Mics. Orders

S No Dispatch No ORDER NO      
  D.1618 F&R NO.2019/02 Delist of hospital from  the list of private empanelled hospital of the Nigam 3.01.2019 download
  D.1617 F&R NO.2019/01 Insertion of new hospitals in the list of private empanelled hospital of the Nigam 3.01.2019 download
  D.1532 D.1532 Ammendment in TA rules 19.01.2018 download
  D.1531 D.1531 Ammendment in TA rules 6.12.2018 download
  D 1407 D 1407 RCS (Medical attendance Rules),2013 16.11.2018 Download 
  D.338 P&A 308 Amendments in RVUN Payment of Gratuity Rules, 1972 16.11.2018 Download
  D.1254 No. RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO(Control)/F.5/D.1254 Insertion of new hospitals in the list of private empanelled hospital of the Nigam 23.10.2018 download
D.1128 Renewal of Group Insurance Scheme : Payment of Premium for the year 2018-19 26.09.18 Download
  531 531 Holiday on account of Viswakerma Jayanti 12/9/18 Download
  RVUN/P&A/F.4(30)/D 302 Dated 12/09/2018   Transfer Order 12/09/2018 Download
  RVUN/P&A/F.4(30)/D 299 Dated 8/9/2018   Transfer Order 8.09.2018 Download
  No. RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO(Control)/lF./D.440 No. RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO(Control)/lF./D.440

Insertion of 3 hospitals in the list of private empanelled Hospital flnstitutions of the Nigam 04.06.18 Download
         No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.5(18)/D.297       No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.5(18)/D.297 Revision in Minimum Wages w.e.f. 1.1.2018 11.06.18 Download
  215   Prefential Appointment  21/5/2018 Download
  222   ACP Orders 23/5/2018 Download
  71   Corrigendum Posting Order 23/5/2018 Download
  218 303 One time special Transfer Scheme for Technical workman 22/5/2018 Download
  64   Corrigendum Posting order 18/5/2018 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/F. 7th PC/D.59 NO.RVUN/P&A/F. 7th PC/D.59 permission for exercise of option/re-option under the rajasthan civil services rules, 2017 04.05.18 Download
  57 300 Amendment in RVUN Services (Absorption of Ex-Servicemen) Regulations, 2017 4/5/2018 Download
  58 301 Amendment in  various RVUN Services, 2017 4/5/2018 Download
  59 302 Permission for option re-option under the RCS(RP) Rules, 2017 4/5/2018 Download
  1022 F&R 2017/11 Amendment in TA Rules 29/9/17 Download
  No.RVUN/CCOA/Control/F&R/D.905 F&R-2016/09  Order of Dearness relief to pensioners 17.08.16  Download
  No.RVUN/P&A/AS(Pension)/F.Circular/D.359 No.RVUN/P&A/AS(Pension)/F.Circular/D.359 order related to retirement benefits 26.08.2016 Download
  NO.RVUN/CCOA/CAO(CONTROL)/F&R/D.916 F&R-2016/10 Amendment in RVUN Travelling Allowance Rules,1971 19.08.16 Download
  NO.RVUN/CCOA/D 1131 F&R-2016/11 GROUP INSUREANCE 22.09.16 Download
  No.RVUN/CCOA(HQ)/CAO(CONTROL)/F./D.1198 F&R No.-2016/12 Designation of First Appellate Authority under Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Act and Rules 03.10.16 Download
  No.RVUN/P&A(Estt.)/SENIORITY/F.23(43)/D.693 No.RVUN/P&A(Estt.)/SENIORITY/F.23(43)/D.693 Order related to seniority of IV grade employee 06.10.2016 Download
  No./RVUN/ACE(PPMC&IT)/F./D 1996 No./RVUN/ACE(PPMC&IT)/F./D 1996 Order for revision in incentive scheme 27.10.16 Download
  No./RVUN/CCOA/Control/F&R/D.1601 F&R-2016/16 Order for Grant of Dearness Relief to the Pensioners of RVUN 30.11.16 Download
  NO.RVUN/ACE(PPMC&IT)/DY.CE(Montg)/F./D.3207 NO.RVUN/ACE(PPMC&IT)/DY.CE(Montg)/F./D.3207 Order for Incentive 08.12.16 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F./D.07 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F./D.07 Order for RVUN's Compassionate Appointment of Dependents of Deceased Nigam's Servants Regulations, 2016 01.04.16 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F./D.1026 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F./D.1026 RVUN's Compassionate Appointment of Dependents of Deceased Nigam's Servants Regulations,2016 03.01.17



  D.1645 D.1645 Press Notes regarding Promotions in RVUN and JE online exam 30.12.16



  NO.RVUN/CCOA(HQ)/CAO/CONTROL/F.Prob./D.2174 NO.RVUN/CCOA(HQ)/CAO/CONTROL/F.Prob./D.2174 AAO-II Probation clearance order 16.02.17 Download
  NO.RRVK/DY.COA(P&F)/Secry(CPF)/F.D.4392 NO.RRVK/DY.COA(P&F)/Secry(CPF)/F.D.4392 employees enrollment campaign-2017 06.03.17 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./P.2(3)/F.1520 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./P.2(3)/F.1520   22.03.17 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.Property/D.15 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.Property/D.15 Order Regarding annual grade Increment 07.04.17 Download
  NO.F.2(2)acc./ASPAFC/2017 NO.01/2017 Order regarding UBN 31.03.17 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2(5)/D:65 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2(5)/D:65 PT period clearance order of JEN (Elect. & Mech.) 20.04.17 Download
  No./RVUN/CCOA/Control/F&R/D.1601 No./RVUN/CCOA/Control/F&R/D.1601 DA order for pensioners 27.04.17  Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2(5)/D:152 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2(5)/D:152 PT period clearance order of JEN (Elect.) 10.05.2017 Download
  No./RVUN/CCOA(HQ)/Control/F./D.639 No./RVUN/CCOA(HQ)/Control/F./D.639 Order regarding HRA 18.07.17 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/F.BoD/D:145  NO.RVUN/P&A/F.BoD/D:145  Recruitment Policy for Apprentices, 2017 13.06.17 Download




No.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F2(5)/D 469 PT period clearance order  20.07.17 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2(5)/D 468


No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F2(5)/D 468


PT period clearance order 20.07.17 Download
  No. RVUN/Dy.COA/W&M/Digital Pay./D.748 No. RVUN/Dy.COA/W&M/Digital Pay./D.748 Promotion of payment through Digital means 09.08.17 Download
  No. RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO/Control/F. TA-Rules/D.791 F&R NO. 2017/09 Amendment in RVUN T.A. Rules 18.08.17 Download
  D.1010 F&R No. 2017/10 order regarding group insurance 27.09.17 Download
  No.RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO/Control/F. TA-Rules/D.1022 F&R No. 2017/11 Amendment in RVUNL T.A. Rules 29.09.17 Download
  No RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO/Control/F. TA-Rules/D.1127 Dated 16/10/17 F&R No. 2017/12 Grant of DA allowance to the Employees 16/10/17 Download
  No.RVUNL/CCOA(HQ)/CAO(Control)/F.5/D.1176 F&R No. 2017/14 List of Private empanelled hospital of nigam for CGHS Rates 30/10/17 Download
  NO.RVUN/CCOA/CONTROL/F&R/D.1331 F&R No. 2017/18

Grant of Dearness Relief to the pensioners of RVUN 29.11.17 Download
  NO.RVUN/CCOA/CONTROL/F&R/D.1328 F&R No. 2017/17
Grant of Dearness Retief to the pensioners of RVUN 29.11.17 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1441 No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1441

ACP OF Sh. Sunil Madan 11.01.2018 Download
  No RVPN/Secy(JMC)/F.Cricket/OQ/134 dated 31/01/2017 No RVPN/Secy(JMC)/F.Cricket/OQ/134 dated 31/01/2017 Newly selected Vidyut Bhawan Cricket Team 31/01/2018 Download
  RVUNL/CCOA(HQ)/CAO(Control)/F Prob/D 608 Dated 14/07/17 RVUNL/CCOA(HQ)/CAO(Control)/F Prob/D 608 Dated 14/07/17 Probation Clerarance Order   14/07/17 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1507

No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1507
Regarding ACP of AEn 31.01.18 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/F.7th PC/D.378 No RVUN/P&A/F.7th PC/D.378

Admissibility of various allowances 21.02.18 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1647


No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1647


Regarding ACP of AEn 26.02.18 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2/D.1676 No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2/D.1676

regarding probation period 05.03.18 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/F.BoD/D:57  NO.RVUN/P&A/F.BoD/D:57  amendment in RVUN services regulations 2017 04.05.18 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/F. service reguls./D.58 NO.RVUN/P&A/F. service reguls./D.58 amendment in services regulations 04.05.18 Download
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