Trust(CPF/GPF/PMCF) Date Description               Language File Size
  22.09.2022 Regarding deposition of PMCF Membership fee EN 456 KB
  30.03.2022 Regarding renewal of PMCF Card of existing pensioners under RRVPMCF Scheme EN 691 KB
  26.11.2021 Amendment in RRVPMCF Scheme for Pensioners of erstwhile RSEB and all five Power Sector Companies EN 852 KB
  ---- RRVK CPF RULES 2005 EN 5 MB
  24.08.2021 GPF Interest Apr. 21 to Sep. 21 EN 852 KB
  28.07.2021 Guideline regarding "Opening of current accounts by banks- Need for Discipline" Annexure EN 12 MB
  25.06.2021 PENSION CIRCULAR EN 65 KB
  14.06.2021 Order Related to DLI EN 85 KB
  12.05.2021 Relaxation to the Pensioners to deposit PMCF renewal fee for the F.Y. 2021-22 EN 852 KB
  29.04.2021 Order regarding relaxation for obtaining NAC en 452 KB
  29..04.2021 various forms related to pensioners Alive Certificate Annex-H EN  
  22.04.2021 FAQs regarding PMCF Scheme EN 85 KB
  20.04.2021 PMCF Circular Hindi 85 KB
  25.02.2021 Schedule of RRVK-C.P.F. Trust Election EN 41KB
  19.02.2021 GPF Interest rate 1.1.21 to 31.3.21 EN 425 KB
  18.02.2021 CPF Rate of interest for 2019-20 EN 852 KB
  02.02.2021 Empanellment of Gangauri Hosoital for pensioners EN 258 KB
  18.01.2021 Maximum chargeable rates for treatment of Covid·19 in Approved Private Hospitals under Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013. EN 217KB
  01.01.2021 GPF Int rate Oct to Dec-20 EN 282 KB
  01.01.2021 GPF Int rate july to sep-20 EN 258 KB
  22.09.2020 Empanellment of Hospital i.e Dr. Virendra laser, phaco surgery institute new delhi eye hospital, tonl road gandhi nagar jaipur EN 2 MB
  15.09.2020 F&R No 1357 EN 53KB
  02.09.2020 RVPN Employees list for Election of RRVK-CPF-Trust Board EN 776KB
  05.08.2020 Circular regarding online deposition of PMCF renewal fee EN 852 KB
  31.07.2020 Inclusion of Private Hospital in the list of empanelled/approved hospital for pensioners under RRVPMCFScheme. EN 452 KB
  20.07.2020 inclusion of Private Hospitals in the list of approved hospitals for pensioners under PMCF Scheme- Center for Sight  Apex Hospital EN 46 KB
  17.07.2020 Quick disposal of loan & Terminal benefites(revised) EN 222 KB
  01.07.2020 Empanelment of Arihant Hospital, Bhilwara for pensioners EN 854 KB
  25.06.2020 Inclusion of "DD Eye Institute, Kota" in the List of Empanelled/ Approved Hospitals for Pensioners under RRVPMCF Scheme EN 854 KB
  24.06.2020 Empanelment of OPERA Hospital, Kota for pensioners under PMCF Scheme EN 123 KB
  ----- Regarding remaining sso ids of rvpn employees EN 234 KB
  16.06.2020 Regarding CPF deduction of contractual employees engaged on contract basis EN 852 KB
  10.06.2020 Regarding empanelment of Hospital for employees and pensioners. _10.06.2020 EN 89KB
  05.06.2020 Inclusion of star Hospital in the list of empanelled Hospitals for pensioners under RRVPMCF Scheme EN 47 KB
  22.05.2020 Regarding relaxation of prescription under RPMCF scheme EN 1.2 MB
    Rate of Interest to RRVK GPF Subscribers EN 258 KB
    Include of Private Hospitals in the list of empanelled Hospitals for pensioners under RRVPMCF Scheme EN 859 KB
    Regarding relaxation in deposition of PMCF Fee and hospital approve order EN 569 KB
    EPFO Gazette Notification for Non-Refundable loan (3 months salary) to EPF/CPF Members during Epidemic EN 259 KB
    Approved Hospitals under PMCF Scheme. EN 1.3 MB
    Relaxation of NAC to Retired Employees EN 1 MB
    List of Empanalled Hospitals Under PMCF Scheme  EN 1 MB
    Amendment in Rajasthan Rajya Vidhyut Pensioners Medical concession fund scheme 2000 EN 589 KB
    GPF gratuity nomination order and proforma EN 258 KB

Regarding SSO ID of Employees of CPF/GPF 

1.Remaining SSO ID of RVPN employees


    Amendment in Para 4 of PMCF scheme EN 123 KB
    GPF interest rate July 19 to Dec. 19. EN 1 MB
    Regarding nomination for death cum retirement gratuity EN 1 MB
    Regarding updating of  KYC for UAN 1. Energy Deptt   2.  RVPN EN 2 MB
    Regarding benefit of RSEB Employees (CPF Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme) Regulation 1976 Hindi 150 KB
    Regarding benefit of RSEB Employees (CPF Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme) Regulation 1976 English 127 KB
    GPF interest rate wef 01.01.2019 to 30.06.2019 English 48 KB
    DLI Awareness Hindi 68 KB
    Order regarding DLI Awareness English 28 KB
    Application forms for PF loans and final payments English 466 KB
    Deduction of 1.16% from the contribution of employee who opted to get EPF deduction on higher salary English 30 KB
    GPF interest rate wef 01.07.2018 to 31.12.2018 English 77 KB
    Circular regarding PMCF Fee English 100 KB
    Regarding implementation of DOIT software in GPF and CPF Trust of Power Sector companies of Rajasthan
1. Guide and User Manual
3. Remaining SSO ID
English 300 KB
    Regarding amendment in RRVPMCF Scheme English 100 KB
    Rate of interest to be allowed to the members RRVK GPF English 100 KB
    Regarding KYC data of CPF members English  
    Circular for Enhancement of Subscription of the RRVMKKK on RVPN website English  
    Orders regarding PMCF Scheme English  
    Rate of Interest to be allowed to the members of RRVK GPF English  
    Amendment in the List of Approved Private Hospitals under PMCF Scheme English  
    Circular regarding PMCF Fee English  
    EDLI Corrigendum Order English  
    Rate of interest to be allowed to the members of RRVK CPF-15.06.2017 English  
    CPF/GPF related documents/Applications/Form English