CCOA Date Description File Size Language
  30.11.2022 Ist ACP to Jr. Accountant 63 KB EN
  24.11.2022 Circular regarding Group Personal Accidental Insurance of employees of RVPN. 239 KB EN
  07.11.2022 Training order No D 899 dated 07.11.22 1 MB EN
  19.10.2022 Further study order 2022-23 for accounts wing 745 KB EN
  12.10.2022 Relaxation in Payment Policy 76 KB EN
  04.10.2022 Budget discussion programme of BE 2023-24 and RBE 2022-23 978 KB EN
  27.09.2022 Budget Estimates for FY 2023-24 & Revised Budget Estimates for FY 2022-23 6 MB EN
  22.09.2022 Training Order No 714 dated 22.09.22 of Accounts Wing 74 KB EN

Circular for online submission of IT saving proof

Process for online submission for IT saving proof.

  18.08.2022 Transfer Order 789 KB EN
  12.08.2022 1st ACP order of Jr.Acctt 1 MB EN
  04.07.2022 PENSION CIRCULAR  741 KB EN
  30.06.2022 Further Study Circular for Accounts wing for the session 2022-23 345 KB EN
  10.03.2022 Circular Regarding RTPP RULE 687 KB EN
  06.01.2022 Report about compliance of various law applicable to the company for 01.10.2021 to 31.12.2021 498 KB EN
  31.12.2021 List of Employees in Refernce to circular No. 1108 dated 17.02.2021 as on 31.12.2021. 1 MB EN
  21.12.2021 payment policy issued vide No. 1008 dated 21.12.2021 (Control-251) 965 KB en
  21.12.2021 Circular regarding capital budget 1286 KB EN
  21.12.2021 Payment Policy 563 KB EN
  16.12.2021 Compliance of Inspection Reports through email    
  03.12.2021 IT CALCULATION MEMO FY 2021-22 456 KB EN
  30.11.2021 Circular for sample calculation 12 MB EN
  10.11.2021 Ratification of GIS circular No. RRVPNL/CCOA/Estt.-Cont./F. Cont./D.670 Dated 17.09.2021. (Control-248) 442 KB EN
  03.11.2021 Revised Budget Circular RBE 2021-22 & BE 2022-23 1840 KB EN
  29.10.2021 Payment Policy 3441 KB EN
  30.09.2021 Budget Estimates for FY 2022-23 and Revised Budget Estimates for FY 2021-22 9445 KB EN
  17.09.2021 Circular of Group Insurance Policy 2021-22 552 KB EN
  13.09.2021 Furhter study order of Accounts Wing for the session 2021-22 1366 KB EN
  23.06.2021 further study circular of accounts wing of RVPN for 2021-22. 654 KB EN
  14.06.2021 Regarding Diversion of Budget 851 KB EN
  09.06.2021 Instructions regarding submission of vendor's claims to payment cell 852 KB EN
  07.05.2021 Regarding timely updation of attendance in SAP of officers of RVPN 63 KB EN
  27.04.2021 Payment Policy 4 MB EN
  08.04.2021 Posting and work reallocation order of Assistant Accounts Officer-II 387KB EN
  08.04.2021 Promotion order of Jr. Acct to the post of Assistant Accounts Officer-II 388KB EN
  08.04.2021 compliance of various laws applicable 08.04.2021 466KB EN
  17.03.2021 Consultancy & Assistance in preparation of Financial Results for the year ended 31st Mar 2021 as per Ind AS 434KB EN
  05.03.2021 regarding saving proof of Income Tax for A.Y. 2021-22 1232 KB EN
  01.03.2021 order regarding multiple files. 258 KB EN
  17.02.2021 Circular regarding procedure for NO dues certificate required before retirement. 2 MB EN
  04.1.2021 Report about compliance of various laws applicable to the company. (Period 01.10.2020 to 31.12.2020) 416 kb EN
  10.12.2020 Regarding observation in Internal Expenditure Audit 1 MB EN
  23.11.2020 Budget Estimates for F.Y. 2021-22 and Revised Budget Estimates for F.Y. 2020-21    
  05.11.2020    Appointment letter of Kalani & Co.. 46 KB EN
  26.10.2020 Ratification order of GIS 417 KB EN
  25.09.2020 Consultancy Services to conduct the feasibility study for monetization of assets of RVPN through InvIT.  1 MB EN
  22.09.2020 Circular Regarding CMRF 1 MB EN
  16.09.2020 GIS for the period of 22nd oct-2020 to 21st oct-2021  1.13MB EN
  08.09.2020  Further Study Order 2020-21 859 KB EN
  15.07.2020 Regarding Regarding allotment of additional budget under the heads R&M to Plant & Machinery-Transmission (GL-4741004L R&M to Line & Cables -Transmission (GL-4745003) and Operation & Maintenance Cluster (GL-4763000) 1 MB EN
  06.07.2020 Regarding Endorsement of a copy of every purchase/ works order having value of Rs One Lakh or more to the Senior Audit Officer (CAW-II), O/o The Acct General(Audit-II), Indian Audit & account Depatment, Rajasthan, jaipur 18 KB EN
  25.06.2020 Further study circular for the session 2020-21 258 KB EN
  05.06.2020 Circular of SBI regarding inclusion of service charges in 100% waiver provided by SBI WAIVER OF SERVICE CHARGES IN CA OF RVPN 545 KB EN
  01.04.2020 Deferment of Partial Pension of March 20 Paid in April 2020 1 MB EN
  13.03.2020 Regarding submission of saving Proof of Income Tax For the assessment year 2020.2021  85 KB EN
  25.02.2020 Clarification of SBI regarding inclusion of service charges in 100% waiver provided by SBI WAIVER OF SERVICE CHARGES IN CA OF RVPN 2 MB EN
  18.02.2020 Circular no. 990 dated 18/02/2020 in continuation to the circular no. 279 dated 12/07/2019, all the concerned are again advised to approach to their concerned SBI bank branch to convert their current account variant before March, 2020 (if not done earlier) and get the bank charges levied by bank reversed (if any). 1 MB EN
  17.01.2020 Order for amendment in Para 4 of PMCF Scheme 363 KB EN
  03.01.2020 Various law information for the period of 01.10.2019 to 31.12.2019 258 KB EN
  27.11.2019 Work order in favour of M/s PECIL 1 MB EN
  18.11.2019 IT MEMO 1 MB EN
  14.11.2019 Providing Consultancy services for regulatory compiance and filling of Annual revenue requirement(ARR) for FY 2020-21 along-with annual performance review (APR) for FY 2018-19 2 MB EN
  05.11.2019 Circular for Files Transfer 258 KB EN
  30.10.2019 Check list circular dated 25.10.19 890 KB EN
  24.10.2019 Bonus Order for Nigam Emplyees 800 KB EN
  24.10.2019 Hiring of Retired Person  824 KB EN
  23.10.2019 Budget circular for discussion of Budget estimates for FY 2020-21 and Revised Estimates for FY 2019-20. 5 MB EN
  16.10.2019 Ratification of Circular Regarding group Personal Accident Scheme 258 KB EN
  11.10.2019 Training Order of accounts wing w.e.f. 14.10.19 to 16.10.19 697 KB EN
  07.10.2019 Training on Happiness w.e.f. 09.10.19 to 10.10.19 308 KB EN
  04.10.2019 Various Laws Report For the Period of 01.07.2019 to 30.09.2019 467 KB EN
  03.10.2019 Transfers/Deployments in Abeyance due to model code of conduct 243 KB EN
  01.10.2019 Training order of Accounts Wing w.e.f. 03.10.19 to 04.10.19 356 KB EN
  29.09.2019 Transfer order of AAO-II 115 KB EN
  29.09.2019 Promotion to the post of AAO-II 70 KB EN
  20.09.2019 Further Study Order 2019-20 1.1 MB EN
  19.09.2019 Regarding Group Insurance Scheme 5 MB HINDI
  06.09.2019  Income tax circular 169 KB EN
  05.09.2019 Deduction at source of subscription of Nigam's technical workmen and remittance thereof to RBTSKKS 827 KB EN
  22.08.2019 PMCF Orders 155 KB EN
  02.08.2019 Two days training programme on CPFj GPF/PMCF/ Pension rules and regulations w.e.f 06.08.19 to 07.08.19 at JMC Building, Kabir Marg, Bani Park, Near Ram Mandir, Jaipur 75 KB EN
  22.07.2019 Proposal regarding GST work 539 KB EN
  19.07.2019 Nomination of Jr.Accountant in delivery committee  (Control 240) 363 KB EN
  17.07.2019 Termination of Neuro Care Hospital, Jaipur from the list of approved hospital of Pensioners 77 KB EN
  12.07.2019 Circular for Conversion of RVPN's Existing Current Account Variant to new Current Account Variant of SBI for 100% waiver of service charges    
  08.07.2019 Regarding Utilization of Budget 500 KB EN
  01.07.2019 Further Study Order 2019-20 539 KB EN
  03.05.2019 Training Order of Accounts Wing 359 KB EN
  19.03.2019 Approval of incurring expenditure in months April 2019 -July 2019    
  12.03.2019 Information regarding medical reimbursement and conveyance allowance    
  12.03.2019 Completion of March-2019 Accounts, Subsidiaries, Adjustment of PCB's,Store Account etc    
  28.02.2019 Training Order of Accounts Wing w.e.f. 05.03.19 to 07.03.19    
  26.02.2019 Deduction of GST amount on deposit    
  21.02.2019 Training order of Accounts Wing w.e.f. 25.02.19 to 27.02.19    
  19.02.2019 Assignment order for actuarial valuation    
  19.02.2019 Regarding enhancement in the POL limit     
  14.02.2019 Training of Officers/Offcials of Account Wing    
  13.02.2019 Payment Policy Control No.238    
  12.02.2019 Training order regarding RTPP Act/Rules    
  12.02.2019 Work change of Jr. Accountant    
  12.02.2019 Salary charging location of officials    
  07.02.2019 Amendment in Raj. Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013 in Appendix-I : List of Approved hospital    
  07.02.2019 Training order    
  05.02.2019 Single source procurement from M/S Charan Gupta Consultants Pvt. Ltd for Actuarial Valuation of Pension, gratuity and leave encashment for the F.Y.2018-19    
  30.01.2019 Request for Credit Rating of Bank Loan I Facilities    
  23.01.2019 Transfer order of AAO-II & Jr. Acctt.    
  22.01.2019 For Issuance of GST Tax Invoice in case of Supply of various Services by RVPN including Deposit work.    
  16.01.2019 Procedure of issuance of revised PPO Pre-2016 Pensioners    
  08.01.2019 Amendment in Raj. Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013 in Appendix-I : List of Approved hospitals    
  07.01.2019 GPF interest rate wef 01.07.2018 to 31.12.2018    
  13.12.2018 Circular regarding PMCF Fee    
  22.11.2018 Regarding circular of income tax    
  20.11.2018 Budget circular    
  19.11.2018 Mandate for renewal of credit Ratings in respect of bank loan facilities    
  14.11.2018 Regarding viewing income tax    
  02.11.2018 Reconciliation of Fixed Assets Register    
  31.10.2018 Budget circular    
  22.10.2018 Norms for Tyre, Tube and Batteries    

Regarding implementation of DOIT software in GPF and CPF Trust of Power Sector companies of Rajasthan

1. Guide and User Manual


3. Remaining SSO ID

  12.10.2018 Accounting treatment of additions, improvements, replacements and repairs of the fixed assets    
  11.10.2018 IT calculation Memo 2018-19    
  08.10.2018 Budget Estimates for F.Y. 2019-20 and Revised Budget Estimates for F.Y.2018-19.    
  28.09.2018 Approval to Open Salary Account to Employees of RVPN in HDFC Bank    

18 Annual General Meeting Notice

  25.09.2018 Group Personal accident Insurance Scheme 2018-2019    
  18.09.2018 Clarification in preparation of cost estimates, overhead/supervision charges and settlement of accounts for Deposit Works carried out by RVPNor work supervised by RVPN    
  18.09.2018 Completion of Ist Half yearly Accounts of 2018-19    
  18.09.2018 Amendment in Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules 2013, List of approved hospital    
  12.09.2018 Promotion and posting order to the post of AAO-II    
  07.09.2018 Further Study Order 2018-19    
  28.08.2018 Circular regarding allowing of rebates/deductions to employees as per Income Tax Act    
  09.07.2018 Circular Regarding Deposit Work    
  06.07.2018 Further Study Circular for the session 2018-19    
  02.07.2018 Regarding Drawing and Disbursing Powers    
  29.06.2018 salary charging order of Jr.Accctt    
  29.06.2018 Transfer order of AAO-II    
  26.06.2018 Promotion & Posting order to the post of AAO-II    
  15.06.2018 Clarification regarding procurement with quotation    
  12.06.2018 Rate of interest to be allowed to the members of RRVK CPF    
  15.05.2018 Regarding amendment in RRVPMCF Scheme    
  23.05.2018 Implementation of E-Way bill system for intra state movement of goods.    
  04.05.2018 Rate of interest to be allowed to the members RRVK GPF    
  27.04.2018 Approval of Waiver of Service Charges relating to Current Accounts of RVPN    
  09.04.2018 Hiring of Retired Employees    
  09.04.2018 Conversion of Salary Accounts of Employees of RVPN into Corporate Salary Package Order    
  05.04.2018 Circular Related to Capitalisation    
  13.03.2018 Consultancy and Assistance in preparation of financial results for the half year ended on 31.03.2018(Limited Review).    
  06.03.2018 Order regarding Absentee statement    
  06.03.2018 Order regarding DD Power    
  19.02.2018 Regarding gpf rate of interest w.e.f. 1.1.2018 to 31.3.2018.    
  12.02.2018 Regarding KYC data of CPF members    
  09.02.2018 salary charging location of AAO-II/Jr.Acctt changed.    
  01.02.2018 DD Power Orders    
  25.1.2018 Circular for Enhancement of Subscription of the RRVMKKK on RVPN website    
  23.01.2018 Order regarding DD power    
  09.01.2018 latest debenture trustee contact details    
  09.01.2018 Orders regarding PMCF Scheme    
  10.01.2018 strict compliance for special provisions in concerned of SC/ST owned industries as mentioned in notification No.S.O.165 dated 19.11.15    
  04.01.2018 Order regarding DD power for Cluster offices    
  19.12.2017 Further study order 2017-18    
  27.11.2017 Circular regarding issuance of Bank Guarantee    
  21.11.2017 Rate of Interest to be allowed to the members of RRVK GPF    
  16.11.2017 Regarding IT Calculation Memo    
  14.11.2017 Quickly disposal/timely settlement of terminal benefit claims    
  06.11.2017 Payment of GST Charged in TAX Invoice to regsitered Dealer    
  25.10.2017 Budget Circular 2018-19    
  23.10.2017 Amendment in RCS (Medical Attendance) (List of Approved Hospitals)    
  17.10.2017 Circular regarding Life certificate    
  13.10.2017 Clarification on the issues of Vehicle Hired on Contract    
  12.10.2017 Circular regarding expedite of concurrence cases    
  10.10.2017 Order of Imprest Revision    
  10.10.2017 Amendment in the List of Approved Private Hospitals under PMCF Scheme    
  04.10.2017 Taxability of compensation amount received from employees on resignation from Nigam services    
  04.10.2017 Circular regarding PMCF Fee    
  27.09.2017 Probation clearance of Jr. Acctt    
  20.09.2017 EDLI Corrigendum Order    
  19.09.2017 Order related to Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme    
  18.09.2017 Clarification on GST on Retired Employees appointed on contract basis    
  18.09.2017 Reallocation of work of Officials    
  14.09.2017 Constitution of committee for Review of procedure of checking and vettingof estimates and time extension cases     
  08.09.2017 Reconstitution of Delivery committee and Price Guiding Committee    
  28.08.2017 Clearance of probation period in respect of Jr.Acctt (PT)     
  18.08.2017 Timeline for providing information for GST monthly return    
  10.07.2017 GPF intereste rate w.e.f. 1.4.17 to 30.6.17    
  07.07.2017 GST- Guidelines for Payment of Pending Bills    
  04.07.2017 Further Study Circular 2017-18    
  04.07.2017 FORM 16 TRACES GENERATED    
  16.06.2017 DD power order    
  15.06.2017 Rate of interest to be allowed to the members of RRVK CPF    
  13.06.2017 Amendment In Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013 :List of 'Approved Hospitals'    
  23.05.2017 Diversion of Budget & Additional Budget    
  15.05.2017 Promotion and posting order to the post of AAO-II    
  08.05.2017 Procedure for No dues Certificate required before retirement    
  28.04.2017 Regarding entry of PL/ ML in SAP ERP    
  24.04.2017 Min. Account Balance in bank    
  18.04.2017 Control NO. 228 for Payment Policy    
  13.04.2017 Order for Entitlement of HRA where husband and wife at same HQ    
  12.04.2017 Annual Financial Statement for the year 2017-18     
  10.04.2016 In reference to the Clause No.1, 5 & 8 of the Payment Policy issued vide order No. RVPNI CCOA! Controll D.1297 dated 30.01.2017    
  06.04.2017 Order related to DD power     
  27.03.2017 Imprest related order    
  22.03.2017 Correction in WCT Forms    
  08.03.2017 RRV-PMCF, order regarding List of Approved Hospital & Guideline for Transplant Surgery for pensioners    
  06.03.2017 Employees enrollment campaign-2017    
  06.03.2017 Order for income tax deduction for 13 months    
  06.03.2017 Information related to O&M spares in compliance of Ind AS 16    
  02.03.2017 Rate of Interest of RRVK GPF    
  27.02.2017 Clearance of Probation Period of Jr.Accountant (PT)    
  22.02.2017 Probation period completion of AAOs-II    
  06.02.2017 Circular regarding Inspection of offices for the year 2017-18    
  13.02.2017 Orders regarding list of hospitals under RRVPMCF Scheme    
  25.01.2017 Request for fund transfer through SAP    
  17.01.2017 Revision of Permanent Imprest    
  04.01.2017 Permission for further studies    
  29.12.2016 Allotment of Budget    
  16.12.2016 Budget Circular    
  13.12.2016 Half yearly financial statement & also limited review report    
  13.12.2016 Deployment in Accounts Wing    
  13.12.2016 Orders regarding increase of epf pension and increase in DLI amount.    
  13.12.2016 New Pensioners Medical FUnd Scheme 2000    
  29.11.2016 Allotment of additional budget under head Training of employees    
  29.11.2016 Order of DD Power    
  25.10.2016 Releasing the Salary and allownces for the month of October 2016 by 28.10.2016    
  25.10.2016 Salary Charging locations     
  30.09.2016 The Drawing and Disbursing Power in respect of XEN (M&F) and ACOS    
  27.09.2016 Workshop on  Indian  Accounting standards converged  with the International  Financial Reporting Standards    
  27.09.2016 Deployment Confirmation order    
  23.09.2016 Bank charges circular    
  22.09.2016 Blank Performa for Income Tax Calculation Memo    
  19.09.2016 Order related to zero bank balance account    
  19.09.2016 Order related to DD power    
  19.09.2016 Order Related to Bank Account's     
  06.09.2016 transfer of RVPN Funds from Various Accounts of RVPN    
  02.09.2016 Link officer for accounts wing    
  02.09.2016 Various Transfer/Deployment Orders    
  22.08.2016 Annual Financial Statement    
  27.07.2016 Posting order for the post of AAO-II    
  27.07.2016 Promotion order for the post of AAO-II    
  22.07.2016 Opening of new bank account    
  20.07.2016 Order Related to look after the work of Civil Works    
    Various Orders Related to PMCF Trust    
  13.07.2016 Deployment Orders of Accounts Wing    
  04.07.2016 Order Related to permission for further studies    
  01.07.2016 Rate of Interest to be allowed to the members of RRVK CPF    
  16.06.2016 Rate of Interest to be allowed to the members of RRVK CPF    
  14.06.2016 Circular to open new bank accounts of circles    
  27.05.2016 Declaration form of EPF issued by EPFO    
  25.05.2016 Transfer order of Accounts wing officials    
  25.05.2016 Order for drawing and disbursing Power for Locations after re-structuring    
  19.05.2016 Order related to RRVPMCF-2000    
  12.05.2016 Transfer and Posting order of Accounts wing    
  04.05.2016 Transfer order of accounts wing officers    
  07.04.2016 Amendment in RRVPMCF    
  02.02.2016 Change in Concessional VAT Rate from 5% to 5.5% by GOR    
    Pensioners Login Details    
    CPF/GPF related documents/Applications/Form