re-designation of Sr. Engineers after attaining eligibility period of next promotion at the time of grant of Selection Grade. 3-Sep-04 119 KB English Download
110 AVVNL Rule-110 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(8)/D.1662 Amendment in RSEB officers Services (RPS) Regulation, 1974 regarding provisions under column No.4 against serial No. 12 of the schedule. 3-Sep-04 105 KB English Download
109 AVVNL Rule-109 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(8)/D.1661 Amendment in RSEB officers Services (RPS) Regulation, 1974 regarding qualification for promotion to the post of Astt. Accounts officers. 3-Sep-04 121 KB English Download
108 AVVNL Rule-108 AVVNL/CAO/Rules/F&R/F.1(4)/D.1134 Grant of Dearness relief to the pensioners of AVVNL. 14-Jul-04 99 KB English Download
107 AVVNL Rule-107 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(8)/D.1054 Enhancement in recruitment Age. 3-Jul-04 96 KB English Download
106 AVVNL Rule-106 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(15)/D.1053 Purchase of Spare parts for immediate repair of defective Circuit Breakers. 3-Jul-04 80 KB English Download
105 AVVNL Rule-105 AVVNL/CAO/AAO(F&R)/F.1(26)/D.1052 Reimbursement of Expenses for treatment taken in various authorized private hospitals. 3-Jul-04 101 KB English Download
104 AVVNL Rule-104 AVVNL/MD/CAO/Rules/F.1(1)/D.1030 Amendment in officers Service (Recruitment , Promotion & Seniority )Regulation 1974. 2-Jul-04 241 KB English Download
103 AVVNL Rule-102 AVVNL/CAO/Rules/F&R/F.1(40)/D.899 Grant of Composite loan for purchase of Food Grain , Festival & Educational fees of Children of Nigam employees. 21-Jun-04 340 KB English Download
102 AVVNL Rule-103 AVVNL/CAO/Rules/F&R/F.1(3/4)/D.900 Merger of 50% Dearness Allowance /Dearness Relief with basic pay /Basic pension. 21-Jun-04 78 KB English Download
101 AVVNL Rule-101 AVVNL/CAO/Rules/F&R/F.1(9)/D.779 Amendment in the erstwhile RSEB Purchase manual 1999. 8-Jun-04 74 KB English Download