वणिज्य अ.ज. 101-200

क्रम सं. परिपत्र सं. प्रेक्षण सं. विषय परिपत्र दिनांक साइज़ भाषा डॉक्यूमेंट लिंक
200 Comml AJ-201 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/Sr.AO(C)/F/D. 4562 Payment of energy bills by LIP consumers at Circle Headquarter 17-Nov-04 89 KB English Download
199 Comml AJ-200 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 4464 Waiver of connection charges of Rs. 1500/- in case of new connection for PDC consumers of domestic category. 8-Nov-04 87 KB English Download
198 Comml AJ-199 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 3733 Concession package for revival of sick industries. 5-Oct-04 95 KB English Download
197 Comml AJ-198 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 3674 The Commission vide its letter No.RERC/Secy/DS(T)/F 217/D 753 dt 4th September.2004. 5-Oct-04 77 KB English Download
196 Comml AJ-197 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 3671 Levy of Electricity duty on persons generating Electricity-Delegation of powers thereof. 4-Oct-04 107 KB English Download
195 Comml AJ-196 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 3263 The matter regarding providing of service line (tapping) to domestic, non-donestic & industrial connections was discussed in 73rd Coordination Committee Meeting held on 31.07.2004. 9-Sep-04 72 KB English Download
194 Comml AJ-195 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 3262 Use of AB Conductor in place of ACSR”Wease” conductor for electrification of colonies developed by private builders and other agencies. 9-Sep-04 87 KB English Download
193 Comml AJ-194 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 3148 Change of category from SIP to MIP in eventualities when the maximum demand exceeds 25 KVA on three occasions in a financial year. 31-Aug-04 94  KB English Download
192 Comml AJ-193 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 3120 Notification—In pursuance of sub-rule (3) of rule 3B of the Rajasthan Electricity (Duty) Rules, 1970. 28-Aug-04 789 KB English Download
191 Comml AJ-192 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 2856 Refund of Transformer back-up charges. 7-Aug-04 114 KB English Download
190 Comml AJ-191 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN-I/F. /D.1995 Order 3-Aug-04 653 KB English Download
189 Comml AJ-190 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 1972 Concession package for revival of sick industries. 2-Aug-04 79 KB English Download
188 Comml AJ-189 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 1844 Facility of Single Window for accepting applications, releasing connections and billing M/s Tata Teleservices Ltd, Jaipur. 24-Jul-04 1.7 MB English Download
187 Comml AJ-188 AVVL/CE(Comml)/XEN-I/F-57/2004/D-1725 VCR Monitoring and Prosecution 20-Jul-04 1.2 MB English Download
186 Comml AJ-187 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2004/D. 1714 In exercise of powers conferred on it by sub-section (6) of Section 42 of the Electricity Act, 2003). 20-Jul-04 68 KB English Download
185 Comml AJ-186 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 1696 Formulation of Policy for granting relaxation in supply voltage at the time of enhancement of contract demand. 19-Jul-04 538 KB English Download
184 Comml AJ-185 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 1395 Incentive scheme for maintaining “Fault Free Feeders”. 26-Jun-04 84 KB English Download
183 Comml AJ-184 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 1394 Levying allowing power factor surcharge /incentive to sub-metered categories (domestic/Non-domestic/ Bulk supply for Mixed Load)of the Large industrial consumers. 26-Jun-04 73 KB English Download
182 Comml AJ-183 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 1260 Prescribing norms for electrification of colonies being developed by private builders & other agencies. 21-Jun-04 88 KB English Download
181 Comml AJ-182 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 1206 Recovery of difference of stamp duly in respect of agreement etc. from consumer. 17-Jun-04 80 KB English Download
180 Comml AJ-181 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 1198 Levy of power factor surcharge/ incentive in light of “Power Clause” of Tariff for Supply of Electricity- 2001. 16-Jun-04 71 KB English Download
179 Comml AJ-180 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 1197 Replacement of single phase and three phase conventional meter by static meters. 16-Jun-04 77 KB English Download
178 Comml AJ-179 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 688 ORDER--- The 68th Coordination Committee Meeting held on 24.3.2004 and 31.3.2004. 20-May-04 66 KB English Download
177 Comml AJ-178 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 633 Use of ISI mark HDPE Pipes for releasing new agricultural connections. 17-May-04 64 KB English Download
176 Comml AJ-177 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 632 Regarding recovery of line dismantling charges from large industrial consumers being permanently disconnected and recovery of cost of re-laying of service line from consumers seeking reconnection after two months from the date of disconnection. 17-May-04 79 KB English Download
175 Comml AJ-176 AVVNL/CE(C)/XEN-(C)/F.57/2004/D.592 Comml AJ 14-May-04 79 KB English Download
174 Comml AJ-175 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 527 Recovery of additional security deposit from the industrial consumers desiring extension in connected load / contract demand. 7-May-04 72 KB English Download
173 Comml AJ-174 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 526 Applicability of Power Factor Surcharge/ Incentive as per Tariff provision. 7-May-04 82 KB English Download
172 Comml AJ-173 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 525 Notice period for disconnection of defaulting consumers. 7-May-04 71 KB English Download
171 comml AJ-172 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 167 Requirement of NOC of RIICO for releasing new connections under industrial & other categories. 19-Apr-04 70 KB English Download
170 Comml AJ-171 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 166 Prescribing norms for electrification of colonies to be developed by private builders and others. 19-Apr-04 63 KB English Download
169 Comml AJ-170 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 7263 NOTIFICATION--- In exercise of the power conferred under Explanation (a) of section 126 of the Electricity Act, 2003( Central Act No. 36 of 2003.) 29-Mar-04 75 KB English Download
168 Comml AJ-169 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2004/D.7262 NOTIFICATION—In exercise of the power conferred by sub-section(2) of section 135 of the Electricity Act, 2003(Central Act No. 36 of 2003) 29-Mar-04 80 KB English Download
167 Comml AJ-168 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 7240 Maintenance of separate priority for applications requiring connections on higher voltages under Large industrial category. 26-Mar-04 74 KB English Download
166 Comml AJ-167 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 7238 Applicability of tariff for Hospitals / Dispensaries run by Medical & Health Department, Government of Rajasthan. 26-Mar-04 70 KB English Download
165 Comml AJ-166 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F-57/2004/D.7168 NOTIFICATION--- In exercise of the power conferred by section 180 read with sub-section (1) of section 127 of the Electricity Act. 2003. 23-Mar-04 488 KB English Download
164 Comml AJ-165 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2004/d.7166 NOTIFICATION--- In exercise of the powers conferred by section 152 of the Electricity Act. 2003(Central Act No. 36 of 2003. 23-Mar-04 504 KB English Download
163 Comml AJ-164 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D. 7109 Deciding cut off for calculation of interest on outstanding dues after disconnection for the Units / consumers (ASSETS)taken over by RFC/ RIICO. 19-Mar-04 76 KB English Download
162 Comml AJ-163 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D.7108 Use of HDPE pipe in agriculture pump sets 19-Mar-04 75 KB English Download
161 Comml AJ-162 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D.5899 Laying of service line within the premises of the industrial consumers 5-Mar-04 87 KB English Download
160 Comml AJ-161 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D.5898 Expediting release of industrial connections by maintaining separate priority for connections requiring installation of new distribution transformers and others 5-Mar-04 87 KB English Download
159 Comml AJ-160 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D.5897 Prescribing norms for electrification of colonies to be developed by private builders 5-Mar-04 91 KB English Download
158 Comml AJ-159 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D.5846 Incentive in tariff to large industrial consumers –clarification in the existing scheme vide order No. AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XXEN-1/2003/D.4839 dt 17.12.2003 (Comml AJ-153) 1-Mar-04 93 KB English Download
157 Comml AJ-158 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D.5778 Permission to the aggrieved person to bring an advisor /consultant in the settlement committees of the Nigam 26-Feb-04 82 KB English Download
156 Comml AJ-157 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D.5589 Guideline in pursuance of the notification No. RERC/Secy/Reg.15 dt. 3.11.2003 .procedure to be followed for redressal of consumers grievances 16-Feb-04 1.4 MB English Download
155 Comml AJ-156 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D.5522 Rebate of 7.5% to be allowed to consumers under bulk supply for mixed load (Schedule ML/LT-7) for supply on 11 KV or above 10-Feb-04 80 KB English Download
154 Comml AJ-155 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D.5269 Rebate of 7.5% to be allowed to consumers under bulk supply for mixed load (Schedule ML/LT-7) for supply on 11 KV or above 23-Jan-04 95 KB English Download
153 Comml AJ-154 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-1/F.57/2004/D.5268 Release of Connections in premises where outstanding dues of previous consumers are lying un-liquidated and the assets of the previous consumers are auctioned by state Govt’s Financial Institutions like RIICO/RFC and also by official liquidator appointed by Rajasthan High Court 23-Jan-04 93 KB English Download
152 Comml AJ-153 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2003/D.4839 Incentive in tariff to large industrial consumers modifications in tthe existing schemes and the extension of the modified scheme for a further period of 3 years upto 31.03.2007 17-Dec-03 1 MB English Download
151 Comml AJ-152 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2003 /D4838 Guidelines in pursuance of the notification No. RERC/Secy/Reg.15 dt. 03.11.2003 . procedure to be followed for redressalof consumers grievances 17-Dec-03 1.3 MB English Download
150 Comml AJ-151 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2003/ D.4817 Approval for carring out the electrification works and shifting of existing lines by Railways themselves 16-Dec-03 84 KB English Download
149 Comml AJ-150 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.4706 Amendment regarding refund of cost of meter Box. 29-Nov-03 163 KB English Download
148 Comml AJ-149 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.4447 Measures to be taken by the filed officers to avoid electrical accidents. 10-Nov-03 987 KB English Download
147 Comml AJ-148 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.4446 Review of amount of security deposit from new connections and recovery of additional security deposit thereof. 10-Nov-03 151 KB English Download
146 Comml AJ-147 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.4358 Permission for depositing cost of CTPT sets to avoid monthly rental charges. 31-Oct-03 128 KB English Download
145 Comml AJ-146 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.4203 Element of electricity duty included in the charges prescribed for various categories under “compromising / settlement charges schemes” for theft of electricity. 21-Oct-03 606 KB English Download
144 Comml AJ-145 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.4071 Interest free security deposing for laying of optical fiber based telecom new work cables on electrical poles (33/11/LT) of Ajmer Discom. 10-Oct-03 140 KB English Download
143 Comml AJ-144 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.3044 Assessment to be made when HT tri vector meter ceases to display readings. 21-Sep-03 808 KB English Download
142 Comml AJ-143 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.3043 Levy of minimum billing amount in case of permanently disconnect connection under seasonal industrial category. 27-Sep-03 111 KB English Download
141 Comml AJ-142 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.3038 Rebates of 7.5% to be allowed to consumers under bulk supply for mixed local (Schedule ML/LT-7) for supply on 11 KV or above. 25-Sep-03 99 KB English Download
140 Comml AJ-141 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.2922 Dispensing with the facility of depositing 50% amount of transformers back up charges in 12 equal monthly entailments. 18-Sep-03 153 KB English Download
139 Comml AJ-140 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.2921 Amendment in the “Tariff for supply electricity-2001`” 18-Sep-03 114 KB English Download
138 Comml AJ-138 AVVNL/CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57/2003/D.2866 Refund of cost of energy meter and meter box recovered in lieu of security. 11-Sep-03 117 KB English Download
137 Comml AJ-137 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2003/D.2865 Extension of line beyond RIICO industrial area for release of connections outside RIICO’s Industrial area. 11-Sep-03 135 KB English Download
136 Comml AJ-136 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2003/D.2477 “Amnesty schemes” for domestic , Non domestic, Agriculture & Industrial consumers, municipalities, Local Bodies Govt. Departments for realization of outstanding dues thereof. 14-Aug-03 141 KB English Download
135 Comml AJ-135 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2003/D.2313 Charging the cost of Bay & Allied equipment at GSS of TRANSO for giving supply though a feeders emanating from GSS. 31-Jul-03 126 KB English Download
134 Comml AJ-134 AVVNL/CE(COMML)./XEN-I/F.57/2003/D.2312 Laying of separate feeder for industrial and non-domestic connection situated in rural area (s) for connecting them from continuous supply feeders. 31-Jul-03 111 KB English Download
133 Comml AJ-133 AVVNL/CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2003/D.1740 “Amnesty schemes” for domestic, Non domestic, Agriculture & Industrial and consumers, municipalities, Local Bodies Govt. Departments for realization of outstanding dues thereof. 15-Jul-03 162 KB English Download
132 Comml AJ-132 AVVNL/Dy.CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.1425 Incentive in tariff to large industrial consumers. 24-Jun-03 1.4 MB English Download
131 Comml AJ-131 AVVNL/Dy.CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57/2003/D.1038 “Amnesty schemes” for realisation of outstanding dues from municipalities, Local Bodies and Govt. Departments. 13-Jun-03 658 KB English Download
130 Comml AJ-130 AVVNL/Dy.CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F.57/2003/D.1037 “Amnesty scheme” for industrial category of consumers for revival of industries- Realization of outstanding dues there of. 13-Jun-03 149 KB English Download
129 Comml AJ-129 अविविनिलि/उप.मुख्य (वाणिज्य)/अअ-I/प.57/प्रे-1036 घरेलु , अघरेलु एवं कृषि श्रेणी के उपभोक्ता से बकाया राशि वसूली के लिये रियायती योजना 13-Jun-03 1.5 MB Hindi Download
128 Comml AJ-128 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F. 57/2003/D.611 Replacement of worn out/ damaged service line (PVC tapping) 23-May-03 151 KB English Download
127 Comml AJ-127 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F. /2003/D. To permit private Housing Societies/ Developers to lay electrical infrastructure them selves in the colonies developed by them. 9-May-03 958 KB English Download
126 Comml AJ-126 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F./2003/D.380 Incentive in tariff to large industrial consumers. 9-May-03 806 KB English Download
125 Comml AJ-125 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F. /2003/D.7351 Rebate of 7.5% to be allowed to consumer under bulk supply for mix load (scheme ML / LT-7) for supply on 11KV or above. 24-Feb-03 88 KB English Download
124 Comml AJ-124 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F. /2003/D.6864 Providing estimates for PHED schemes. 6-Feb-03 70 KB English Download
123 Comml AJ-123 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(COMML)/XEN-I/F. /2003/D.6605 Restoration of category form NDS to domestic where connections where originally released under domestic category and subsequently converted to NDS category. 23-Jan-03 100 KB English Download
122 Comml AJ-122 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(COMML.)/XEN-I/F.57 /2003/D.6471 “ORDER” meter box cost from old consumers may be stopped and the cost be charged only from new consumers as per the prevailing rules. 17-Jan-03 79 KB English  Download
121 Comml AJ-121 AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-I/F. /2003/D-6464 Order No. AVVNL/CMD/Dy.CE(CM&V)/XEN-I /2002/D- 710 dt-07.05.02 (Comml AJ-93) it was directed to charge rationalised transformer rent and transformation losses “ 3% from the old MIP consumers (Whose connections were released before 07-08-90) 17-Jan-03 274 KB English Download
120 Comml AJ-120 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F.57/2002/D-5919 Action plan for monitoring of implementation of disconnection order (DCOS) & checking of permanently disconnection (PDC) connections. 12-Dec-02   English Download
119 Comml AJ-119 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F.57/2002/D-5701 Procedure to be followed for release of new connection / recovery of outstanding dues of previous consumer in cases where sick industry is auctioned by State Govt. financial institution like RIICO /RFC. 27-Nov-02 84 KB English Download
118 Comml AJ-118 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F.57/2002/D-5525 Procedure to be followed for release of new connection/ recovery of outstanding dues of previous consumer in cases where sick industry is auctioned by State Govt. financial institutions like RIICO / RFC. 14-Nov-02 115 KB English Download
117 Comml AJ-117 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D-5498 "“ORDER”( i). for contract demand up to 60 KVA Rs. 2500 P/M, 7-Nov-02 91 KB English Download
116 Comml AJ-116 AVVNL/Dy. CE (CM&V)/2002/F./D-5387 Concessional charges for releasing connection under domestic category in rural areas and Kachchi Basti *(Urban areas.) 28-Oct-02 795 KB English Download
115 Comml AJ-115 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D-5376 “ORDER” It is to clarify that cost of providing meter box is to be recovered from all consumers as per the rates prescribed vide comml. Order No. AVVNL/CMD/SE (Comml)XEN-I/ 2001/D-1009 dt.18-7-2001(Comml AJ-55) 26-Oct-02 69 KB English Download
114 Comml AJ-114 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D-5172 Application of tariff on “old peoples” homes like mother terrafa home etc. 19-Oct-02 89 KB English Download
113 Comml AJ-113 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/F./2002/D-4836 “ORDER” the field officer are directed to ensure replacement of all defective / stopped meters with in period of two months of their detection positively falling which any losses suffered by the company on account of allowing 5% rebate shall be recoverable form the concerned defaulting officers/ officials. 26-Sep-02 56 KB English Download
112 Comml AJ-112 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/F./2002/D-4702 Grant of stay and recovery of 50% of the amount assessed in theft of energy cases. 23-Sep-02 3 MB English Download
111 Comml AJ-111 AVVNL/Dy. CE (CM&V)/F. /2002/D- Taking over well connection temporarily on rent by PHED. 13-Sep-02   English Download
110 Comml AJ-110 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/F./2002/D-4471 “ORDER " the Dy. Chief Engineer (CM&V) AVVNL, Ajmer is here by authorized to exercise all power delegated to the Chief Engineer (Comml)/ Director (Commercial operation) of erstwhile RSEB. 22-Jul-02 49 KB English Download
109 Comml AJ-109 AVVNL/Dy. CE (CM&V)/F. /2002/D-4334 Reduction in interest free security deposit for laying cables by cable operations for T.V. 6-Sep-02 75 KB English Download
108 Comml AJ-108 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D-4155 Clarification regarding not to charge over head charges against the estimates prepared under MLA/MPS aided development works. 28-Aug-02 66 KB English Download
107 Comml AJ-107 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D-3634 Exemption of security deposit from employees of erstwhile RSEB now employees of any one of the five companies formed consequent to unbundling of erstwhile RSEB. 5-Aug-02 70 KB English Download
106 Comml AJ-106 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D-3612 “ORDER” Due to non-availability of HT, meter boxes. It has been decided to allowed the HT consumers to provided their own meter box for purpose of releasing new connection or renovation of existing connections. 2-Aug-02 87 KB English Download
105 Comml AJ-105 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D-3137 Revision in overhead charges levied preparing the estimates for works. 9-Jul-02 108 KB English Download
104 Comml AJ-104 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-II/2002/D-2092 “Amnesty schemes” for domestic, Non domestic, Agriculture & Industrial consumers, municipalities, Local Bodies Govt. Departments for realization of outstanding dues there of. 1-Jul-02 80 KB English Download
103 Comml AJ-103 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D-1910 “Clarification” It has come to notice that the field officers are applying different tariff for the connections community / Co-operative, lift irrigation schemes, the matter was reviewed by the RERC on representation of Kotri Krshak sangh, sawaipur, Dist. Bhilwara and It has been directed that the community/ Co-operative lift irrigation scheme will be covered under general agriculture category. 20-Jun-02 59 KB English Download
102 Comml AJ-102 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-I/F./2002/D-1902 Requirement of “No. objection certificate” from RIICO for releasing new connections under industrial and other categories. 20-Jun-02 83 KB English Download
101 Comml AJ-101 AVVNL/CMD/Dy. CE (CM&V)/XEN-II/2002/D-1799(B) “Amnesty schemes” for domestic, Non-domestic, Agricultures, Industrial consumers, municipalities Local Bodies Govt. Department for realization of outstanding dues there of. 19-Jun-02 69 KB English Download