Particulars of Organization

The  Electrical  Inspectorate  headed  by  the  Senior  Electrical  Inspector appointed  under  section  36  of  erstwhile  I.E.  Act,  1910  and  under section 162 of Electricity Act 2003, has its Head Quarters situated at Jaipur. In  administering  and  enforcing  the  various  Electricity  Acts,  Rules  and Regulations  Senior  Electrical  Inspector  to  Government  is  assisted  by the following numbers of posts namely,  3  numbers of  Electrical Inspectors, 14 numbers of Assistant Electrical Inspectors, 46 Numbers of Junior Electrical Inspectors,  an  Assistant  Accounts  Officer,  2  Numbers  of  accountants, 2 Numbers  Junior  Accountants  and  28  Numbers of Technical  Helpers  & 83 Numbers of Non technical Ministerial Staff.