GST Orders Date Order No Description Language
  21.10.2022 42 Reciept of E-Invoice with IRN & QR Code EN
  17.08.2022 41 GST applicability on liquidity damages, compensation, penalty arises out of breach of contract or other provisions of law EN
  18.07.2022 40 Clarification regarding GST on Service of Transportation of Goods by Road w.e.f. 18/07/2022 EN
  18.07.2022 39 Changes in GST Law for GST Payable under RCM w.e.f 18/07/2022 and attachment EN
  18.07.2022 38 Changes in rate of GST on Guest House Revenue w.e.f 18/07/2022 EN
  18.07.2022 464 Letter for Various changes notified in Goods and Service Tax (GST) Law w.e.f 18/07/2022 EN
  24.06.2022 363 Opinion regarding applicability of GST on payment of Royalty to the Mining department deducted from the running bills of contractor EN
  05.04.2022 36 Issuance of E-way bill for Intra State Movement of Goods w.e.f 01.04.2022 EN
  22.04.2022 93 New Format of GST Payorder for payment of GST Liability and filing of GST Return w.e.f April 2022 EN
  22.04.2022 37 Evaluation and accounting of GST ITC (eligible ITC/reversal of eligible ITC/ineligible ITC) for reporting in monthly GST Return EN
  10.03.2022 35 Receipt of E-invoice with IRN & QR code from the GST registered vendor from w.e.f 01/04/2022 EN
  25.02.2022 1404 FINANCIAL YEAR END COMPLIANCE RELATED TO GST FOR THE F.Y. 2021-22 Attatchment EN
  25.02.2022 34 Issue of Tax Invoice/Bill of Supply with correct deatails along with HSN/SAC code EN
  21.01.2022 33 Documentary requirements and conditions/Compliances for claiming GST Input Tax credit (ITC) EN
  03.01.2022 1115 Changes in GST Law w.e.f. 01.01.2022 EN
  01.04.2021 32 E-way Bill for Intra state movement of Goods wef 01.04.2021 EN
  18.03.2021 31 Receipt of E-invoice with IRN & QR code from the GST Registered vendor w.e.f 01/04/2021 EN
  03.02.2021 30 Issue of Tax Invoice/Bill of supply with correct Details along with 6 digit HSN/SAC Code. EN
  28.01.2021 29 Receipt of E Invoice with IRN & QR Code from the GST Registered Vendor EN
  12.11.2020 28 GST related compliance in the Bidding & while passing & payment of GST Invoice  Attatchment  English
  23.10.2020 27 Clarification regarding GST on Service of Transportation of Goods by Road. English
  29.09.2020 26 issuance of E-Invoice & QR Code w.e.f. 01.10.2020 compulsorily           Attatchment English
  10.09.2020 25 Issuance of Tax Invoice/Bill of Supply with Correct Details along with HSN/SAC Code English
  08.06.2020 24 SOP on GST TDS dated 28.09.2018 English
  08.06.2020 23 GST on RCM under Security Service English
  08.06.2020 22 GST on Legal Services on RVPN English
  21.05.2020 21 Guidelines for compliance of GST Law English
  28.01.2020 20 Applicability of GST under RCM on the service of renting motor vehicle with Fuel dated 28.01.2020 English
  26.09.2019 19 Clarification for GST on Railway Deposit Works dated 26.09.2019 English
  26.09.2019 18 GST New Informaton and Payorder Format dated 26.09.2019 English
  24.04.2019 17 Guideline for accounting of Inward Supply for compliance of GST Law dated 24.04.2019 English
  24.04.2019 16 Guideline for accounting of Outward Supply for compliance of GST Law dated 24.04.2019 English
  22.01.2019 15 Issue of Invoice for supply of various services by RVPN including Deposit Works dated 22.01.2019 English
  28.09.2018 14 Compliance of GST TDS Provisions dated 28.09.2018 English
  21.09.2018 13 Registraion as GST Tax Deductor under GST Law for compliance of TDS provision w.e.f. 01.10.2018 dated 21.09.2018 English
  23.05.2018 12 Implementation of E-Way Bill as per GST Dated 23.05.2018 English
  04.04.2018 11 Issue of GST Tax Invoice, Bill of Supply etc through SAP w.e.f. 01.04.2018 dated 04.04.2018 English
  06.11.2017 10 Certificate for Payment of GST to the Vendor dated 06.11.2017 English
  27.10.2017 9 Guidelines for Compliance of GST Law dated 27.10.2017 English
  13.10.2017 8 Notifiaction for Exemption of GST Under RCM for procurement from Unregistered dated 13.10.2017 English
  05.10.2017 7 Display of GST Registration Certificate at all offices dated 05.10.2017 English
  04.10.2017 6 GST on Compensation received from employee on Resignation from Nigam Services Dated 04.10.2017 English
  18.08.2017 5 Timeline for providing the inforamtion for GST Return dated 18.08.2017 English
  16.08.2017 4 GST Monthly Information & Payorder Circular dated 16.08.2017 English
  11.07.2017 3 Format & Sr. No. for Issue of Invoices as per GST Law (Up to 31.03.2018) dated 11.07.2017 English
  07.07.2017 2 Payment of Pending Claims for Pre-GST Regime dated 7.07.2017 English
  29.06.2017 1 Circular for GST implementation w.e.f 01.01.2017 dated 29.06.2017 English