Description Order (Dispatch) & Date Size Language
Amendment in terms & conditions of deputation 249 dt 6-5-06 41 KB English
Maternity leave to female Govt. servant with less than 2 surviving children in case of miscarriage including abortion. 584/1695 dt 18-01-07 54 KB English
Amendment in the employee service regulation , 1964 for Discoms 673/1401 Dt. 17.1.2011  58 KB English
Amendment in Service Regu. 1964 371/1520 dt 18.1.12 42 KB English
Adoption of GoR's Notification dated 7/12/2011 regarding child adoption leave. 14/230 dt 12.4.2012 55 KB English
Exemption from the depositing bond amount on shifting from one power sector company to another power sector company.  16/340 dt 12.4.12 48 KB English
Adoption of government of Rajasthan notification No. F1 (4)/FD/R/98 dt. 12.12.12 regarding rule 91 of RSR-1951 in respect of advance credit of privilege leave and consequential amendment in the regulation of Nigam. 22/49 dt 10.4.13 65 KB English
Adoption of GoR's order no F1(5)/FD/R/2010 dt 14.12.12 regarding definition of duty and consequential amendment in the regulation of the Nigam. 23/50 dt 10.4.13 66 KB English