1     : Particulars of organization duties and functions
1B     : The Organization Chart of RVPN
2     : The powers and duties of officers/officials.
3     : The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability.
4     : The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions.
5     : The rules, regulations, instructions,manuals & records held by it for discharging its functions.
6     : A statement of the categories of documents that are held it or under control.
7     : The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy. 
8     : List of Boards, council, Committees
9     : Telephone Directory of officer's in RVPN
10     : Gross salary of officers/ officials -OCT -2022
11     : The budget allocated to each of it agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditure and report on disbursements.
12     : The manner of execution of subsidy programmes,including the amounts allocated & details of beneficiaries of such programmes. 
13     : Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits of authorizations granted by it.
14     : Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in a electronic form.
15     : The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information. (Preface) 
15a     : The RTI Act 2005
15b     : The Central RTI (Regulation Of Fee & Cost) Rules 2005
15c     : The Rajasthan Right to Information Rules 2005 (English)
15d     : The Rajasthan Right to Information Rules 2005 (Hindi)
15e     : The circular No. P.9(23) Home-5/2005 dated 3.10.2005
15f     : RTI Act 2005-A User's guide
15g     : Frequently Asked Questions
15h     : The RTI Act 2005-Jigyasa Samadhan
15i     : A Guide for State Public Information Officers (SPIOs)
15j     : A Guide for State Assistant Public Information Officers (SAPIOs)
15k     : A guide for Departmental Appellate Authorities (DAAs)
16     : List of SPIOs / SAPIOs/ DAAa appointed in RRVPNL
17     : Such others information as may be prescribed and there after updated these publication every year.
18     : Organization Chart of Appellate Authority & PIO of RVPN
19     : The Annual Progress Report for the Year 2021-22
20     : Latest Position of Implementation of RTI Act Upto SEP 2022
21     : Details of Selection scale/Transfers/promotions during the Year 2021-2022
22     : Office wise Information of transfers/deployment ,Promotion, new recruitment /Retirement during SEP 2022