अ.वि.वि.नि.लि. नियम 801-900

Sr No Rule/Order No. Dispatch No. Subject Rule/Order Date Size   Language  Document Link
901 AVVNL_Rule_874 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/F.86/OO/D.2232 ORDER 08-08-2019 524KB English Download
900 AVVNL_Rule_873 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/F.56/OO/D.2220 ORDER 08-08-2019 454KB English Download
899 AVVNL_Rule_872 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/F.34/OO/D.1903 ORDER 19-07-2019 504KB English Download
898 AVVNL_Rule_871 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/F.26/OO/D.1848 ORDER 16-07-2019 511KB English Download
897 AVVNL_Rule_870 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/F.68/OO/D.1847 ORDER 16-07-2019 482KB English

896 AVVNL_Rule_869 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(Rule)/F.56/OO/D.1584 ORDER 03-07-2019 1.2 MB English Download
895 AVVNL_Rule_868 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/F.4/OO/D.1219 ORDER 17-06-2019   English Download
894 AVVNL_Rule_867 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/F.3/OO/D.1218 ORDER 17-06-2019   English Download
893 AVVNL_Rule_866 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/F.81/OO/D.1057 ORDER 31-05-2019 502 KB English Download
892 AVVNL_Rule_864 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/.F04/OO/D.4082 ORDER 02-03-2019 1.1 MB English Download
891 AVVNL_Rule_863 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/.F03/OO/D.4081 ORDER 02-03-2019 594 KB English Download
890 AVVNL_Rule_862 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/.F52/OO/D.4055 ORDER 28-02-2019 232 KB English Download
889 AVVNL_Rule_861 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/.F26/OO/D.3886 ORDER 19-02-2019 682 KB English Download
888 AVVNL_Rule_860 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/.F11 26/OO/D3808 ORDER 12-02-2019 423 KB English Download
887 AVVNL_Rule_859 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/F.26/OO/D.2931 ORDER 04-12-2018 522 KB English Download
886 AVVNL_Rule_858 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rule)/F-112/OO/D.2812 ORDER 20-11-2018 756 KB English Download
885 AVVNL_Rule_857 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.11/OO/2647 ORDER 05.11.2018 4.3 MB English Download
884 AVVNL_Rule_856 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68/OO/2634

ORDER 02-11-2018 510 KB English Download
883 AVVNL_Rule_855 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.26/OO/2585 ORDER 31.10.2018 522 KB English Download
882 AVVNL_Rule_854 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.26/OO/2584 ORDER 31.10.2018 510 KB English Download
881 AVVNL_Rule_853 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.3/OO/2583 ORDER 31.10.2018 2 MB English Download
880 AVVNL_Rule_852 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.3/OO/2582 ORDER 31.10.2018 1 MB English Download
879 AVVNL_Rule_851 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F25/OO/2518 ORDER 23-10-2018 1.5 MB English Download
878 AVVNL-Rule-850 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.1,18,52/OO/2164 ORDER 24-09-2018 549 KB English Download
877 AVVNL-Rule-849 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.26,68,86,102/OO/2160 ORDER 24-09-2018 443 KB English Download
876 AVVNL Rule-848 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.4/OO/D.2130 ORDER 19-09-2018 757 KB English Download
875 AVVNL Rule-847 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.3/OO/D.2129 ORDER 19-09-2018 793 KB English Download
874 AVVNL Rule-846 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.105/OO/D.1946 ORDER 06-09-2018 2.6 MB English Download
873 AVVNL Rule-845 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.26/OO/D.1861 ORDER 23-08-218 420 KB English Download
872 AVVNL Rule-844 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.52/OO/D.1822 ORDER 20-08-2018 665 KB English Download
871 AVVNL Rule-843 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.52/OO/D.1777 procedure using Nigam vehicle from residence to office and back 14-08-2018 469 KB English Download
870 AVVNL Rule-842 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.1 18/OO/D.1588 ORDER 30-07-2018 376 KB English Download
869 AVVNL Rule-841
CLARIFICATION 25-07-2018 863 KB English Download
868 AVVNL Rule-840 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.25/OO/D.1436
Amendment in Employee Service Regulation, 1964  18-07-2018 1.9 MB English Download
867 AVVNL Rule-839 क्रमांक/ अविविनिलि/ मु.ले.अ. (सं.रा.ब.)/सं.ले.अ. (नियम)/ प.102/ प्रे. 1427 निगम सेवा में आवश्यक अस्थाई रूप से पदोन्नति पर वेतन स्थिरीकरण के सम्बन्ध में दिशा निर्देश  18-07-2018 962 KB Hindi Download
866 AVVNL Rule-838 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO/D.1372
Revision of pension of pre-01.01.2016 pensioners/familiy pensioners etc. 16-07-2018 5.4 MB English Download
865 AVVNL Rule-837 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.26/OO/D.1305 Amendment in Rajasthan civil services (medical attendance) rules 2013 in Appendix- I : list of 'Approved hospitals' 10-07-2018 1.7 MB English Download
864 AVVNL Rule- 836 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.26/OO/D.1304 Amendment in rajasthan civil services (medical attendance) rules 2013 in appendix- I : list of approved hospitals 10-07-2018 1.4 MB English Download
863 AVVNL Rule-835 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.4/OO/D.987
Grant of Dearness relief to the pensioners of AVVNL who are receipt in provisional pension/pension on the basis of pay drawn in the revised pay scales, 2008.  14-06-2018 2.4 MB English Download
862 AVVNL-Rule-834 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68(RPS-17)/OO/D.959 Order:Pursuant to approval of Finance department,GOR,(Concurrence of FD ID No 211800302) conveyed by Energy Department GOR 12-06-2018 984 KB English Download
861 AVVNL Rule-833 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.1/OO/D.958 Amendment in AVVNL Engineer's Service Regulations 2016 12-06-2018 1 MB English Download
860 AVVNL Rule-832
Amendment in Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013 07-06-2018 2.5 MB English Download
859 AVVNL Rule-831
Grant of Dearness Allowance to AVVNL Employee drawaing pay in the pre-reivsed pay scale i.e. in RCS (Revised pay scale) Rules, 1998 or 5th CPC and in the revised pay scale Rules, 2008.  07-06-2018 1.2 MB English Download
858 AVVNL Rule-830 VVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.1,18,26,102,113/OO/D.881 The Board of Director in its 257th meeting held on 22-05-2018 has ratifiy the action taken 05-06-2018 508 KB English Download
857a AVVNL Rule-829 Avvnl/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/f86/d696 Amendment in the avvnl compassionate Appointments of Dependents of deceased Nigam Servant regulation 2016 21-05-2018 1.9 MB English Download
857 AVVNL Rule-828 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68/OO/D.695 permission to excercise of option/Re-option under the Rajasthan Civil Services(Revised pay) Rules 2017 21-05-2018 1.4 MB English Download
856 AVVNL Rule-827 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.1/OO/D.613
To consider the decision taken in the matter of relaxation in experience to Diploma Holder Assistant Engineer for promotion to the post of Executive Engineer 14-05-2018 476 KB English Download
855 AVVNL Rule-826 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.18/OO/D.600
To consider and approve the proposal of relaxation of depositing bond amount on shifting from one power sector company to another power sector company 14-05-2018 454 KB English Download
854 AVVNL Rule-825 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.1,18, 113/OO/D.599
Amendment in the AVVNLvarious services Regulations.
11-05-2018 1.3 MB English Download
853 AVVNL Rule-824 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.113/OO/D.598

Amendment in the AVVNL Services (Absorption of Ex-Servicemen) Regulalation, 2017 11-05-2018 1.4 MB English Download
852 AVVNL Rule-823 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.1/OO/D.311 order:-The coordination committee in its 10th meeting held on 14th and 15th march 2018 24-4-2018 952 KB English Download
851 AVVNL Rule-822 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO/D.182 Order:- The board of directors in its 256th Meeting held on 27.03.2018 has ratified the action taken by issuing the following orders 12/4/2018 368 KB English Download
850 AVVNL Rule-821 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO/D.181 Order:- The board of directors in its 256th Meeting held on 27.03.2018 has ratified the action taken by issuing the following orders 12/4/2018 470 KB English Download
849 AVVNL Rule-820 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO/D.175 Order:- The board of directors in its 256th Meeting held on 27.03.2018 has ratified the action taken by issuing the following orders 12/4/2018 943 KB English Download
848 AVVNL Rule-819 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.4/OO/D.67 Grant of Dearness Relief to the Pensioners of AVVNL 5/4/2018 871 KB English Download
847 AVVNL Rule-818 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.3/OO/D.57 Grant of Dearness Allowances to the employees 4/4/2018 919 KB English Download
846 AVVNL Rule-817 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.26/OO/D.56 Inclusion of following hospital in the list of private empanelled Hospitals/ Institutions of the Nigam and approved Hospitals of GoR who have given their consent for providing treatment to employees of Nigam as per CGHS rates. 4/4/2018 550 KB English Download
845 AVVNL Rule-816 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.54/OO/D.4788 Guidelines for obtaining services of retired officers/employees of the Nigam/State Government on the basis of consolidated remuneration. 24-03-2018 3.7 MB English Download
844 AVVNL Rule-815 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.10/OO/D.4580 Amendment in Rajasthan Travelling Allowance Rules-1971 7/3/2018 1.5 MB English Download
843 AVVNL Rule-814 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.10/OO/D.4579 Amendment in Rajasthan Travelling Allowance Rules-1971 7/3/2018 3.7 MB English Download
842 AVVNL Rule-813 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.83/OO/D.4578 Amendment in RSEB (Determination & recovery of rent residential accommodations) Regulation-1980 7/3/2018 1 MB English Download
841 Circular AVVNL/CAO(ATP):AAO(Taxation) D: 4542 Circular 5/3/2018 845 KB English Download
840 AVVNL Rule-812 क्रमांक/ अविविनिलि/ मु.ले.अ. (नियम)/ प.102/ प्रे. 4526  निगम सेवा में नियमित पदोन्नति और आवश्यक अस्थाई रूप से पदोन्नति के सम्बन्ध में दिशा निर्देश  27-02-2018 1 MB Hindi Download
839 AVVNL Rule-811 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.26/OO/D.4396 Inclusion of following hospital in the list of provate empanelled hospitals/institutions of the Nigam and approved hospitals of GoR who have given their consent for providing treatment to employees of Nigam as per CGHS rates.  19-02-2018 551 KB English Download
838 AVVNL Rule-810 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68(RPS-17)/OO/D.4107 Revision of Pension of Pre 01.01.2016 (Nigam Pensioners/Family Pensioners) 31-01-2018 1.6 MB English Download
837 AVVNL Rule-809 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.26/OO /D.3973 Rajsthan civil services (Medical Attendance) Rules,2013,Appendix-I:List of 'Approved Hospitals' 19-01-2018 1.1 MB English Download
836 AVVNL Rule-808 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO /D.3901 Adoption of orders No. F.14(8) FD/Rules/2013 Part-II dated 29.11.2017 & order No. F.14(1) FD/Rules/2013 dated 09.12.2017 15-01-2018 2.4 MB English Download
835 AVVNL Rule-807 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO /D.3698 Contribution to the Superannuation and Gratuity Fund w.e.f. 01.01.2017 1/1/2018 524 KB English Download
834 AVVNL Rule-806 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO /D.3697 Employees' and Employer's Contribution in the CPF with the revision of Pay Scales 1/1/2018 527 KB English Download
833 AVVNL Rule-805 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO /D.3696 Amendment in the RVPN Pensioners Medical Concession Scheme 1/1/2018 529 KB English Download
832 AVVNL Rule-804 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO /D.3695 Amendment in AVVNL Employees GPF Regulations, 1988 1/1/2018 593 KB English Download
831 AVVNL Rule-803 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO /D.3694 Amendment in AVVNL Employees Service Regulation, 1964 1/1/2018 1.2 MB English Download
830 AVVNL Rule-802 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO /D.3693 Amendment in the AVVNL Employees Service Regulation, 1964 1/1/2018 2.4 KB English Download
829 AVVNL Rule-801 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(Rule)/F.68 (RPS-17)/OO /D.3692 Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules,2013 1/1/2018 989 KB English Download