वाणिज्य अ.ज. 401-500

क्रम सं. परिपत्र सं. प्रेक्षण सं. विषय परिपत्र दिनांक साइज़ भाषा डॉक्यूमेंट लिंक
500 Comml AJ-502 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2012/D.3811/Ajmer 'Amnesty Scheme' for permanently disconnected consumers of all categories (disconnected prior to 31.03.2012) for reliazation outstanding dues 8-Nov-12 408 KB English Download
499 Comml AJ-501 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2012/D-3735 Regarding release NDS Connection in permanent Wedding House 6-Nov-12 265 KB English Download
498 Comml AJ- 500 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2012/D-3492 Terms and Conditions issued to deal with Open Access Consumers having demand above 1 MW vide Comml. AJ-484 dt. 16-10-2012 11-Oct-12 1.9 MB English Download
497 Comml AJ-499 अ.वि.वि.नि.लि./ उप.मु.अ.(वाणिज्य) /अ.अ.-II/फ़ा -57 टी /2012/प्रे- 3268 "राजस्थान सुनवाई का अधिकार अधिनियम -2012 के क्रियांवयन के सम्बन्ध मे 20-Sep-12 740 KB Hindi Download
496 Comml AJ-498 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2012/D-3267 Regarding charging the cost of meter in terms of clause 30(1) of TCOS-2004 20-Sep-12 809 KB English Download
495 Comml AJ-497 अ.वि.वि.नि.लि./ उप.मु.अ.(वाणिज्य) /अ.अ.-II/फ़ा -57 टी /2012/प्रे- 3255 राजस्थान सरकार के स्वायत्त शासन विभाग के पत्र क्रमांक एफ. 55() पीए /एसई /डीएलबी / 2012 / SWM/5281 जयपुर दिनांक 25.07.2012के द्वारा जारी अधिसूचना 18-Sep-12 1.3 MB Hindi Download
494 Comml AJ-496 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2012/D-3173 Deposition of Registration fee for Grievance Redressal Cum Settlement Forum 13-Sep-12 778 KB English Download
493 Comml AJ-495 AVVL/CE(Comml)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2012/D-3053 Regarding release of Industrial Connections. 4-Sep-12 495 KB English Download
492 Comml AJ-494 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/C-I/F.57(T.)/D-2845 Tariff for Supply of Electricity-2012 30-Aug-12   English Download
491 Comml AJ-493 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2012/D-2759 Regarding issuance of Meter Change Orders (MCO) 24-Aug-12 842 KB English Download
490 Comml AJ-492 अ.वि.वि.नि.लि./मु.अ.(वाणिज्य)/अधि.अभि.-II/एफ/डी .2680 कृषि मीटर्ड श्रेणी के मीटर बन्द / खराब होने की स्थिति मे उस अवधि के लिये उर्जा खपत का आंकलन 17-Aug-12 1 MB Hindi Download
489 Comml AJ-491 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2012/D.2555 Installation of star rating transformers in Residential /Commercial Building and its testing at Nigam's Central Testing Laboratory (CTL) prior to installation 31-Jul-12 266 KB English Download
488 Comll AJ 490 AVVNL/Dy.CE(comml.)/XEN-II/ F-57 (F)/2012/D. 578 Regarding releasing domestic electricity connection under "Mukhyamantri Sabke Liye Vidyut Yojna" for towns having population less than 100 31-May-12 1 MB English Download
487 Comml. AJ-489 No.AVVNL/Dy.CE(C)XEN-II/F/2012/D.574 Ratification of the Order No.508 dated 21.05.2012(Comml AJ-488) 30-May-12   English Download
486 Comml AJ-488 AVVNL/Dy.CE(comml.)/XEN-II/ F-57 (F)/2012/D. 508 Regarding release of HT-LIP Connection(s) for an Induction Furnace / Arc Furnace Units 21-May-12 819 KB English Download
485 Comml AJ-487 AVVNL/Dy.CE(comml.)/XEN-II/ F-57 T/2012/D. 154 शीतलहर एवं पाला से प्रभावित क्रषकों के लिये 4 माह के बिजली के बिलों के भुगतान की राशि माफ करने बाबत् 20-Apr-12   Hindi Download
484 Comml AJ-486 AVVNL/Dy.CE(comml.)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2012/D. 38 Extension in the period of Amnesty Scheme introduced vide Order No. Comml AJ-485 dated- 17.02.2012 5-Apr-12 679 KB English Download
483 Comml AJ-485 AVVNL/DCE(Comml.)/XEN-(C-I)/F. /2012/D.3954 Amnesty Scheme for permanently disconnected consumers of all categories (Disconnected prior to 31.03.2011) for realization of outstanding dues 17-Feb-12   English Download
482 Comml. AJ-484 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2011/D.3632 Terms and Conditions are issued to deal with the Open Access consumers having Demand above 1 MW 16-Jan-12   English Download
481 Comml AJ-483 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2011/D.3613 Regarding Voltage rebate in tariff for the connections released on 33 KV supply instead of 11 KV for which the consumer is entitled to be supplied power 13-Jan-12 288 KB English Download
480 Comml AJ-482 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D.3612 Release of 3-Ph Sip, PHED, NDS & Road Light Connections 13-Jan-12 75 KB English Download
479 Comml AJ-481 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D.3611 Regarding Levy of overhead charges in preparing estimates for MPs/MLSs/BADPs aided development works 13-Jan-12 410 KB English Download
478 Comml AJ-480 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.) /XEN-II/F-57(F)/2011/D.3610 Regarding electrification of Rural Industrial Area developed by private Builder/ Devoleper and releasing permanent connection therein 13-Jan-12 241 KB English Download
477 Comml AJ-479 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F.57(T)/2011/D.3592 Installation of Solar Water Heating System 12-Jan-12 90 KB English Download
476 Comml AJ-478 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2011/D.3775 Regarding release of agriculture connections with outright priority to the applicants who provide land free of cost for construction of 33/11 KV Sub Station 29-Dec-11 707 KB English Download
475 Comml AJ-477 AVVNL/ Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D.-3441 Regarding release of three phase domestic/non- domestic connections in rural areas under "Self Financing Scheme" 27-Dec-11 690 KB English Download
474 Comml AJ-476 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F.57(T)/2011/D-2981 Regarding of discount for the electricity bill established for Solar Water Heating System 25-Oct-11 600 KB English Download
473 Comml AJ-475 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.) /XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D.2890 Release of Single Point HT Connection in Building Complexes and application of Tariff 17-Oct-11 83 KB English Download
472 Comml AJ-474 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D-2863 Release of Domestic connections in a group in Non Abadi area 12-Oct-11 644 KB English Download
471 Comml AJ-473 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F-57(F)/2011/D-2862 Charging the cost of 33 KV or 11 KV Bay emanating from 220 KV/132 KV Grid Sub Station or 33/11KV Sub Station for giving supply to a Consumer through dedicated feeder 12-Oct-11 604 KB English Download
470 Comml AJ-472 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/C-I/F.57(T)/D.2827 Tariff for supply of Electricity-2011 7-Oct-11 12.2 MB English Download
469 Comml Aj-471 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-II/F.57()/2011/D.2577 Ratification of order No. 377 dt. 13.05.2011 (Comml. AJ-465) issued by Commercial wing 13-Sep-11 74 KB English Download
468 Comml AJ-470 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D.2657 Regarding sanction of 33/11KV Inter Connection lines from newly sanctioned created 132 KV GSS 13-Sep-11 94 KB English Download
467 Comml AJ-469 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/ XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D.2656 Regarding Creation of 33/11 KV Sub station in Urban areas and RIICO industrial areas 13-Sep-11 85 KB English Download
466 Comml AJ-468 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F.57(F)/2011-2012/D-1551 Prescribing norms for electrification of colonies housing schemes developed by private builders /Developers/Housing Socities and releaing permanent connections therein 6-Jul-11   English Download
465 Comml AJ-467 AVVNL/Dy. CE(Comml)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D-585 Release of PHED connections on undertaking 2-Jun-11 80 KB English Download
464 Comml AJ-466 AVVNL/DCE(Comml .)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D.566 "Amnesty scheme "for waiver of LPS/DPS for agriculture consumers of chirawa Division associated with Kisan Vikas Sansthan, Pilani 31-May-11   English Download
463 Comml AJ-465 अविविनिलि/उप.मु.अ.(वा.)/अधि.अ-II/फा–(57)ई/2011/प्रे-377 ओला वृष्टि से प्रभावित गांवो के लघु एवं सीमांत काश्तकारो के बिलिंग माह दिसम्बर -2010 , जनवरी-2011, फरवरी-2011 एवं मार्च-2011 के बिजली के बिलो के भुगतान की राशि माफ करने बाबत 13-May-11   Hindi Download
462 Comml AJ-464 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F.57 (F)/2011/D.366 Dealing with the cases of energy meters found tampered during checking /testing at site 12-May-11 642 KB English Download
461 Comml AJ-463 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-II/F.57 (F)/2011/D.175 "Order"23rd meeting held on 17.03.2011 and 22.03.2011 has discussed the proposals regarding provisions in T of clause 30 (1) of TCOS-2004 towards the cost of meter 21-Apr-11   English Download
460 Comml AJ-462 AVVNL/DCE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2011/D.60 The testing Charges of ABT (Availability Based Traiff ) Complaint HT Trivector Meter of 0.2S accuracy class to be tested in NABL Accredited central Meter Testing Laboratory, AVVNL Ajmer 11-Apr-11   English Download
459 Comml AJ-461 AVVNL/CE (Comml.)/XEN-I/F.57(F)/2010-11/D.58 Prescribing norms for electrification of colonies housing schemes developed by private builders /developers and releasing connections therein. 11-Apr-11   English Download
458 Comml AJ-460 AVVNL/Dy.CE/XEN-I/F.57(F)/2010-11/D.31 Charging security deposit towards the cost of meters from Agriculture consumers (General and Special category) 4-Apr-11   English Download
457 Comml AJ-459 AVVNL/DCE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. (F)/2010/D.5547 Announcement of increase of “Urban Cess” in the budget of Rajasthan Govt. 31-Mar-11 87 KB English Download
456 Comml AJ-458 AVVNL (Finance Department)/ Tax Division {NOTIFICATION }:-(AMENDMENT)- Industrial including mining (1) industrial (other than industries mentioned at S.No.(ii) of item number 2) (ii) industrial (induction furnaces using Mild Steel Scrap and Mild Steel Re-Rolling Mills) 6-Jan-11 81 KB English Download
455 Comml AJ-457 AVVNL/DCE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. / 2010/D- 3883 In order to have effective control on T&D losses of 11 KV feeders the Managing Director , AVVNL Ajmer has directed that one JEN of each sub Division. 15-Nov-10   English Download
454 Comml AJ-456 AVVNL/Dy.CE/XEN-I/F. /2010-11/D.3525 CORRIGENDUM :- In the order No.AVVNL/Dy.CE©/XEN-I/F.57(F)/2010/D. 2161 dt.05.08.2010 (Comml. AJ-453) (Amendment in “Terms and conditions for supply of Electricity -2004”). 20-Oct-10 112 KB English Download
453 Comml AJ-455 AVVNL/Dy.CE/XEN-I/F. /2010-11/D. 3507 Regarding shifting/removal of overhead lines. 19-Oct-10 89 KB English Download
452 Comml AJ-454 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F. /2010-11/D.3506 Constitution of a Committee to examine the issue related to shifting/removal of overhead lines. 19-Oct-10 88 KB English Download
451 Comml AJ-453 AVVNL/Dy.CE(C)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010/D.2161 Amendments in “Terms & Conditions for Supply of Electricity-2004.” 5-Aug-10 5.2 MB English Download
450 Comml AJ-452 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010-11/D.1547 Amendments in “Terms & Conditions for Supply of Electricity-2004.” 5-Jul-10 1.2 MB English Download
449 Comml AJ-451 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010/D.1540 Regarding charging the cost of Burnt Meter from the consumers. 5-Jul-10 2.3 MB English Download
448 Comml AJ-450 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010-11/D.1059 Clarifications regarding release to Petrol Pumps in rural areas as circulated vide order No.AJ-394. 11-Jun-10 884 KB English Download
447 Comml AJ-449 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010/D.319 Rajasthan Finance Bill-2010 (Act No.03 of 2010) thereby introducing “Urban Cess”. 7-May-10 94 KB English Download
446 Comml AJ-448 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010/D. 273 Rajasthan finance Bill-2010 (Act No.03 of 2010) thereby introducing “Urban Cess.” 3-May-10 725 KB English Download
445 Comml AJ-447 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010/D.234 Exemption from power cut/ restrictions scheduled for the period 19 hrs. to 23 hrs. to large continuous process industrial consumers. 30-Apr-10 127 KB English Download
444 Comml AJ-446 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010/D.203 “Amnesty Scheme” for all categories of consumers realization of outstanding dues there of. 26-Apr-10 1.1 MB English Download
443 Comml AJ-445 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010/D4785. Reviewing the norms for allowing maximum number of connections from single phase transformers of capacity of 5 KVA. 16-Mar-10 125 KB English Download
442 Comml AJ-444 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010/D.4506 Procedure for replacement of burnt/defective distribution transformer (in agriculture category) in the field for ensuring replacement of burnt transformer with in 72 hours. 17-Feb-10 2.5 MB English Download
441 Comml AJ-443 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN(C)/F.57(E)/D. 4495 Release of industrial on priority connection to the under "Mukhya Mantri Swawlamban Yojana" 16-Feb-10 1.9 MB English Download
440 Comml AJ-442 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2010/D.4150 Billing of consumers if the connected load/ contract demand is revised (increased or decreased) in the middle of the month. 15-Jan-10 603 KB English Download
439 Comml AJ-441 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (G)/2009/D.3825 Release of connections under NDS category to various Organization/ commercial entities requiring large number of electric connections at various locations in the area of Ajmer Discom. 14-Dec-09 778 KB English Download
438 Comml AJ-440 AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (G)/2009/D.3767 Voluntary advance deposition scheme for availing relief in the DPS to be levied and saving disconnection. 27-Nov-09 765 KB English Download
437 Comml AJ-439 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (G)/2009/D.3696 Release of domestic connections for scattered house hold near the fields. 20-Nov-09 1 MB English Download
436 Comml AJ-438 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.3564 Regarding ongoing Amnesty Scheme 2009-10 for agriculture consumers. 3-Nov-09 94 KB English Download
435 Comml AJ-437 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN-I(C)/F.57 (E)/2009/D3319 Regarding of Domestic Connection in rural Area under “ Mukhya Mantri Sabke liye Vidyut Yojana” 27-Oct-09 4 MB English Download
434 Comml AJ-436 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.3312 Conversion of overhead lines into under-ground cable in consumer’s premises. 27-Oct-09 543 KB English Download
433 Comml AJ-435 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.3310 Withdrawal of scheme for levy of extra charges @ 2% (Two Percent) throughout the year in lieu of supply of power without any power cut. 27-Oct-09 716 KB English Download
432 Comml AJ-434 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.3300 Committee for witnessing for commissioning of wing Power Projects. 26-Oct-09 623 KB English Download
431 Comml AJ-433 AVVNL/ CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(F)/2009/D-3299 Irregularities in releasing domestic light connections. 26-Oct-09 1.1 MB English Download
430 Comml AJ-432 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.3095 Guidelines in the matter of preparation of estimate on tentative cost basis & preparing the final account after completion of work. 6-Oct-09 753 KB English Download
429 Comml AJ-431 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.3094 Norms for checking of MCO issued and already changed meters. 6-Oct-09 592 KB English Download
428 Comml AJ-430 AVVNL/CE(Comml.)/XEN-(C)/F.(57)/E. /2009/D.3000 "Amnesty scheme (2009-2010) for clearing out standing for agriculture 23-Sep-09 3.4 MB English Download
427 Comml AJ-429 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2676 CLARIFICATION- Order AJ-423 Dated 24.08.09. 27-Aug-09 90 KB English Download
426 Comml AJ-428 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2649 Exemption in payment of interest charges for large Industrial consumer having outstanding dues of more than Rs10 lacs (Rupees ten lacs only) provided the consumer pays the total outstanding dues in one stroke. 26-Aug-09   English Download
425 Comml AJ-427 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2637 Release of SIP connection in rural areas revised procedures for installation of meters. 24-Aug-09   English Download
424 Comml AJ-426 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2636 Reviewing the norms for allowing maximum numbers of connections from single phase transformers of capacity 5/10/16/25 KVA. 24-Aug-09 700 KB English Download
423 Comml AJ-425 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2635 Release of connections under Medium Industrial Power (MIP-LT/ HT),Mixed load (LT/HT) and Non Domestic Service (NDS Single Phase only) connections. 24-Aug-09 1 MB English Download
422 Comml AJ-424 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2634 Deposition of Registration fee for Grievance Redressal cum Settlement Forum. 24-Aug-09 621 KB English Download
421 Comml AJ-423 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2633 Application of Tariff for BTS Towers for various Mobile/ Telephone Companies. 24-Aug-09 802 KB English Download
420 Comml AJ-422 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2612 Rajasthan Financial Bill-2009 (Bill No.14 of 2009) There by Introducing “ Water Conservation Cess”. 21-Aug-09 675 KB English Download
419 Comml AJ-421 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2606 Incentive Scheme for recovery of dues From various categories of PDC consumers (permanently disconnected consumers) whose connections were disconnected prior to March’ 06. 20-Aug-09 984 KB English Download
418 Comml AJ-420 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2605 Tariff applicability for chambers of advocates situated in the Court premises. 20-Aug-09 616 KB English Download
417 Comml AJ-419 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2188 Release of 3 ph SIP, PHED, NDS & Road Light Connections. 20-Jul-09 906 KB English Download
416 Comml AJ-418 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.2034 Information regarding T&D losses of District Head Quarters and Municipal Towns. 9-Jul-09 121 KB English Download
415 Comml AJ-417 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.1969 Installation of Dry/ Oil Type Transformers in Residential / Commercial buildings and their testing in Nigam’s Central Testing Laboratory (CTL) prior to installation. 6-Jul-09 137 KB English Download
414 Comml AJ-416 AVVNL/Dy. CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(F)/2009/D-1527 Scheme for levy of extra charges @2% (Two Percent ) throughout the year of tariff for granting facility of uninterrupted power supply without any power cut. 22-Jun-09 1 MB English Download
413 Comml AJ-415 AVVNL/ CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(F)/2009/D-1300 Testing of existing metering equipments of the wind power generators in the Rajasthan State. 11-Jun-09 125 KB English Download
412 Comml AJ-414 AVVNL/ CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(F)/2009/D -1299 “Self Financing Scheme “ for release of Domestic /Non Domestic connection in rural areas. 11-Jun-09 1 MB English Download
411 Comml AJ-413 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.1298 Release of Single Point-HT connection for existing building complexes. 11-Jun-09 913 KB English Download
410 Comml AJ-412 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN(C)/F.(57)E./2009/D.1280 Regarding of Domestic connection in rural area through "Mukhya Mantri sabke Liye Vidyut Yojana" 9-Jun-09 1.9 MB English Download
409 Comml AJ-411 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F.57 (F)/2009/D.1263 Concessional package to be allowed for revival of sick industries. 9-Jun-09 949 KB English Download
408 Comml AJ-410 AVVNL/Dy. CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(E)/2009/D-333 Clarification regarding Order AJ-409 Installation of Dry /Oil Type Transformers in Residential / Commercial builders and their testing in Nigam’s Central Testing Laboratory(CTL) prior to installation. 5-May-09 658 KB English Download
407 Comml AJ-409 AVVNL/Dy. CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(E)/2009/D-137 Installation of Dry /Oil Type Transformers in Residential / Commercial builders and their testing in Nigam’s Central Testing Laboratory(CTL) prior to installation. 17-Apr-09 2.1 MB English Download
406 Comml AJ-408 AVVNL/Dy. CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(E)/2009/D-4874 Material vigilance of O&M Sub Divisions. 26-Mar-09 115 KB English Download
405 Comml AJ-407 AVVNL/Dy. CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(E)/2009/D-4842 Tariff applicability for exclusive chamber of advocate and that of at his residence. 25-Mar-09 849 KB English Download
404 Comml AJ-406 AVVNL/Dy. CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(E)/2009/D-4617 Accepting HT meter boxes from intending consumers under Large & Medium Industrial categories. 4-Mar-09 96 KB English Download
403 Comml AJ-405 AVVNL/DY.CE(C)/XEN-(C)/F.57 E/2009/D. 4616 To Lay electric network in the area of SC/ST 4-Mar-09   English Download
402 Comml AJ-404 AVVNL/Dy. CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(E)/2009/D-4615 Release of Industrial Connections in case of Voltage Regulation(VR) is more then 8% & the system augmentation scheme has been approved. 4-Mar-09 114 KB English Download
401 Comml AJ-403 AVVNL/Dy. CE (Comml ) /XEN-I/F-57(E)/2009/D-4614 Amendment in Clause -51 of TCOS -04 denoting “ Grievance Redressal Cum Settlement Forum. 4-Mar-09 971 KB English Download