वाणिज्य अ.ज. 201-300

क्रम सं. परिपत्र सं. प्रेक्षण सं. विषय परिपत्र दिनांक साइज़ भाषा डॉक्यूमेंट लिंक
300 Comml AJ-301 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F.57(D)/2007/D.1760 Electricity Amendment-2007 20-Jun-07 2.5 MB English Download
299 Comml AJ-300 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F./2007/D.1726 Action against a person for unathorized use of electricity & other offencess under sections 126,127,135 to 151 and compounding of offence under section -152 of the electricity Act-2003 18-Jun-07 566 KB English Download
298 Comml AJ-299 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57 (D) /2007/D.722 Multiply factor be also mentioned in word apart from numerical number , in joint inspection report. 16-May-07 77 KB English Download
297 Comml AJ-298 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57 (D) /2007/D.721 Regarding procedure for release of new domestic connection connection as well as reconnection in rural areas and kachhi basties of urban areas (Comml AJ-291) 16-May-07 79 KB English Download
296 Comml AJ-297 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57 /2007/D.710 Extension in the period of amnesty scheme introduced vide order No. Comml AJ-292 dt. 13.04.07 15-May-07 66 KB English Download
295 Comml AJ-296 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57 (D)/2007/D.489 To authorized circle superintending Engineer (O&M), to appoint local person /agency for taking reading of energy meters installed on super transformers 30-Apr-07 1014 KB English Download
294 Comml AJ-295 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C)/F. /2007/D.382 To release pending PHED connection on the basis of under taking given by PHED authority 23-Apr-07 95 KB English Download
293 Comml AJ-294 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57(D) /2007/D.369 Preparation of VCR sheet along with JIR sheet 23-Apr-07 86 KB English Download
292 Comml AJ-293 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57 (D)/2007/D.281 Recovery of transformation losses @ 3% plus transformer rent as per TCOS-2004 18-Apr-07 103 KB English Download
291 Comml AJ-292 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. 57 /2007/D.227 Amnesty scheme for the recovery of out standing for agriculture and other category consumers 13-Apr-07 812 KB English Download
290 Comml AJ-291 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57(D) /2007/D.224 Procedure for release of new domestic connection as well as reconnection in rural areas and in kachhi baties of urban areas 13-Apr-07 92 KB English Download
289 Comml AJ-290 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57(D) /2007/D.200 Power factor for the purpose of billing power factor incentive and /or surcharge 13-Apr-07 694 KB English Download
288 Comml AJ-289 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN(C)/F. /2007/D. 124 Regarding exemption of electricity bills for four month (Nov, Dec-06 and Jan, Feb-07) from small marginal farm & due to Hail 7-Apr-07 90 KB English Download
287 Comml AJ-288 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57 (D)/2007/D.122 Compliance of directions issued by “Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board” to disconnect the electric supply of consumer (S) for non compliance of directions issued under section 31 (A) of the” Air (Privention & Control of Pollution) Act-1981 and section-33A of the “Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution)Act-1974. 7-Apr-07 89 KB English Download
286 Comml AJ-287 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. /2006/D.4698 " CLARIFICATION" Amnesty Scheme was announced vide Order Comml. Ajmer dated 13.02.07. 26-Mar-07 92 KB English Download
285 Comml AJ-286 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. /2007/D.4689 Insisting for production of “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) 26-Mar-07 79 KB English Download
284 Comml AJ-285 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57 /2007/D.4528 Extensions in the period of Amnesty Scheme -2007 introduced vide Order No.Comml.AJ-276 dated 13-2-07. 14-Mar-07 62 KB English Download
283 Comml AJ-284 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. 57 (D)/2006/D.4512 Recovery of Security Deposit from the Connections of AVVNL. 12-Mar-07 67 KB English Download
282 Comml AJ-283 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. /2007/D.4495 Error in billing due to change of MF on replacement of CTs/CTPT set. 12-Mar-07 88 KB English Download
281 Comml AJ-282 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. /2007/D.4494 Regarding the reading of check meters along with other meters. 12-Mar-07 76 KB English Download
280 Comml AJ-281 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2006/D.4493 Amnesty Scheme for all categories of consumers. 12-Mar-07 93 KB English Download
279 Comml AJ-280 अविविनिलि/मु.अ.(वा.)/अअ-(वा)/फा/2007/प्रे-4538 ओला वृष्टि से प्रभावित गांवो के लघु एवं सीमांत काश्तकारो को जनवरी-2007, व फरवरी-2007 के बिजली के बिलो की राशि के भुगतान मे छूट 1-Mar-07 973 KB Hindi Download
278 Comml AJ-279 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. /2006/D.4442 Release of domestic connections for scattered house holds near the fields. 24-Feb-07 89 KB English Download
277 Comml AJ-278 अविविनिलि/मु.अ.(वा.)/अअ-(वा)/फा/2006/प्रे- 4274 कृषि श्रेणी उपभोक्ता से बिलो क भुगतान स्वीकार करने के सम्बन्ध मे 13-Feb-07 683 KB Hindi Download
276 Comml AJ-277 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. 57 (D)/2006/D.4259 Conversion of a connection from one category to another Category. 13-Feb-07 575 KB English Download
275 Comml AJ-276 अविविनिलि/मु.अ.(वा.)/अअ-(वा)/फा–57डी/2006/प्रे-4249 कृषि एवं अन्य श्रेणीयो के उपभोक्ता के बकाया राशि वसूली के लिये रियायती योजना 13-Feb-07 1.2 MB Hindi Download
274 Comml AJ-275 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. 57 (D)/2006/D.4216 Payment of interest on security during disconnected period. 9-Feb-07 88 KB English Download
273 Comml AJ-274 अविविनिलि/मु.अ.(वा.)/अअ-(वा)/फा–(57)डी/2006/प्रे-3789 विशेष श्रेणी, हरा चारा, विशेष श्रेणी, नर्सरी श्रेणी व ग्रामीण क्षेत्र के फार्म हाउस (जिन्हे 24 घंटे विद्युत आपूर्ति नही की जा रही है के कृषि कनेक्शन को सामान्य श्रेणी मे परिवर्तन करने के बारे मे 15-Jan-07 1.2 MB Hindi Download
272 Comml AJ-273 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. 57(D) /2006/D.3617 Recording the reading of check meter along with other meters provided for other individual connections in “Building Complexes”. 2-Jan-07 118 KB English Download
271 Comml AJ-272 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. 57 (D)/2006/D.3616 Monitoring of “Joint Inspection Report” (JIR) and early implementation of the observations made by the checking officers. 2-Jan-07 119 KB English Download
270 Comml AJ-271 अविविनिलि/मु.अ.(वा.)/अअ-(वा-I)/फा–57डी/2006/प्रे-3605 कृषि कनेक्शन को बढे हुए भार वृद्धि को माप कर नियमित करके बिलिंग करना 30-Dec-06 1.1 MB Hindi Download
269 Comml AJ-270 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2006/D.3283 Recovery of security deposit equivalent to 30 days consumption from industrial consumers revived under Revival Package announced by the State Government. 1-Dec-06 486 KB English Download
268 Comml AJ-269 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2006/D.3287 Limitation prescribed by Law in raising Debits as a consequence to meter found defective on testing-Debiting the assessment within 2 years. 1-Dec-06 1 MB English Download
267 Comml AJ-268 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. /D.3281 Release of connection under NDS category to various Organization/ Commercial entities large number of electric connections at various locations in area of Ajmer Discom. 1-Dec-06 657 KB English Download
266 Comml AJ-267 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2006/D.4223 Replace of burnt/damaged Service Lines. 25-Nov-06 84 KB English Download
265 Comml AJ-266 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2006/D.4222 Replacement of burnt/ damaged Push Fit Energy Meters. 25-Nov-06 91 KB English Download
264 Comml AJ-265 अविविनिलि/मु.अ.(वा.)/अधि.अ-I/फा–57डी/प्रे-4217 काटे हुए कृषि श्रेणी के विद्युत कनेक्शनो को पुनः जोडने बाबत 25-Nov-06 212 KB Hindi Download
263 Comml AJ-264 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2006/D.4216 Preventive measures for checking pilferage of energy by industrial consumers. Release of new SIP/MIP-LT connections. 25-Nov-06 698 KB English Download
262 Comml AJ-263 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2006/D.4215 Calculation of the requirement of additional security on the basis of average consumption of electricity for the preceding twelve months. 25-Nov-06 500 KB English Download
261 Comml AJ-262 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2006/D.4180 Reconstitutions of Corporate Level Settlement Committee of AVVNL. 22-Nov-06 85 KB English Download
260 Comml AJ-261 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2006/D.4179 Unguarded electric lines passing over educational institutions. 22-Nov-06 89 KB English Download
259 Comml AJ-260 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2006/D.4178 Laying of separate feeder for industrial and non-domestic connections situated in rural areas for connecting them from continuous supply feeders. 22-Nov-06 479 KB English Download
258 Comml AJ-259 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. 57 /2006/D.4126 ORDER:- Regarding applicability of tariff to be levied on electric connection taken under community Kitchens being set up by the State Government under Mid Day Meal Programmer. 17-Nov-06 106 KB English Download
257 Comml AJ-258 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-IF.57/2006/D.4053 Modification in “Meter Reading Record “(Ajmer Discom A-10) revised vide order No- AJ-253) 10-Nov-06   English Download
256 Comml AJ-257 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. 57 /2006/D.2968 Insisting for production of “No Objection Certificate”. 27-Sep-06 87 KB English Download
255 Comml AJ-256 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. 245 /2006/D.2695 Charges to be recovered for releasing street light connections in the industrial areas of RIICO. 6-Sep-06 92 KB English Download
254 Comml AJ-255 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. 57 /2006/D.2542 Inordinate delay in allowing Credits/ relief / concessions to the consumers. 29-Aug-06 113 KB English Download
253 Comml AJ-254 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57 /2006/D.2470 Clarification regarding tariff to be levied on electric connections taken under community Kitchens being set up for the Govt. Mid Day Meal Programme in the State. 22-Aug-06 113 KB English Download
252 Comml AJ-253 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. /2006/D.2423 Revision in “Meter Reading Record” (Ajmer Discom A-10) for recording readings of Maximum Demand. 19-Aug-06 799 KB English Download
251 Comml AJ-252 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. /2006/D.2263 Recovery of security deposit equivalent to one and half month’s consumption/ minimum billing amount from consumers who have executed supplementary agreement in lieu of fortnightly billing. 7-Aug-06 103 KB English Download
250 Comml AJ-251 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. /2006/D.2141 Rebate of 7.5% to be allowed to the consumers under Bulk supply of Mixed load (Scheme ML/LT-7) FOR supply on HT. 1-Aug-06 95 KB English Download
249 Comml AJ-250 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. 57 /2006/D.2023 Treatment of domestic connections released through agriculture transformers. 24-Jul-06 83 KB English Download
248 Comml AJ-249 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/Sr.AO/F. /2006/D.1951 Proper accounting of wheeled energy for calculation of T & D loss. 24-Jul-06 104 KB English Download
247 Comml AJ-248 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. /2006/D.1143 Charging consumers in case of magnetic tamper. 28-Jun-06 81 KB English Download
246 Comml AJ-247 F.15($)Energy/2003/ (Energy Department) NOTIFICATION:- The power conferred by section 152 of the Electricity Act-2003.(Central Act No.36 of 2003) and in supersession of this departments even number of notification dated 28.2.04 . 8-May-06 99 KB English Download
245 Comml AJ-246 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-(C-I)/F.57/2006/D.1040 Regarding release of connections to other category of consumer (other than PHED connections) from feeders meant for water supply schemes of PHED. 22-Jun-06 80 KB English Download
244 Comml AJ-245 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57/2006/D.774 Charging of supervision charges @ 15% from the Rajasthan Housing Board. 6-Jun-06 62 KB English Download
243 Comml AJ-244 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57/2006/D.418 Further extension in the period of Amensty Scheme-2006 introduced vide Order No. Comml. AJ-238 dated 08.03.2006. 6-Jun-06 99 KB English Download
242 Comml AJ-243 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57/2006/D.400 Instructions for Circle and Chief Engineer Level Settlement Committee(s) in deciding the cases of large industrial consumer. 5-May-06 71 KB English Download
241 Comml AJ-242 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I /F.57 /2006/D.207 Further extension in the period of Amensty Scheme-2006 introduced vide Order No. Comml. AJ-238 dated 08.03.2006. 21-Apr-06 73 KB English Download
240 Comml AJ-241 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN(C)/F./ 2006/D.188 Relief in energy bile for the month of feb and march 2006 on a/c of drought for small and marginal farmers 18-Apr-06 160 KB English Download
239 Comml AJ-240 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN(C)/F. /2006/D.6290 Regarding conversion of special ,fodder, Nursery, category (To whom apply is not give for 24 Hrs.) rural agricultural connection into general category connection. 27-Mar-06 104 KB English Download
238 Comml AJ-239 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F.57/2006/D.6125 Amensty Scheme for all categories of consumers. 10-Mar-06 72 KB English Download
237 Comml AJ-238 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F.57/2006/D.6085 “Amnesty Scheme” for all category of consumer-realistionof outstanding dues there of. 8-Mar-06 1.2 MB English Download
236 Comml AJ-237 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F.57/2005/D.5160 Compliance of the directions of Raj. State Pollution Control Board to disconnect the electric supply of consumer for non-compliance of Section 31 (A) of Air Act-1981 & section 33(A) of Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution)Act-1974. 30-Jan-06 95 KB English Download
235 Comml AJ-236 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57/2005/D. 4667 "Guideline for giving electric connection to a person to whom 29-Dec-05 70 KB English Download
234 Comml AJ-235 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN(C)/F.2005/D.4461 Conversion of agriculture connection of special fodder, nursery and farm house category in rural area, into general category 14-Dec-05 138 KB English Download
233 Comml AJ-234 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN(C-II/F. /2005/D.4440 Procedure to be followed while entertaining and disposing the cases by consumerdues Settlement committee. 12-Dec-05 80 KB English Download
232 Comml AJ-233 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F./2005/D.4238 Regarding acceptance of amount of energy Bill of from agriculture consumer on exisiting tariff. 24-Nov-05 70 KB English Download
231 Comml AJ-232 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F./2005/D.4153 Regarding installation of capacitor of agriculture consumers 11-Nov-05 82 KB English Download
230 Comml AJ-231 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F./2005/D.4152 Regarding filling of V.C.R. in case meter burnt condition from agricultural consumers. 11-Nov-05 72 KB English Download
229 Comml AJ-230 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN-(C)/F. /2005/D.4151 To accept the amount of agriculture consumer on existing tariff . 11-Nov-05 81 KB English Download
228 Comml AJ-229 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN-I/F.57/D.2504 Regarding lift irrigation yojana. 17-Sep-05 151 KB English Download
227 Comml AJ-228 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN(C)/F.57/2005/D.2476 To accept amount form agriculture consumer on existing tariff. 15-Sep-05 68 KB English Download
226 Comml AJ-227 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.171/2005/D.2474 Amendment in item (d) denoting “Payment” under Tariff Schedule AG/FR/LT-4 Tariff for Supply of Electricity-2004. 15-Sep-05 74 KB English Download
225 Comml AJ-226 AVVNL/MD/F./D.445 ORDER:- AVVNL/CE/Comml.)XEN-I/F.57/2005/D.2194 Dt.26.8.2005. 4-Sep-05 48 KB English Download
224 Comml AJ-225 AVVNL/MD/F. /D.444 Action against a person for unauthorized use of electricity and other offecnes under 126,127,135 to 151 and compounding of offeces under section 152 of the Electricity Act-2003. 4-Sep-05 83 KB English Download
223 Comml AJ-224 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F./2005/D.2332 Charges to be taken for reconnection fo PDC HT consumers. 2-Sep-05 94 KB English Download
222 Comml AJ-223 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57(D)/2005/D.2331 Charging 50% of energy charges plus full fixed charges of “Domestic Service (Schedule DS/LT-I)” instead of 50% of “Non-domestic Service (Schedule NDS/LT-2 of NDS/HT-2)” from GAUSHALA’s connection. 2-Sep-05 93 KB English Download
221 Comml AJ-222 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57(D)/2005/D.2330 ORDER;- Testing/checking of connections under small Industrial category having sanctioned connected load from 15 HP to 25 HP and DS/NDS/Mixed load categories having sanctioned connected load from 18.65KW TO 25 KW. 2-Sep-05 93 KB  English Download
220 Comml AJ-221 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57(D)/2005/D.2194 ORDER;- The state Govermment vide the notification No. 1 (4) energy 2008 dated 28.02.2001 has specified appellate Authorities as mentioned below for hearing and disposal of preferred to them under section 127 of the Electricity Act. 2003. 26-Aug-05 802 KB English Download
219 comml AJ-220 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57(D)/2005/D.1615 Concessional changes for releasing connections under domestic category in rural areas. 12-Jul-05 64 KB English Download
218 Comml AJ-219 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57(D)/2005/D.798 Change of category from SIP to MIP when the maximum load/ demand exceeds 25HP (18.65 KW) on three occasions in a financial year. 6-Jun-05 89 KB English Download
217 Comml AJ-218 AVVNL/MD/Comml./F.57/05-06/D.686 Section -135 of Electricity Act-2003 deals with theft of Electricity when a consumer in checked and caught engaged in theft of electricity such a consumer has two choices. 30-May-05 73 KB English Download
216 Comml AJ-217 अविविनिलि/मु.अ.(वा.)/अधि.अ-I/फ–57/2005/प्रे- 508 रबी की फसल के दौरान हुई ओला वृष्टि से प्रभावित गांवो के लघु एवं सीमांत काश्तकारो को फरवरी एवं मार्च 2005 के बिजली के बिलो की राशि के भुगतान मे छुट 11-May-05   Hindi Download
215 Comml AJ-216 AVVNL/MD/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57(D)/2005/D.486 Amnesty Scheme for domestic. Non-domestic, agricultural industrial consumer and also for Govt. department local bodies for depositing the outstanding dues. 9-May-05 111 KB English Download
214 Comml AJ-215 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57(D)/2005/D. 235 Rules framed by Central Government under Electricity Act-2003 in respect of Intimation of Accidents (Form & Time of service of Notice Rules ,2004. 21-Apr-05 79 KB English Download
213 Comml AJ-214 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57/2005/D.163 Security for industrial consumers opting fortnightly billing. 15-Apr-05 84 KB English Download
212 Comml AJ-213 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57/2005/D.30 Preventive measures for checking pilferage of energy by industrial consumers. 2-Apr-05 919 KB English Download
211 Comml AJ-212 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57/2005/D.6825 Action against a person for unauthorized use of electricity & other offences under Section 126,127,135 to 151 and Compounding of offence under Section-152 of the Electricity Act-2003. 10-Mar-05 8 MB English Download
210 Comml AJ-211 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-II/F.57/2005/D.6035 Regarding wattage of Air-conditioner 1/1.5 Ton. 25-Feb-05 61 KB   Download
209 Comml AJ-210 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.24/2004/D.5875 Precautions to be taken while entertaining and disposing the cases by the Consumer Dues Settlement committees under clause 52 of “Terms and conditions for Supply of Electricity-2004” 14-Feb-05   English Download
208 Comml AJ-209 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57(D)/2005/D.5874 Disposal of settlement cases. 14-Feb-05 74 KB English Download
207 Comml AJ-208 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN-I/F.57/2005/D.5873 Filling of Appeal under section-127 of the electricity Act-2003, against the final assessment made under Section-126 of the Electricity Act-2003. 14-Feb-05   English Download
206 Comml AJ-207 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57(D)/2005/D.5872 Allwoing NHAI to take –up the work of shifiting of electric poles/ lines. 14-Feb-05 59 KB English Download
205 Comml AJ-206 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN-I/F.57/2005/D.5576 Laying of separate feeder for industrial & Non-domestic conncetions situated in Rural Areas for connections them form continuous supply feeder. 31-Jan-05 75 KB English Download
204 Comml AJ-205 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2005/D. 5311 Including the name of Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) under the purview of order no. Comml AJ-154 dt. 23.01.04 and clause 42(6) of TCOS-2004 24-Jan-05 694 KB English Download
203 Comml AJ-204 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2005/D. 5310 Not tapping Railway feeders for supply to public 24-Jan-05 92 KB English Download
202 Comml AJ-203 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2005/D. 5309 Taking load data through MRI in respect of large industrial consumers 24-Jan-05 104 KB English Download
201 Comml AJ-202 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2005/D. 5205 Applicability of the provisions of clause -47(2) of the “Terms & Conditions for supply of electricity , 2004” (TCOS-2004) 14-Jan-05 648 KB English Download