Rana Pratap Sagar Hydel Power Station


Chambal River Valley Development Project

Sacred chambal river originates from Mahu in the northern ranges of Vindhyachal in Madhya Pradesh and flow about 360Km in Madhya Pradesh and then enters Rajasthan at Chaurasigarh around 96Km south east from Kota.

Chambal river is the one of the few extra-ordinary river to flow from south to north . This river benefits a huge area of south east Rajasthan and North west Madhya Pradesh during its course of flow.

In Rajasthan its path is around 300Km where some helping rivers like Kalisindh , Parwati, Mez, and Banas join it. After this flowing through plains, forest etc this river enters Uttar Pradesh near Dholpur, where it joins with Yamuna river near Itawa.

In Kota the bottom level of Chambal river is 2050Ft. lower than the bottom level of the place from where it originates. Out of this 2050Ft. the difference of 400Ft. lies in short span of the valley region i.e. the 96 Km area from chaurasigarh to Kota. Thus this area was considered most suitable for masonary and concrete dam. The design of Dam was made such this level could be utilized fully for generation of electricity.


picture of chambal river valley development project


The project construction was designed in three steps. In the first stage a masonary gravity dam “ Gandhi Sagar Dam” on the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, A barrage “ Kota barrage “ near Kota and two canals from this barrage Right main canal and Left main canal which irrigate around 14 lakhs acres area of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh were constructed.

Three Power houses were construed in the CHAMBAL RIVER VALLEY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT in three stages.In The First Stage a 119MW Power Station was established in Gandhi Sagar(Madhya Pradesh), in second Stage a 172MW Rana Pratap Sagar Hydel Power station established at Rawatbhata(Rajasthan) and in third Stage a 99 MW hydel Power station established at Jawahar Sagar (Rajasthan)