राजस्व अ.ज.

Sr. No. Revenue AJ No. Dispatch No. Subject  Date Size  Language Doc
148 REV AJ-146 No. AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/Sr. AO(Rev.)/F./D-2602 ORDER 04.09.2019 273 KB English Download
147 REV AJ-145 अविविनिलि /  मु.अ. ले (ERB) /  राजस्व / पत्रांक / प्रे - 2376

नगरपालिका एरिया में स्थित रीको इंडस्ट्री एरिया के उपभोक्ताओ के लिए नया टैरिफ कोड जारी करने हेतु  21.08.2019 362 KB HIndi Download
146 REV_AJ_143 AVVNL/CAO/ERB/Sr.AO(Rev.)f./d.445 Order- Payment of interest on security deposited by other than large industrial consumers. 26.04.2019 980 KB English Download
145 REV_AJ_144 AVVNL/CAO/ERB/Sr.AO(Rev.)f./d.222 Order 12-04-2019 510 KB English Download
144 REV_AJ_142 AVVNL/CAO/ERB/Sr.AO(Rev.)f./d.111 Corrigendum 08-04-2019 1.6 MB Hindi Download
143 REV_AJ_141 AVVNL/CAO/ERB/Sr.AO(Rev.)f./d.4240 Circular 19-03-2019 2.5 MB Hindi Download
142 REV_AJ_140 AVVNL/CAO/ERB/Sr.AO(Rev.)f./d.2503 Circular 22-10-2018 493 KB Hindi Download
141 REV_AJ_139 AVVNL/CAO/ERB/Sr.AO(Rev.)f./d.2481 Circular 18-10-18 1.3 MB Hindi Download
140 REV_AJ_138 AVVNL/CAO/ERB/Sr.AO(Rev.)f./d.1860 Corrigendum 23-08-2018 381 KB English Download
139 REV_AJ-137 AVVNL/CAO/ERB/Sr.AO(Rev.)f./d.1628 Order 02-08-2018   English Download
138 REV AJ-136 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F./D.1044 Order 19-06-2018 1 MB English Download
137 REV AJ-135 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/Sr. AO (Rev.)/F. /D. 4554 Order 05-03-2018 3.6 MB English Download
136 REV AJ-133 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 3206 Order:- Persuant to clause no. 11 of the 'Agriculture Connection policy 2017' 16-11-2017 489 KB English Download
135 REV AJ-134 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 3191 Order:- Persuant to clause no. 5.5 of the 'Agriculture Connection policy 2017' 15-11-2017 501 KB English Download
134 REV AJ-126 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 3113 Order- In reference to clause no.36(2) of the terms & condition for Supply of Electricity-2004     09-11-2017 453 KB English Download
133 REV AJ-132 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 2395 Order- Ratification of Rev AJ-131 by the Board of Directors of AVVNL 08-09-2017 383 KB English Download
132 REV AJ-131 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 1962 Circular- Drawl of lottery of winning of 100 consumers per month form the billing month of May-17 14-08-2017 521 KB English Download
131 REV AJ-130 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 1951 Circular 11-08-2017 1 MB English Download
130 REV AJ-129 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 1594  Circular 10-07-2017 1 MB English Download
129 REV AJ-128 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 1267  Order New transaction code-80  is hereby allotted with immediate effect 12-06-2017 576 KB English Download
128 REV AJ-127 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 1266 Payment of interest on security deposited by other than large industrial consumers 12-06-2017 1.3 MB English Download
127 REV AJ-125 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 406 Ratification of Circular REV AJ-121 by the Board of Directors of AVVNL 25-04-2017 507 KB English Download
126 REV AJ- 124 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- 208 The Board of Directors in its 250th meeting have approved Accounts Receivable Policy along with its procedural guidelines and draft order for formation of wroking committees for bad and doubtful debts in compliance to the provisions of sub-section (1) of section 7 of RSEDMR Act, 2016 13-04-2017 590 KB English Download
125 REV AJ-123 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D- The State Government vide Notification dt 15-12-2016 has exempted the payment of electriciy duty payable by a person 3/3/2017 685 KB English Download
124 REV AJ-122 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D-4451 Subsidy component to subsidized categories of agriculture in tariff for retail supply of electricity RERC tariff order dt 22-09-2016 22-02-2017 1.4 MB English Download
123 REV AJ-121 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D-4377 Performance based incentive to feeder incharge under Loss Redution Programme 16-02-2017 1.2 MB English Download
122 REV AJ-120 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D-3846 As per para 87.4 of Revenue Manual, dishonored Cheques received back in the same month in which it was credited against  payments of Bills procedure for write back entry  3/1/2017 317 KB English Download
121 REV AJ-119 AVVNL/CAO(A&R)/Sr.AO.(Rev.)/F./D-3368 Office Order 29-Nov-16 375 KB English Download
120 REV AJ-118 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/Rev./ F -/D-878 Billing of consumers having Net Metering and Grid Connectivity of the Grid Connected Rooftop & Small Solar Photovoltaic System (SSPVS) 30-May-16 4.6 MB English Download
119 REV AJ-117 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-3570 Order - M/s Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL) has entered into an agreement with Nigam to provide LED bulbs to its domestic consumers under on bill financing scheme under which the willing consumers would pay in initial amount of Rs. 10.00 per LED bulb to the agency and remaining payment of Rs. 95.00 will be recovered  theorugh energy bills in 12 equals monthly installments. 8-Dec-15 2.6 MB English Download
118 REV AJ-116 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-3273 Order  10-Nov-15 818 KB English Download
117 REV AJ-115 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F - hail storm/ 2015-16/ Ajmer /D-15  Circular 6-Apr-15 886 KB English Download
116 REV AJ-114 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-22 Order 6-Apr-15 742 KB English Download
115 REV AJ-113 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-4701 Order - Rebate allowed for installing time switches/ timers to switch off street lights during day hours have been withdrawn in "Tariff for supply of electricity-2015) 9-Mar-15 500 KB English Download
114 REV AJ-112 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-1217 Order 19-Jun-14 596 KB English Download
113 REV AJ-111 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-1130 Order  12-Jun-14 649 KB English Download
112 REV AJ-110 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-991 As per decision taken by the DCF 5% rebate is to be allowed through billing software to such consumers (excluding agriculture ), whose meters remained stopped / defective for more than twelve months from the date of its detection 5-Jun-14 502 KB English Download
111 REV AJ-109 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-990 Order 5-Jun-14 592 KB English Download
110 REV AJ-108 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-989 Providing of various value added e-information sevices to the customers is need of the hour, for greater satisfaction  5-Jun-14 689 KB English Download
109 REV AJ-107 अविविनिलि / मु.ले.अ. (R&C) / राजस्व / पत्राण / प्रे- 4377  आदेश -  राजस्थान राज्य विधुत विनिमायक आयोग द्वारा वाद संख्या आर.ई.आर. सी - 343 /12  पर दिनांक 10-07-2013 एवं 417/13 दिनांक 02-12-2013  27-Dec-13 796 KB Hindi Download
108 REV AJ-106A AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/Sr. AO (Rev.) / F -/D-4686 Order  18-Mar-13 651 KB English Download
107 REV AJ-106 अविविनिलि / प्र.नि./ मु.अ. ले (रा. व. नि) / प / प्रे - 2556 आदेश  1-Oct-12   Hindi Download
106 REV AJ-105 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-2235  In  pursuance to the RERC tariff order dt- 08-08-2012 and Order No- AVVNL/Dy. CE. (Comml)/c-I/F-57 ( T) /D-2845 dt 30-08-2012 (Comml AJ- 494) 4-Sep-12 1.4 MB English Download
105 REV AJ-104 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-2017 Order 16-Aug-12 521 KB English Download
104 REV AJ-103 अविविनिलि / प्र.नि./ मु.अ. ले (रा. व. नि) / प / प्रे - 2043 आदेश   16-Aug-12 364 KB Hindi Download
103 REV AJ-102 अविविनिलि / प्र.नि./ मु.अ. ले (रा. व. नि) / प / प्रे - 1920  वर्ष 2012-13 मे निर्धारित किये गये उपखण्डवार माहवार राजस्व लक्ष्य की वसूली के संदर्भ मे  7-Aug-12 726 KB Hindi Download
102 REV AJ-101 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-1690 Order 15-Jul-11 530 KB English Download
101 REV AJ-100 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -25-3/D-1007 Order 6-Jun-11 429 KB English Download
100 REV AJ-99 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-323 Payment of interest on Security deposited by other than large industrial Consumers 20-Apr-11 512 KB English Download
99 REV AJ-98A AVVNL/MD/CAO(R&C)/F./ D- 252  Order 15-Apr-11 369 KB English Download
98 REV AJ-98 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -/D-27   1-Apr-11 304 KB English Download
97 REV AJ-97 AVVNL/CAO(R&C.)/F -25-3/D-6004 Adjustment of Security deposit of PDC Consumers 10-Mar-11 503 KB English Download
96 REV AJ-96 AVVNL/CAO(Rev.)/F -/D-4246 Attestation/ Signature /Seal  on corrections if any made on the computerized printed energy bills 3-Nov-10 550 KB English Download
95 REV AJ-95 AVVNL/CAO(Rev.)/F -Urban- Cess/D-2711 The local Self. Govt .Department , GoR Vide Order No. 1403 dt-06-07-2010 has authorized the Discoms to adjust the collection of "Urban Cess: against the PSL bills of  Municipal bodies 20-Aug-10 980 KB English Download
94 REV AJ-94 AVVNL/CAO(Rev.)/F -/D-555 Order 4-May-10 542 KB English Download
93 REV AJ-93 AVVNL/CAO(Rev.)/F -/D-397 Payment of interest on Security deposited by other than large industrial Consumers 22-Apr-10 814 KB English Download
92 REV AJ-92 AVVNL/CAO(Rev.)/F -/D-6142 Order 4-Mar-10 608 KB English Download
91 REV AJ-91 AVVNL/CAO(Rev.)/F -/D-3203 Issue of MCO's and Inspection Report's 14-Sep-09 606 KB English Download
90 REV AJ-90 AVVNL/CAO(Rev.)/F -/D-2792 Order 21-Aug-09 610 KB English Download
89 REV AJ-89 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F - 25-3/AJM/D-1230 Payment of interest on Security deposited by other than large industrial Consumers 3-Jun-09 794 KB English Download
88 REV AJ-88 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F - /D-1156 The tariff codes 4700 , 4800 and 4900 relating to the Consumers of Farm Houses are hereby regrouped  1-Jun-09 774 KB English Download
87 REV AJ-87 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F - C/C /D-4415 Circular 6-Jan-09 388 KB English Download
86 REV AJ-86 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F - C/C /D-4415 Incentive scheme for 2008-09 for O&M staff on recovery of old arrears from PDC  Consumers under EUDR Act and Land Revenue Act 8-Sep-08 626 KB English Download
85 REV AJ-85 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F - /D-1417 Circular 23-Jun-08 357 KB English Download
84 REV AJ-84 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F - /D-1299 Payment of interest on Security deposited by other than large industrial Consumers 17-Jun-08 418 KB English Download
83 REV AJ-83 अविविनिलि. / मुख्य . ले. अ / व. ले. अ / राजस्व/ फा -253  /प्रे-1205   आदेश  10-Jun-08 515 KB Hindi Download
82 REV AJ-82 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F - /D-1183 Order 9-Jun-08 539 KB English Download
81 REV AJ-81 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F - /D-1159 Applicability of Tariff in respect of  places of public worship havingconnected load upto 5 KW and upto 25 KW 5-Jun-08 320 KB English Download
80 REV AJ-80 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F - C/C /D-894 Monitoring of disconnections and Recovery of outstanding 21-May-08 351 KB English Download
79 REV AJ-79 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F 25 /D-5133 Order 5-Mar-08 768 KB English Download
78 REV AJ-78 अविविनिलि /  व. ले अ. / राजस्व / प - 25-3 / प्रे- 2959  परिपत्र  28-Nov-07 635 KB Hindi Download
77 REV AJ-77 AVVNL/CAO/Rev./F 25-B-ii /D-2594 Order 1-Nov-07 844 KB English Download
76 REV AJ-76 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F 25-B-ii /D-2564 Order 31-Oct-07   English Download
75 REV AJ-75 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F 25-B-ii /D-2565 In order to reconcile the figures of Sundry Debtors Collection Account, following guidelines are hereby conveyed for strict compliance by all concerned 31-Oct-07   English Download
74 REV AJ-74 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F 25 /D-2400 Amendment in tariff for supply of Electricity 2004 for " Goshala" connection 18-Oct-07 548 KB English Download
73 REV AJ-73 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F 25(3) /D-2150 Order 6-Oct-07 670 KB English Download
72 REV AJ-72 AVVNL/CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F 25(3) /D-923 Payment of interest on Security deposited by other than large industrial Consumers 28-Jun-07 436 KB English Download
71 REV AJ-71 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F. /D-1591 Order 27-Feb-07 828 KB English Download
70 REV AJ-70 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F. /D-1524 Levy of Electricity Duty to Flat Rate Agriculture Consumers 13-Feb-07 634 KB English Download
69 REV AJ-69 AVVNL/CAO/F&R /F/D-3231 To authorise Circle Superintending Engineer(O&M) to appoint local person / agency to recover outstanding dues against PDC / Regular consumers 12-Feb-07 580 KB English Download
68 REV AJ-68 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev) Sec. II/F. /D-1243 Order 21-Dec-06 501 KB English Download
67 REV AJ-67 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F. /D-1194 Office Order 8-Dec-06 554 KB English Download
66 REV AJ-66 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F.25 (3) /D-750 The procedure regarding cash collection was circulated vide this office circular no 4674 dt 20-02-2001  6-Sep-06 638 KB English Download
65 REV AJ-65 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F.SD /D-610 Payment of interest on security deposit for the year 2004 -05 & 05-06 in respect of other than LIP Consumers  5-Aug-06 426 KB English Download
64 REV AJ-64 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F.25 (3) /D-447 Payment of interest on Security deposited by other than large industrial Consumers 26-Jun-06 460 KB English Download
63 REV AJ-63 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F.25 (3) /D-387 In order to Identify farm house agriculture consumers receiving supply in blocks/ roaster (i.e. not getting 24 hours supply ) under urban areas.  8-Jun-06 662 KB English Download
62 REV AJ-62 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F.CB /D-240 The Accounts Code heads as indicated in the Order No. 127 dated 22-04-2006(AJC Rev-60)  16-May-06 627 KB English Download
61 REV AJ-61 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F.CB /D-239 Order- In pursuance to the order No-173 dt- 09-09-2005 vide which new Circle Rajsamand has been created 16-May-06 604 KB English Download
60 REV AJ-60 AVVNL/MD/FA& CAO/Rev/F.  /D-127 Order 22-Apr-06 816 KB English Download
59 REV AJ-59 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F.CB /D-22 Payment of interest on the amount of  security deposted by other than large industrial consumers 7-Apr-06 666 KB English Download
58 REV AJ-58 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F.CB /D-3299 Circular 27-Mar-06 712 KB English Download
57 REV AJ-57 AVVNL/MD/FA& CAO/Rev/F. CB/OO /D-3240 Order 18-Mar-06 643 KB English Download
56 REV AJ-56 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Revenue/F. /D-2806 Payment of interest of security deposited by other than large industrial consumers 3-Feb-06 511 KB English Download
55 REV AJ-55 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F. /D-2753 Recovery of  outstanding electricity Charges 3-Jan-06 641 KB English Download
54 REV AJ-54 AVVNL/MD/FA& CAO/Rev/F. CB/OO-151  /D-3201 Office Order 10-Mar-06 1.1 MB English Download
53 REV AJ-53 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F. /D-2277 New tariff code for the consumers of rural area in farm house category getting supply round the clock. 29-Nov-05 560 KB English Download
52 REV AJ-52 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F. /D-2227 Adhoc payment of eneryg bills to be paid by the agriculture consumers except farm house category of Urban Area 22-Nov-05 662 KB English Download
51 REV AJ-51 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F. /D-1895 Adhoc payment of energy bills to be paid by the agriculture consumers under General Category.(metered category Code 4000 and also flat  rate code 4100) 3-Oct-05 543 KB English Download
50 REV AJ-50           Download
49 REV AJ-49 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F. TFCD/D-1814 Adhoc payment of energy bills to be paid by the agriculture consumers under General Category. 22-Sep-05 535 KB English Download
48 REV AJ-48 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F. TFCD/D-1590 Amendments in Tariff Codes 29-Aug-05 651 KB English Download
47 REV AJ-47 AVVNL/MD/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)  /D-1483 Order 12-Aug-05 844 KB English Download
46 REV AJ-46 AVVNL/FA&CAO/Sr.AO(Rev)/F. /D-1106 Incentive scheme for 2005-06 for O&M staff ib recovery of old arrears from PDC Consumers under EUDR Act and Land Revenue Act 19-Jul-05 605 KB English Download
45 REV AJ-45 AVVNL/MD/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)  /D-1231 Order 28-Jul-05 745 KB English Download
44 REV AJ-44 Ajmer Discom /FA& CAO /Sr. AO(Rev)/F. /D-836 Consumers billing with regard to  various concessions announced by the Government. 23-Jun-05 457 KB English Download
43 REV AJ-43 AVVNL/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)  /F-/D-1897 To authorise Circle superintending Engineers to appoint local person / agent recover outstading dues against PDC consumers 19-Mar-05   English Download
42 REV AJ-42 अविविनिलि / वि. स. / व. ले.अ (रा.)/ अजमेर /प्रे- 3713 विच्छेदित विधुत  सम्बन्ध पुन: जोडने से प्राप्त राजस्व पर प्रोत्साहन राशि का भुगतान  21-Feb-05 446 KB Hindi Download
41 REV AJ-41 AVVNL/MD/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)  /F-/D-1603 Order 11-Feb-05 1.1 MB English Download
40 REV AJ-40 AVVNL/MD/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)  /F-/D-1602 Voltage Rebate @ 7.5 %  to the consumers under PSL/ LT-3 & SP/ LT-5 category . 11-Feb-05 844 KB English Download
39 REV AJ-39 AVVNL/MD/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)  /F-25 (3)/D-1556 Corrigendum / amendments in procedure for raising the bills & Payment thereof in respect of connections of Railways 7-Jan-05 858 KB English Download
38 REV AJ-38 AVVNL/MD/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)  /F-25 (3)/D-1026 Procedure for   raising the bills and payment thereof in respect of connections to Railways 19-Oct-04 480 KB English Download
37 REV AJ-37 AVVNL/MD/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)  /D-974 To award of work of cash collection in Ajmer City to Ex-servicemen Welfare Society Ltd@ Rs 2.85 per bill on one day security through pledge of FD in Nigam's favour  12-Oct-04 742 KB English Download
36 REV AJ-36 AVVNL/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F.  /D-973 Awarding collection  work of Energy bills to bank  branches of Central Co-Operative bank and Land Development Bank in adition to existing operating agencies 12-Oct-04 821 KB English Download
35 REV AJ-35 AVVNL/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F.  /D-807 Incentive scheme for 2004 OS for O&M staff on recovery of old arrears from PDC consumers under EUDR Act and Land Revenue Act. 9-Sep-04 847 KB English Download
34 REV AJ-34 AVVNL/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F.  /D-806 To authorise Circle superintending Engineers to appoint local person / agent recover outstading dues against PDC consumers on payment of 10 % of realised amount 9-Sep-04 698 KB English Download
33 REV AJ-33 AVVNL/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F.  /D-805 Recovery of arrears from Rural Consumers @ 6% and 9% per annam under Rural outstading Recovery Plan. 9-Sep-04 658 KB English Download
32 REV AJ-32 AVVNL/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F.  /D-532 Order 13-Jul-04 807 KB English Download
31 REV AJ-31 AVVNL/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. 25(iii) /D-2050 Amendment are hereby  made in the terms and conditions for collection of energy bills / Meter Readings / Bill Distributions under Contract 26-Feb-04 486 KB English Download
30 REV AJ-30 अविविनिलि / वि. स. एवं ले नि. / व. ले.अ   (रा.)/ राजस्व/प 25 (iii)/प्रे- 1388 आदेश  11-Nov-03 776 KB Hindi Download
29 REV AJ-29 AVVNL/FA& CAO/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. 25(iii) /D-388 Circular  26-Jun-03 754 KB English Download
28 REV AJ-28 अविविनिलि / वि. स. एवं ले नि. / व. ले (रा.)/ राजस्व/प 25 (iii)/प्रे- 3360 परिपत्र  19-Feb-03 794 KB Hindi Download
27 REV AJ-27 AVVNL/FA& CAO/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. 25(iii) /D-3354 Circular 15-Feb-03 827 KB English Download
26 REV AJ-26 AVVNL/FA& CAO/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. 25(iii) /D-3013 Circular 7-Feb-03 895 KB English Download
25 REV AJ-25 AVVNL/FA& CAO/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. 25(iii) /D-2607 Procedure to be followed in case of dishonour of cheque of any consumer  29-Oct-02 520 KB English Download
24 REV AJ-24 AVVNL/FA& CAO/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. 25(iii) /D-2593 Circular 26-Oct-02 955 KB English Download
23 REV AJ-23 AVVNL/FA& CAO/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. 25(iii) /D-1873 Amendment in the Traiff Codes 16-Aug-02 686 KB English Download
22 REV AJ-22 AVVNL/CMD/FA&CAO/F/D-1113 Order 31-May-02 946 KB English Download
21 REV AJ-21 AVVNL/FA/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. 25(iii) /D-1019 Order 21-May-02 845 KB English Download
20 REV AJ-20 AVVNL/FA/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. TFCD /D-695 Circular 23-Mar-02 636 KB English Download
19 REV AJ-19 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. TFCD /D-661 Circular 23-Mar-02 703 KB English Download
18 REV AJ-18 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. C.B /D-660 Billing in cases of Change of category 23-Mar-02 727 KB English Download
17 REV AJ-17 AVVNL/FA/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. T.Code  /D-647 Amendment in the Traiff Codes 21-Mar-02 680 KB English Download
16 REV AJ-16 AVVNL/FA/F-25-III/D-640 Circular 21-Mar-02 627 KB English Download
15 REV AJ-15 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F.  /D-199 Adjustment of minimum billing from the Seasonal consumers 24-Jan-02 645 KB English Download
14 REV AJ-14 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/OO-12/F.  /D-50 Awarding Contract for bills Distribution work in Urban & Rural Areas 8-Jan-02 633 KB English Download
13 REV AJ-13 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F.  /D-1341 Order 26-Dec-01 623 KB English Download
12 REV AJ-12 AVVNL: CMD: Sr.AO(REV):F/D-1246 Circular 15-Dec-01 567 KB English Download
11 REV AJ-11 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F.  /D-1252 Circular  15-Dec-01 994 KB English Download
10 REV AJ-10 अविविनिलि/ वित्तीय सलाहकार / राजस्व / आ. स. -134 /प्रे-1241 11 दिसम्बर 2001 को सम्पन्न हुई बैठक मे विधुत मीटर पठन का कार्य को संविदा पर देने हेतु  14-Dec-01 1.5 MB Hindi Download
9 REV AJ-09 अविविनिलि/ वित्तीय सलाहकार / राजस्व / आ. स. -132 /प्रे-1240  11 दिसम्बर 2001 को सम्पन्न हुई बैठक मे विधुत बिलो की राशि संग्रहण हेतु तत्कालीन राजस्थान राज्य विधुत मण्डल द्वार निर्धारित दर  14-Dec-01 545 KB Hindi Download
8 REV AJ-08 अविविनिलि/ वित्तीय सलाहकार / राजस्व / आ. स. -132 /प्रे-1239  11 दिसम्बर 2001 को सम्पन्न हुई बैठक मे विधुत बिलो के वितरण के कार्य हेतु तत्कालीन राजस्थान राज्य विधुत मण्डल द्वार निर्धारित दर  14-Dec-01 648 KB Hindi Download
7 REV AJ-07 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/ Tariff/F./D-1073 Implementation of revised Tariff-2001 24-Nov-01 703 KB English Download
6 REV AJ-06 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/ CB/F./D-983 Circular 13-Nov-01 761 KB English Download
5 REV AJ-05 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/Revenue/F.  /D-935 Circular 1-Nov-01 743 KB English Download
4 REV AJ-04 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F. Security Dep. /D-924 Order- RERC order dt-24-03-2001 the enhanced security is now recoverable from 31-Oct-01 835 KB English Download
3 REV AJ-03 AVVNL/FA/AJM/Sr.AO(Rev.)/F./D-622 Circular 11-Sep-01 634 KB English Download
2 REV AJ-02 AVVNL/FA/TFCD/REV/F/D-621 Amendment in the traiff Codes 11-Sep-01 687 KB English Download
1 REV AJ-01 AVVNL/FA&CAO/REV/TFCD/D-65 Traiff Codes for computerised billing in respect of L.T. Consumers in supersession to Order No. AVVNL/FA& CAO/ Sr.AO /AJZ/CCC/ TFCD/D-24 dt-25-04-2001 30-Apr-01 1.8 MB English Downloa