Sr. No.

Circular/Order No. Dispatch No. Subject/Description Circular/Order Date Size   Language Link
102 Standing Order No-18/11-D अध्यक्ष (डिस्काँम्स) /प्रा.स./पत्रा./ प्रे- 8 विधुत चोरी के प्रकरणो के सम्बन्ध मे संशोधित दिशा निर्देश 08-01-2018 116 KB Hindi Download
101 - F-15(41) Energy/2015 Revised Business Reform Action Plan 2017 (BRAP-2017) 11-08-2017 1.7 MB English Download
100 Standing Order-17/11C Chairman(Discom)/F/D-326 Direction regarding in the matter of Electrity theft 31-07-2017 1.8 MB Hindi Download
99 Notification  D-1052  The power conferred by section 3 of the Rajasthan Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occpants )Act, 1964 (Act No-2 of 1965 ) the state Government hereby appoints the officers specified in column 2 of the table given below being the officers of Rajasthan Administrative Service, as Estate Officer for the purpose of the said Act, who shall exercise the powers conferred and perform the duties on the Estate Officer by or under the said Act, in respect of the public premises specified against each of them in colum 3 of the said table 12-05-2017 360 KB English Download
98 Standing Order No-17/01 -D अध्यक्ष (डिस्काँम्स) / प्रा. स. / पत्रा. /प्रे-200 Clertification of feeders completed under MMVSA dated  new.gif 08-05-2017 1 MB Hindi Download
97 Notification F.17 (41) Energy /2014 In pursuance of the provisions of sub-section (2) of section 135 of the Electricity Act 2003 (Central Act No.36 of 2003),  21-02-2017 127 KB English Download
96 Standing Order-17/12  Chairman Discom/F. TA/D-92 Setting up effective and user friendly Communication Strategies for Image building of Rajasthan Discom and exetending government department's support for sustainable development of distributuion utlilies.  17-02-2017 3.2 MB English Download
95 Notification F.17 (41) Energy/2014 In pursuance of the provision of section 126 of The Electricity Act, 2003 (Centre Act No.36 of 2003 ) the State Government hereby authorizes, with immediate effect 21-02-2017 140 KB English Download
94 Standing Order- 16/11 B अध्यक्ष (डिस्काँम्स) /प्रा.स./पत्रा./ प्रे- 141  विधुत चोरी के प्रकरणो के सम्बन्ध मे दिशा निर्देश 25-03-2017 614 KB Hindi Download
93 Notification No. F17(41)Energy/2014 In excercise of the powers conferred by section 164 of the Electricity Act 2003 (Central Act No-36 of 2003 ) the State Government for the purpose of placing of electric lines or electric plants 21-02-2017 140 KB English Download
92 Standing Order No - 17/12 Chairman (Discoms) / F. TA/ D-92 Setting up effective and user friendly Communication Strategies for Image building of Rajasthan Discoms and extending government departments' supports for sustainable developement of distribution utilities. 17-02-2017 1 MB English Download
91 Standing Order 16/01C अध्यक्ष (डिस्काँम)/प्रा.स./पत्रा./प्रे- 54 फीडर सुधार व विधुत छिजत को कम करने के लिए 02-02-2017 166 KB Hindi Download
90 Standing Order-16/11-A Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-364 विधुत चोरी के प्रकरणो के सम्बन्ध मे दिशा निर्देश  25-Oct-2016 1.7 MB Hindi  Download
89 Standing Order-16/11 Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-334 विधुत चोरी के प्रकरणो के सम्बन्ध मे दिशा निर्देश  14-Oct-2016 1.5 MB Hindi  Download
88  Standing Order -16/01-B Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-247 Measure for Loss Reduction  19-Sep-2016 916 KB English  Download
87 Standing Order-16/10 Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-216 Guidelines to deal with the Material Failed under Guarantee Period 01-Sep-2016 1.4 MB English  Download
86 Standing Order-16/09 Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-215 Guidelines in respect of functioning of Stores Organisation 01-Sep-2016 1014 KB English Download
85 Standing Order-16/08 Chairman (Discoms)/ F. TA/ D-208 Revenue Management 27-Aug-2016 2.9 MB Hindi  Download
84 Standing Order No-16/07 Chairman (Discoms) / F.TA/D-160 In order to ensure timely procurement and delivery of material to field officers and maximize the utilization of availble material in the most techno-economic manner as well as to ensure improved inventory control and financial discipline, 08-Aug-2016 1.2 MB English  Download
83 Standing Order-16/01-A Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-153 Measures of Loss Reduction 05-Aug-2016 376 KB English  Download
82 Standing Order-16/06 Chairman (Discoms)/F.TA/D-136 Consititution of technical specification committee 01-08-2016 628 KB English  Download
81 Standing Order -16/05 Chairman Discom/F.TA/D-126 Field Inspection Squads for Rural Areas(Standing Order-16/05) 28-Jul-2016 1.4 MB English  Download
80 Standing Order -16/04A Chairman (Discoms)/ F. TA/D-102 For Administrative Restructuring of Discoms 20-Jul-2016 732 KB English   Download
79 Standing Order-16/04 Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-91 For Administrative Restructuring of Discom 18-Jul-2016 371 KB English   Download
78 Standing Order-16/03 Chairman Discom/F.TA/D-90 Standing Order- 16/03 (Restructuring of Vigilance Activities) 04-Aug-2016 732 KB      Download
77 Standing order No-16/02 Chairman Discoms/F. TA / D-80 Duties & responsibility of Executive Engineer (O&M) and (O&V) 12-Jul-2016 506 KB English   Download
76 Standing Order-16/01 Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-36 Measures for Loss Reduction 20-Jun-2016 971 KB English   Download
75  Order  अध्यक्ष डिस्कांम /प्रा.वे.स/ पत्रा./प्रे-104 सुरक्षित बिजली अभियान  21-जुलाई-16 534 KB Hindi  Download
74 Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँम /एम आई एस / पत्रा. /प्रे-26 ऊर्जा मित्र सम्मान 6-May-16 763 KB Hindi   Download
73 Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँ/ एम आई एस/ पत्रा./ प्रे-27 सुरक्षित बिजली अभियान 6-May-16 851 KB Hindi    Download
72 Order No./JPD/Chairman Discoms /MIS/ F. EA/D-12 All ZCEs are directed to send the following information invairably to SE(Plan) in respect to the 11 KV feeders selected for AT&C loss reduction under LBSM w.e.f. 01-02-2016 in compliance of Chairman Discom 21-Apr-16 472 KB English   Download
71 Order Chairman Discoms / MIS/F/D-14 MoU Between Government of Rajasthan and J-PAL , South Asia 25-Apr-16 1 MB English Download
70 AVVNL Order अविविनिलि/ मु. अ.(वाणिज्य)/ अ.अ.-II/2015-16/प्रे-39 VCR Monitoring and Reviewing Committee 7-Apr-16 1.7 MB Hindi Download
69 AVVNL Order JPD/ChairmanDiscom/MIS/FEA/D-476 Load Shedding Order 28-Jan-16 636 KB English Download
68 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष डिस्कांम/पीपीएम/पत्रा./प्रे.-259 बिजली चोरी व अन्य गम्भीर अपराधो को रोकने के लिये 10-Nov-15 889 KB Hindi Download
67 Chairman Discom's Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँम / एमआईएस /पत्रा ./प्रे -402 केन्द्रीयक्रत काल सेंटर के उपयोग हेतु दिशा निर्देश 28-Oct-15 871 KB Hindi Download
66 AVVNL Order अविविनिलि/ मु.अ.(वाणिज्य)/अ.अ.-II\2015-16\प्रे-5709 घरेलू श्रेणी के विच्छेदित कनेक्शनो को पुनः बिजली की सुविधा उपलब्ध कराने बाबत 23-Oct-15 756 KB Hindi Download
65 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँम / एमआईएस /पत्रा ./प्रे -383 दिशा निर्देश- “ हर घर बिजली- डिस्काँम आपके द्वार 5-Oct-15 560 KB Hindi Download
64 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँम / एमआईएस / पत्रा. /प्रे -379 कार्यालय आदेश 29-Sep-15 921 KB Hindi Download
63 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँम/ एम आई एस / पत्रा /प्रे -376 दिशा निर्देश- “ हर घर बिजली- डिस्काँम आपके द्वार 22-Sep-15 485 KB Hindi Download
62 Chairman Discom Order Chairman Discom/MIS/ F/D-189 Regarding Feeder Improvement program and Sub- Station Improvement Programe 3-Sep-15 1338 KB Hindi Download
61 Chairman Discom Order Chairman Discom /MIS/F/D-182 Regarding Direction to the Discoms officers submitted to monthly progress report of various work plan to the Chairman Discoms 31-Aug-15 301 KB Hindi Download
60 AVVNL Order जेपीडी / नि.(तक.) एमआईएस / पत्रा. /प्रे-183 वर्ष 2015-16 की कार्य योजना के अनतर्गत विधुत छीजत को कम करने एवं उपभोक्ताओ को बेहतर सेवाए प्रदान करने हेतु 31-Aug-15 1.7 MB Hindi Download
59 Chairman Discom Order Chairman Discom/MIS/ F/D-181 जन जाग्रति द्वारा बिजली चोरी रोकने के लिये 28-Aug-15 475 KB Hindi Download
58 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काम /मु.अ.पीपीएम /पत्रा. /प्रे.- 191 हर घर बिजली डिस्काम आपके द्वार शिविरो मे कनेक्शन देने की कार्यवाही 18-Aug-15 915 KB Hindi Download
57 CMD Order Discoms/F./D-657 Regarding applying of "Voluntary increased Load scheme" for the unauthorized increased load in agriculture connections dated 10.10..2014. 12-Dec-14 205 KB Hindi Download
56 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-643 Directions for the O&M ,Vigilance and Vigilance Police officers to enter for the listed categories A/B/C/D for the year 2014-15 to prepare annual confidential report dated 07.10.2014 7-Oct-14 861 KB Hindi Download
55 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-642 Directions for recovery of outsatanding amount from the consumers dated 01.10..2014. 1-Oct-14 628 KB Hindi Download
54 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-641 Directions for final disposal of pending vigilance cases dated 01.10..2014 1-Oct-14 627 KB Hindi Download
53 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-636 Directions for early replacement of large amount of stopped / Defective meters dated 30.09.2014. 30-Sep-14 585 KB Hindi Download
52 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-633 Orders regarding to prevent Electrical Mishaps either fatal or Non Fatal in all the three Discoms dated 29.09.2014. 30-Sep-14 825 KB Hindi Download
51 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-161 Orders regarding reduction of Electrical losses in Industrial Areas dated 29.09.2014. 29-Sep-14 567 KB Hindi Download
50 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-160 Orders regarding calculation of Electrical Losses Feeder Wise to assess the Sub Station Improvement Programme" dated 29.09.2014. 29-Sep-14 533 KB Hindi Download
49 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-158 Orders regarding monitoring of the "Feeder Improvement Programme" and " Sub Station Improvement Programme" dated 29.09.2014. 29-Sep-14 455 KB Hindi Download
48 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-159 Orders regarding reduction of Electrical losses in Urban Areas aimed up to the 5 percent according to the Loss reduction manual dated 29.09.2014 29-Sep-14 856 KB Hindi Download
47 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/F./D-628 Records of Discussions/ Decisions taken during the Video Conferencing held on dated 18.09.2014 order dated 27.09.2014 27-Sep-14 1.2 MB English Download
46 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/F./D-624 Orders regarding Reconditioning of Distribution Transformers dated 23.09.2014. 23-Sep-14 490 KB Hindi Download
45 CMD Order JPD/Chairman Discoms/F./D-613 Directions issued for strict compliance to initiate action for reduction of faults on 11 KV and 33 KV Rural Feeders dated 15.09.2014. 15-Sep-14 1.5 MB English Download
44 AVVNL Order JPD/chairman-Discoms/SE(Vig.)/F.1(1)/D.87 In Supersession to all previous orders issued regarding norms of Vigilance Checking for Vigilance and O&M officers 9-Jul-13 321 KB English Download
43 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष/डिस्कॉम/अधी.अभि./सतर्कता/प्रे-44 सतर्कता जाचो के सम्बन्ध मे 17-Apr-13 95 KB Hindi Download
42 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/TA/F./D-8303 Directions issued during Sr. Officer's Meeting held on 14.02.2013 14-Feb-13 722 KB English Download
41 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/TA/F./D.7003 Directions issued during video-conference held on 18th Dec-2012 18-Dec-12 473 KB English Download
40 AVVNL Order JPD/CMD/MIS/D-478 वर्तमान समय मे उपभोक्ताओ के साथ सीधा संवाद व उपभोक्ताओ के हितो से सम्बन्धित जानकारी सार्वजनिक करने के लिये 17-Jul-12 949 KB Hindi Download
39 AVVNL Order AVVNL /MD/TA/F./D. 3289 In Supersession to all previous orders issued regarding norms of vigilance checking , the following monthly targets(minimum) which are existing for O&M officers jaipur and ajmer discoms 27-Jun-12 657 KB English Download
38 AVVNL Order No.Chairman-Discoms/Vig./F.1(I)/D.744 Monthly Target(MInimum) prescribed for the officers of Vigilance wing 25-May-12 1.2 MB English Download
37 Order NO.JPD/CMD/TA/F./D.332 Conversion of Flat Rate Category Agriculture connection into Metered Category in urban area 21-May-12 1.3 MB English Download
36 Circular-37 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN(C-II)/F.2015-16/D-48 Waiver of LPS/DPS amount against outstanding dues of government Departments /undertakings 7-Apr-16 311 KB English Download
35 AVVNL Circular AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-II/F/2015-16/D-4241 Waiver of LPS / DPS amount against outstanding dues of Government Department/ Undertakings 28-Jan-16 598 KB Hindi Download
34 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-199 Regarding updation of Bijliaajtak website dated 15.12..2014. 15-Dec-14 80 KB Hindi Download
33 Office Order Chairman Discom/SE/MIS/F. SOM/D-133 Submission of information in SOM 1 to 31 formats 21-Aug-14 795 KB English Download
32 Office Order Chairman Discoms/Dir.(Tech.)/F. SE(P)/D-632 Prescribing norms for framing the proposal for the construction of new 33/11 KV S/Ss in Rural Area dated 15.07.2014 15-Jul-14 2.5 MB English Download
31 Office Order-14/19 Chairman Discoms/F. MIS/D-435 Directions for the officers selected for the visit of Maharashtra State to study the vigilance activities being carried out to curb the theft of electricity dated 08.07.2014 8-Jul-14 311 KB English Download
30 MOM Chairman Discoms/TA/F./D-427 Confirmation of the instructions given in Bikaner visit during 27th to 30th June,2014 7-Jul-14 3.1 MB English Download
29 CMD Order जेपीडी /मुकाअ / उनिका (मुख्या.) / प्रे – 1193 Special Maintenance Program is to be initiated and implemented between 16.06.2014 and 14.08.2014 to strengthen the Electrical distribution System 10-Jun-14 584 KB Hindi Download
28 Order ChairmanDiscom/TA/F/D-172 Important Directions issued during sr. Officer's meeting held on 14th March 2014 19-Mar-14 1.5 MB English Download
27 Office Order-14/15 JPD / Chairman-Discoms /D-162 Order regarding approval/sanction of new 33/11 KV substation dated 11/03/14 11-Mar-14 653 KB English Download
26 Office Order-14/14 JPD / Chairman-Discoms /D-161 Order in continuation to previous order regarding Governance to conduct Board Meeting , 2014 dated 11/03/14 11-Mar-14 598 KB English Download
25 Office Order JPD / Chairman-Discoms /D-135 Directions issued to finalize the Accounts for the Financial Year 2013-14 dated 06/03/14 6-Mar-14 567 KB English Download
24 Office Order JPD / Chairman-Discoms /D-136 Governance to conduct Board Meeting 6-Mar-14 1.1 MB English Download
23 Office Order JPD / Chairman-Discoms /D-137 Meetings of the Board of Directors will be held on 7th May , 2014 dated 06/03/14 6-Mar-14 625 KB English Download
22 Office Order-14/12 Chairman-Discom/TA/F./D-128 Feeder Maintenance Programme 4-Mar-14 1.2 MB English Download
21 Order 14/11 chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.118 Orders regarding release of domestic connection in rural areas and to prevent the burning of already placed transformers in rural areas 26-Feb-14 1.1 MB Hindi Download
20 Order chairman-Discoms/F. /D.89 Formation of the committee to ascertain the delivery given by the M/s HCL Infosystems Limited against the contract of "RAPDRP implementation" 21-Feb-14 47 KB English Download
19 Office-Order JPD/Chairman-Discoms/F. /D. 77 Order in continuation with order no. 232 regarding feedback taken by authorised officers from the sarpanch with the format to be duly filled reported back to Zonal CE office 17-Feb-14 2.6 MB Hindi Download
18 Office-Order JPD/Chairman-Discoms/F. /D. 76 Orders regarding huge pendency in domestic connection in rural abadi areas 17-Feb-14 971 KB English Download
17 Order 14/09 chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.80 Implementation to enhance the customer satisfaction in the matter of uninterrupted power supply 17-Feb-14 488 KB English Download
16 Order 14/07 chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.72 Orders regarding mandatory field visit by senior officers 14-Feb-14 1.1 MB English Download
15 Office-Order JPD/SE(C)/F. /D.73 Order for avoiding different practices in all three Discoms on various points listed in order 14-Feb-14 584 KB English Download
14 Order 14/08 chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.74 Order regarding energising of 33 KV substations without adequate and proper installation 14-Feb-14 633 KB English Download
13 Circulars जे.डी.पी. / राजस्व /पत्रा . 215/ प्रे - 334 सही विधुत प्रपत्र जारी करने बाबत 13-Feb-14 989 KB Hindi Download
12 Order chairman Discoms /TA/F.O/D.61 Order regarding all Turnkey tenders/contracts perceived to be on higher rates are to be reviewed and reanalyzed by the respective Purchase Commitee to assess the reasonable rates 7-Feb-14 847 KB English Download
11 Office-Order chairman Discoms/JVVNL-CPC/F.O/D.1006 Payment through CPC in electronic mode 7-Feb-14 342 KB English Download
10 Office Order-14/06 Chairman-Discom/TA/F./D-59 Commitee for Agriculture policy dated 06.02.14 6-Feb-14 634 KB English Download
9 Office Order Chairman-Discoms/Dir(Fin.)/F./ D-58 Order regarding key guidelines for seamless material mgmt, inventory and budgetory contr ol dated 05.02.14 5-Feb-14 4.1 MB English Download
8 Office Order जेपीडी/ अध्यक्ष / एमआईएस / पत्रा /प्रे-232 कार्यालय आदेश 5-Feb-14 513 KB Hindi Download
7 Office Order-14/05 Chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D 53 Order regarding appointment of various Nodal Officers to deal with the common issues of the three Discoms dated 04.02.14 4-Feb-14 1.3 MB English Download
6 Office Order Chairman-Discorns/TA/F./OO/D 42 Orders regarding sanctioned projects/works covered under CSSs, RGGVY, deposit works etc for which turnkey mode is mandatory dated 30.01.14 30-Jan-14 713 KB English Download
5 Office Order-14/02 Chairman-Discoms\TA\F. \D.29 Order regarding replies/ correspondence of parliament/ Assembly questions dated 27.01.14. 27-Jan-14 516 KB English Download
4 Office Order-14/03 Chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.30 Order regarding Director (Finance) as a Nodal Officer dated 27.01.14 27-Jan-14 598 KB English Download
3 Office Order-14/04 Chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.31 Order regarding Dy. CE(IT, M&P & RE) as a Nodal Officer dated 27.01.14 27-Jan-14 540 KB English Download
2 Office Order-14/01 Chairman Discomn\TA\ F. I D 16 Committee for common Purchase of Major ltems 15-Jan-14 633 KB English Download
1 Comml Order AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D.3624 Regarding to “लोक सेवा गारण्टी अधिनियम-2011” 16-Jan-12 716 KB Hindi Download