I&S At A Glance

Inspection & Stores Circle

The I&S wing of Ajmer Discom is a dedicated wing of Ajmer Discom. The main objective of this wing is to ensure proper availability of material in Discom circle stores in conjunction with Material Management wing to enable the field officers for carrying out various works / schemes in the field directly related with the welfare of AVVNL consumers and general public as well as Government directives. This is achieved through nominating efficient officers for inspection of various types of material at the firm’s works and ensuring timely delivery to the consignee. The entire transaction of the material is done through a software based system hence minimum man power with maximum efficiency. There is a well equipped Central Testing Laboratory (CTL) located at Madar for testing of various material viz transformers, cables, conductors, galvanized steel items, insulators, etc. All such materials of Ajmer Discom as well as outsiders are tested as per relevant specifications and relevant Indian Standards.