वणिज्य अ.ज. 01-100

क्रम सं. परिपत्र सं. प्रेक्षण सं. विषय परिपत्र दिनांक साइज़ भाषा डॉक्यूमेंट लिंक
100 Comml AJ-100 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D- " Order" Amendment in the “Tariff for supply of electricity 2001” 10-Jun-02 72 KB English Download
99 Comml AJ-99 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE/CM&V/XEN-II/2002/D.1567 “Amnesty schemes “for domestic, No domestic Agriculture & industrial consumers. Municipalities, Local Bodies Govt. Departments for realization of outstanding dues thereof. 31-May-02 104 KB English Download
98 Comml AJ-98 AVVNL/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2002/D-1496 “Clarification” order No. AVVNL/ DY CE (CM& V)/ XEN-I/ F-57/2002/D-4916 dt.27-2-2002 (Comml-AJ-86). 29-May-02 93 KB English Download
97 Comml AJ-97 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F.57/2002/D-1230 Prescribing modalities for supplying power on 11 KV voltages to LT-MIP consumer in cases where maximum demand exceed 50 KVA. 20-May-02 118 KB English Download
96 Comml AJ-96 AVVNL/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F.57 /2002/D-1229 Amendment in the “Tariff for supply of electricity 2001”. 20-May-02 75 KB English Download
95 Comml AJ-95 AVVNL/Dy. CE (CM&V)/Sr. AO/2002/D-1165 Recovery of enhanced / additional security from the consumers. 17-May-02 63 KB English Download
94 Comml AJ-94 AVVNL/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2002/D-1056 Relaxation in the extra charges levied on compounding charges from 4% to 2%. 13-May-02 72 KB English Download
93 Comml AJ-93 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2002/D-710 “ORDER” facility of charging subsidized transformer rent and not charging of transformation losses was provided to those old MIP consumers having connected load above 60 HP who have not installed their distribution transformer. 7-May-02 105 KB English Download
92 Comml AJ-92 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-II/F. /2002/D-663 “Amnesty scheme” for realization of outstanding dues from municipalities, Local Bodies & Govt. Department. 4-May-02 688 KB English Download
91 Comml AJ-91 अविविनिलि/उप.मुख्य अभि./सी.एम एण्ड वी./अधि.अभि.-11/प्रे-662 घरेलु , अघरेलु एवं कृषि श्रेणी के उपभोक्ता से बकाया राशि वसूली के लिये रियायती योजना 4-May-02 223 KB Hindi Download
90 Comml AJ-90 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-II/F. /2002/D-661 “Amnesty scheme” for realization of outstanding dues from industries i.e SIP, MIP & LIP. 4-May-02 1.4 MB English Download
89 Comml AJ-89 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2002/D-236 Approval for carrying out the electrification work and shifting of existing lines by local bodies themselves. 15-Apr-02 81 KB English Download
88 Comml AJ-88 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D-200 Laying of optical fibre based telecom net work cables & coaxial TV cables on electric poles (33KV /11 KV / LT) of Ajmer Discom fixing of pole rental charges & interest free security amount. 11-Apr-02 72 KB English Download
87 Comml AJ-87 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F.57 /2002/D-5145 “ORDER” antedated / overriding priority for releasing agriculture connections to physically handicapped persons. 14-Mar-02 87 KB English Download
86 Comml AJ-86 AVVNL/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F. 57/2002/D-4916 Approval for carrying out the electrification work and shifting of existing lines by the local bodies themselves. 27-Feb-02 101 KB English Download
85 Comml AJ-85 AVVNL/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2002/D-4699 Guidelines for applicability of domestic , non-domestic tariff for energy consumed in residential houses for commercial/ industrial activity by the members of the family. 19-Feb-02 1 MB English Download
84 Comml AJ-84 AVVNL/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2002/D-4667 Laying of optical fiber based telecom net work cables & Co-axial TV Cables on electric pole (33KV/ 11KV/LT) of Ajmer Discom fixing of poles rental charges & interest free security amount. 18-Feb-02 797 KB English Download
83 Comml AJ-83 AVVNL/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2002/ D.4583 Recovery of meter cost as security while releasing domesticv connections in rural area 14-Feb-02 93 KB English Download
82 Comml AJ-82 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2002/ D.4322 Antidated /Over riding priority for releaseing agriculture connections to physically handicapped persons 31-Jan-02 66 KB English Download
81 Comml AJ-81 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I /2002/ D.4321 Release of new pumping sets agriculture connection in urban /Rural areas 31-Jan-02 106 KB English Download
80 Comml AJ-80 AVVNL/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2002/ D.4293 Clarification regarding applicability of transformer rent and transformation losses 31-Jan-02 85 KB English Download
79 Comml AJ- 79 AVVNL/Dy. CE(CM&V)/F. 2002/D.3960 Voluntary disclosure of connected load " Scheme for non -domestic SIP, & MIP Consumers 14-Jan-02 618 KB English Download
78 Comml AJ-78 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2001/D.3666 Review of amount of security deposit from new consumers and recovery of enhanced security deposit thereof 22-Dec-01 118 KB English Download
77 Comml AJ-77 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2001/D.3599 Preparation of estimates for new connections 20-Dec-01 121 KB English Download
76 Comml AJ-76 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2001/D.3566 Clarification regarding recovery of transformer rent 19-Dec-01 85 KB English Download
75 Comml AJ-75 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2001/D.3366 Switching over to monthly billing system from bi-monthly billing system in case of consumers having sanctioned connected load above 25 HP(18.75 KW) under Domestic , Non Domestic and Mixed Load Categories 10-Dec-01 778 KB English Download
74 Comml AJ-74 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2001/D.3412 Release of five connections out of priority 5-Dec-01 87 KB English Download
73 Comml AJ-73 AVVNL/Dy.CE/CM&V/F. D.3398 "Order" 4-Dec-01 993 KB English Download
72 Comml AJ-72 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2001/D.3383 Rationalization /fixing uniform rates of rent of 11/0.4KV transformer to be recovered from consumers 3-Dec-01 793 KB English Download
71 Comml AJ-71 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2001/D.3346 Over-riding priority for release of connections 1-Dec-01 91 KB English Download
70 Comml AJ-70 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2001/D.3098 Refund of amount of security deposit in cases of temporary connection 20-Nov-01 102 KB   Download
69 Comml AJ-69 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/F. /2001/D.3097 Removing meter & service lines after two months from the date of disconnection - clause -30(III) of general conditions of supply 20-Nov-01 89 KB English Download
68 Comml AJ-68 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/2001/D.2828 Amendements in the "Tariff for supply of electricity- 2001” 5-Nov-01 1549 KB English Download
67 Comml AJ-67 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/F/2001/ D-2742 Installation of electronic meters for connections of Govt./ semi-Govt. offices & Residential premises, privates institutions, Commercial establishments, Residential premises using air conditioners and HT Industrial Consumers 31-Oct-01 122 KB English Download
66 Comml AJ-66 AVVNL/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/2001/D. 2690 "Office Order "Any power shut down is effected on industrial consumers , an advance notice at least before one day be published in the news papers to manage their industrial activities 27-Oct-01 70 KB English Download
65 Comml AJ-65 AVVNL/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/2001/D. 2676 Delegation of Powers 25-Oct-01 97 KB English Download
64 Comml AJ-64 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/2001/D.2460 Power Cut /restriction in respect of HT consumers. 11-Oct-01 66 KB English Download
63 Comml AJ-63 AVVNL/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/2001/D.2324 Energy Consumed for non residential purpose in residential house 8-Oct-01 69 KB English Download
62 Comml AJ-62 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/2001/D. 2321 “Amnesty Scheme” for Realization of outstanding from municipal corporations/Local Bodies /Govt. Departments 29-Sep-01 68 KB English Download
61 Comml AJ-61 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/2001/D.2320 Amnesty schemes for industrial category of consumers for revival of industries realization of outstanding dues there of 29-Sep-01 62 KB English Download
60 Comml AJ-60 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/2001/D. 2210 " Order” the order No. AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE/CMDR /2001/ D. 30.08.2001(Comml AJ-58) issued with regards to amendment in re connection fees of general condition of supply 22-Sep-01 76 KB English Download
59 Comml AJ-59 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I/2001/D.2208 Billing of LT Medium Industrial Consumers whose Maximum demand increase to more than 50 KVA Switching over to HT supply 22-Sep-01 910 KB English Download
58 Comml AJ-58 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/2001/D. 1544 "Order "For Schedule of service & Misc charges "sub-items -2 under the head “Reconnection Fees “of the general conditions of supply and scale of Misc. charge relating to the supply of electricity in part-II 30-Aug-01 91 KB English Download
57 Comml AJ-57 AVVNL/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-II/2001/D. 1416 “Amnesty Scheme” for Realization of outstanding from municipal corporations/Local Bodies /Govt. Departments 23-Aug-01 965 KB English Download
56 Comml AJ-56 AVVNL/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-II/2001/D. 1415 Ämnesty scheme"for realization of outstanding dues from industries i.e. SIP, MIP and LIP 23-Aug-01 1119 KB English Download
55 Comml AJ-55 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/XEN(C-1)2001/D.1009 Cost of Meter Boxes 18-Jul-01 78 KB English Download
54 Comml AJ-54 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/XEN-I /2001/F./D.1000 Change in category from SIP to Non -Domestic 18-Jul-01 104 KB English Download
53 Comml AJ-53 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/2001/D. 969 Vigilance checking norms for O&M/REC Wing 13-Jul-01 70 KB English Download
52 Comml AJ-52 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/C-II/2001/D. 966 Release of new connections to municipal corporations/Local Bodies /Govt. Departments 13-Jul-01 87 KB English Download
51 Comml AJ-51 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/XEN(C-1)2001/D. Scheme of settlement of cases of theft of energy and malicious interference with the metering equipments in lieu of cash compensation -Revision in charges there of 13-Jul-01 935 KB English Download
50 Comml AJ-50 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/XEN(C-1)2001/D.962 Release of Domestic /Non- Domestic Connections in Urban & Rural Areas - Preparation of Estimates 13-Jul-01 1031 KB English Download
49 Comml AJ-49 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/2001/F./D.49 Corrigendum to "Tariff for supply of electricity- 2001” Booklet 13-Jul-01 2.4 MB English Download
48 Comml AJ-48 AVVNL/CMD/SE(COMMl.)/C-2/F. /D. 846 Utilization of AVVNL poles by Cable Operators 27-Jun-01 65 KB English Download
47 Comml AJ-47 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/2001/F./D.2001 Consideration of theft cases in settlement Committee(s) 15-Jun-01 76 KB English Download
46 Comml AJ-46 अविविनिलि/अअ(वाणिज्य)/प्रे.- 607 घरेलु , अघरेलु एवं कृषि श्रेणी के उपभोक्ता से बकाया राशि वसूली के लिये रियायती योजना 7-Jun-01 1.9 MB Hindi Download
45 Comml AJ-45 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/2001/F./D.606 "Order" The Rajasthan Electricity Regulation Commission has passed an order on dt. 24.03.2001 and directed vide Para -23 as under 7-Jun-01 53 KB English Download
44 Comml AJ-44 AVVNL/CMD/Comml./2001/F./D.594 Extension in due dates upto 6 June -2001 of the energy bills for billing month of May’2001 in respect of SIP,MIP, & Large Industrial Consumers 6-Jun-01 59 KB English Download
43 Comml AJ-43 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/2001/F./D.564 Adjustment of payment received from consumers – fixing priority thereof 6-Jun-01 93 KB   Download
42 Comml AJ-42 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/2001/F./D.528 “Order” the RERC has passed on order on dt.24.3.2001 and directed vide Para -11 that energy audit is to be under taken in each revenue circle by metering the energy supplied on all 141KV feeders , to ascertain the gap between the energy supplied and billed from that feeder 31-May-01 834 KB English Download
41 Comml AJ-41 AVVNL/SE/Comml/C-II/F.2(1) SD/D.435 Recovery of amount of enhanced security deposit and arrears of fuel surcharge as per final rate for the year 1999-2000 levied vide Corporation‘s Order No. 109 dt.12.02.2001 from the consumers – clarifications thereof. 23-May-01 93 KB English Download
40 Comml. AJ-40 AVVNL/DCO /ESTT/OO/2001/D-391 Constitution of Nigam-level Settlement Committee. 16-May-01 50 KB English Download
39 Comml. AJ-39 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Circular/AI/F /.D. 330 OFFICE -ORDER 8-May-01 77 KB English Download
38 Comml. AJ-38 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Pt.-I/ F /D.329 Enhancement in the finanacial limits of various settlement committees. 8-May-01 80 KB English Download
37 Comml. AJ-37 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Circular/AI/F. D.332 Providing Ajmer Discom's distribution transformer on rental basis to consumers of all categories. 8-May-01 75 KB English Download
36 Comml. AJ-36 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Circular/AI/F./D.331 Amendment in clause No.29.3 (b) of "General Conditions of supply & Misc. Charges relating to supply of electricity 8-May-01 98 KB English Download
35 Comml AJ-35 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Circular/ AI/FD.327. Amendment in clause No.20(d) of "General conditions of supply & Misc. Charges relating to supply of electricity". 8-May-01 109 KB English Download
34 Comml AJ-34 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Circular/AI/F.D.275 Amendment in clause No.19(d), (VII) (1) of General Condtion of Supply and miscellaneous charges relating to supply of Electricity 2-May-01 108 KB English Download
33 Comml AJ-33 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Circular/D.273 Concession package to be allowed for revival of industries disconnected during 1.3.98 to 31.03.2000 2-May-01 90 KB English Download
32 Comml AJ-32 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Traiff/F/D.270 "Order"The RERC has passed an order on dt. 24.03.2001 and giving directions to draws a plan in advance for effective power cut /load shedding programme so that burden of shortages is evenly spread on all consumer except armed force PHED and railways 30-Apr-01 90 KB English Download
31 Comml AJ-31 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/F. /OO.27/ D252. Releasing of domestic connections in rural area 13-Apr-01 88 KB English Download
30 Comml AJ-30 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Circular/F./ D167. "Simplification of procedure for release of domestic /Non domestic connection of multistory complexes/Buildings and large buildings modification thereof 10-Apr-01 105 KB English Download
29 Comml AJ-29 AVVNL/CMD/Sec.(Comml.)/Circular/F. /D. 158 " Order" RERC while passing the order or fixation of tariff for retail supply of power 24.30.2001 directed for improving the levels of maintance of lines and equipments 7-Apr-01 105 KB English Download
28 Comml AJ-28 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Traiff/D.155 "Order" The RERC has passed an order on dt. 24.03.2001 for fixation of tariff for retail supply of power w.e.f.1.04.2001 has given direction to replace a defective /stopped meter with in period of two months its direction 4-Apr-01 106 KB English Download
27 Comml AJ-27 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Traiff/D.154 Order" the RERC while passing order on the tariff petition filed by AVVNL on dt.24.03.2001 issued direction to complete assets register showing category of assets 4-Apr-01 85 KB English Download
26 Comml AJ-26 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Traiff/D.153 "Order" consequent upon the passing on order on dt.24.03.2001 for fixation of tariff for retail supply of power 4-Apr-01 121 KB English Download
25 Comml AJ-25 AVVNL/CMD/Sec SE.(Comml): Tariff /D-141 Release of new Agriculture connections hence forth 01-04-2001 31-Mar-01 360 KB English Download
24 Comml AJ-24 AVVNL/CMD/Sec. SE(Comml.)/Traiff/D.142 Installation of shut capacitor at agriculture consumer premises having Motor Pump set more than 3 H.P. and other category more than 25 H.P. 31-Mar-01 102 KB English Download
23 Comml AJ-23 अविविनिलि/अअ(वाणिज्य)/प्रे.-97 वाणिज्य अज-6 जो दिनांक 11-10-2000 द्वारा जारी किया गया था के अंतर्गत कृषि उपभोक्ता को दिनांक 31-12-2000 तक अपने बढे हुए विद्युत भार के नियमन हेतु स्वैच्छिक घोषणा करने की सुविधा 22-Mar-01 191 KB Hindi Download
22 Comml AJ-22 अविविनिलि/अअ(वाणिज्य)/प्रे.- 2093 दिनांक 29-03-96 से 07-06-98 तक जारी नर्सरी कनेक्शनो को सामान्य श्रेणी की फ्लेट रेट मे परिवर्तित करने बाबत 16-Mar-01 752 KB Hindi Download
21 Comml AJ-21 अविविनिलि/अअ(वाणिज्य)/प्रे.- 2094 कृषि कनेक्शनो को उसी गांव या साथ वाले गांव मे स्थानांतरित करने के क्रम मे । 16-Mar-01 257 KB Hindi Download
20 Comml AJ-20 AVVNL/ CMD/SE(Comml.)/C/F. /D. 7 Deposit of cash security by various categories of industrial Consumers 3-Mar-01 106 KB English Download
19 Comml AJ-19 AVVNL/CMD/SE(Comml.)/AJM/F./D.6 "Order" the piratical modification of Comml. AJ-15 dt. 4-01-2001 the word DYCE(Comml.) Ajmer Discom 3-Mar-01 55 KB English Download
18 Comml AJ-18 AVVNL/CMD/Sr.AO/F./D.2046 Regaring extention of period for voluntry discloser for domestic consumers 17-Feb-01 135 KB English Download
17 Comml AJ-17 AVVNL/C&MD/Sr.AO/Comml/F.4/D.1479 Regarding extention of period for voluntry discloser for agriculture consumers 10-Jan-01 187 KB English Download
16 Comml AJ-16 AVVNL/MD/Sr.AO/Comml/ F.4/D.1478 Regarding extention of period for voluntry discloser fordomestic and industrial consumers 10-Jan-01 117 KB English Download
15 Comml AJ-15 AVVNL/CMD/Sr.AO/AJM/D.1395 Deposit of cash security by various categories of industrial consumers 4-Jan-01 2.6 MB English Download
14 Comml AJ-14 AVVNL/C&MD/Sr.AO/D.1239 Regarding extention of period for the voluntry discloser of domestic consumers 13-Dec-00 183 KB English Download
13 Comml AJ-13 AJ-Discom/C&MD/Sr.AO/F.3C/D.1160 Consideration of cases in settlement committee regarding theft of energy by consumers and non consumers 6-Dec-00 125 KB English Download
12 Comml AJ-12 AVVNL/Sr.AO/F. 57/D.1139 Fodder scheme for the release of agriculture connection in the draught condition 5-Dec-00 133 KB English Download
11 Comml AJ-11 AVVNL/Sr.AO/D.1148 Regarding clearification of release of agricultrure connection on the weels which have found involved in theft of electricity 5-Dec-00 140 KB English Download
10 Comml AJ-10 AVVNL/MD/Sr.AO/Comml./F.4/D.1081 Regarding recovery of out standing have state govt. department 29-Nov-00 176 KB English Download
9 Comml AJ-09 AJ-Discom /C&MD/Sr.AO/AJZ/F. -4/D.999 "Circular" 21-Nov-00 949 KB English Download
8 Comml AJ-08 AJ-DISCOM/C&MD/Sr.AO/AJZ/F.3 /D.985 Recovery of security deposit from state central Govt. Deptts. / undertaking 18-Nov-00 148 KB English Download
7 Comml AJ-07 AVVNL/Ajmer Discom/ Sr.AO/ Comml./F.3/D.633 Regarding voluntry discloser of incresed non domestic and industrial load 13-Oct-00 150 KB English Download
6 Comml AJ-06 AVVNL/Sr.AO/F. /D.600 Voluntry discloser of increased load 11-Oct-00 743 KB English Download
5 Comml AJ-05 AVVNL/CAO/Comml/D.379 Regarding minimum charges have agriculture metered supply consumers 20-Sep-00 155 KB English Download
4 Comml AJ-04 AVVNL /CMD /REVENUE /F. /D.203 Submission of A-30 Reports by meter Readers 1-Sep-00 140 KB English Download
3 Comml AJ-03 AVVNL /Sr.AO /F..3 /D.140 To accept enhanced security from agriculture consumers in monthly installments 25-Aug-00 152 KB English Download
2 Comml AJ-02 AVVNL /Dy.Dr. /Karmik /D.69 To accept enhanced security have Domestic consumers in monthly installments 10-Aug-00 165 KB English Download
 1 Comml AJ-01 AVVNL /C&MD /COMMLOP /F.3 /D-70 The consumer of AG flat, NDS & SIP category should be billed on monthly basis 10-Aug-00 94 KB English  Download