Mini Hydel Power Station, Mangrol

Mini hydel power station Mangrol is situated on Right Main canal of Chambal project near R.D. 106070.4 meter emanating from Kota Barrage.
The plant have three units of capacity 2 MW each. The main supplier & erector of main generation equipment by M/s BHEL and Civil contractor of power house building is M/s RSBCEE Jaipur.
Power station commissioned in the year Oct. 1992.

The commissioning dates of the power station are as under :-

Unit-1 28.11.92
Unit-3 29.11.92
Unit-2 05.12.92
The performance of plant is quite satisfactory the canal water utilized for generation and again used for irrigation purpose. On the construction of plant Rs. 17.54 Crore were spent.




a. Type of Power House 9 Surface Power House.
b. Installed Capacity 6 MW
c. No. of Unit & Capacity 3 Units of 2 Mw each.
d. Location of Power House Near R.D. 106070.4 meter on RMC of Kota Barrage.
e. Nearest Village MUNDLA, Tehsil Mangrol Distt. Baran.
f. Nearest Railway Station Baran (25 Km.)
g. Supplier & Main erector of Main generation equipment. M/S BHEL.
h. Civil Contractor of PH Building M/S RSBCC Jaipur.
i. Consultants CEA for Electrical works WNPCOS for Civil works.
j. Design head 7.32 meter
k. Design discharge of RMC At PH site. 4050 cusecs.
l. No. of falls & height 5 Nos total head 24.27 ft.
m. Max. Power potential 6.94 MW
n. Average Annual Power potential 4.31 MW
o. Max. tail water level EL 241.12 meter.
p. Type of Turbine and Name Propeller Axial Flow Horizontal type Kaplan turbine make :-BHEL.
q. Type of Generator & make Synchronous Make- BHEL.


a Intake gate 3 Nos. of 4028.4x5049 mm each.
b Stop-log gate 1 Set of 4028.4 x13800 mm.
c Draft Tube gate 1 No. of 5278.4x 4167 mm.
a Full supply level EL 241.12 m.
b Bed Level EL 237.92m
c Section Bed width 26.70m, FSD 3.2m
d Velocity 3 ft/sec.
e Length 1800 m.
a a cost of power production 11.76 crore.
b Cost of transmission 5.78 crore.
c Total capital cost 17.54 crore.
d Installation cost per MW Rs. 29,233/-
a Ist Feedr Mangrol to ayana 33 KV 16 Km.
b IInd Feeder Mangrol to Baran 33 KV 25 Km.