Training and Safety Orders

S.No. Orders Download Link
  Office order dated 03.06.2022 TSQC-9
  Office order dated 25.04.2022 TSQC-8
  Office order dated 27.12.2021 TSQC-7
  Office order dated 15.12.2021 TSQC-6
  Directions for SE (JCC/JPDC/O&M), JVVNL regarding to spare the vehicles for Inspection purpose.  TSQC-5
  Direction to the officers of  Training, Safety, Quality control wing to inform the concerned AENs about the scheduled inspection for their and contractor's presence TSQC-4
  Guidelines and safety suggestions for Discom employees and contractors to prevent electricity accidents dated 08.09.2021 TSQC-3
  Compliance of decision taken in the 21st Meeting of the State Advisory Committee held on 14.11.19 TSQC-2
  Order regarding Compliance of various regulations issued by the Central Electricity Authority dated 27.07.2021 TSQC-1