S NO Name Start date End date Description Files
  3579 14.10.2021 01.11.2021 NIT for appointment of Asset valuer for GLPL Disinvestment 3579 (size-873KB)
  3563   22.09.2021 NIT for TN-513 (F/F) for annual contract of Fire-Fighting 3563(size-18126kb)
  3505_D -- 09.06.2021 Date extension of TN-510/CAM. 3505_D(size-288kb)
  3505_C -- 25.05.2021 Date extension of TN-510/CAM. 3505_C(size-270kb)
  3505_B -- 12.05.2021 Date extension of TN-511/Proc. 3505_B(size-457kb)
  3505_A -- 27.04.2021 Date extension of TN-509/Proc. 3505_A(size-620kb)
  3505 -- --

TN-507 (Elec.) for Annual maintenance work of 220 KV switchyard and Transformer (UBN-RVU2021WSOB02020)    

TN-508(F/F) for Annual Contract of Fire Fighting (UBN-RVU2021SLOB02019

TN-509(Proc.)Maintenance and upkeeping of Offices (UBN-RVU2021SSOB02021

TN-510(CA-M)man power supply for various mechanical work (UBN-RVU2021SSOB02022

TN-511 (P&A)Man power supply for running of Canteen at plant (UBN-RVU2021SSOB02023

TN-512 (L&L)Cleaning Works at GLPL (UBN- RVU2021WSOB02024

  3462 -- --

TN-503(Elec.) Annual maintenance contract  for Lighting and Electrical equipment at  GLPL,Barmer (UBN-RVU2021WSOB01363)

TN-504  Civil Day to day maintenance of  Hostel and Rest House, Barmer (UBN-RVU2021WSLB01437 )                          

TN-505 (Civil) Cleaning services at both colony &Office, Barmer(UBN-RVU2021WSLB01435)                           

TN-506 (Civil)    R&M of Civil Works for  colony & Office Building & rest house (UBN-RVU2021WSLB01434        

  3378_A -- 03.06.2020 Date Extension of TN-499(CA-M) 3378_A(size-452kb)
  3378 04.05.2020 --

TN-499 (CA-M) for e-tenderWork of maintenance & up keeping of various mechanical  equipment at plant & pumping station.

TN-500(L&L) for Cleaning services at GLPL plant Thubali.

TN-501(P-A)  for Providing manpower for canteen at GLPL plant.

TN-502 (Proc.) for Maintenance and upkeeping of offices at Barmer and GLPL plant.

  3320_B -- 05.02.2020 Date Extension of TN-498(F/F) 3320_B(size-526kb)
  3320_A -- 24.01.2020 Date Extension of NIT No- 498 3320_A(size-538kb)
  3320 20.12.2019 -- NIT for TN-496 to 498 .Find attachment for more detail about last date of downloading etc. 3320(size-1426kb)
  3280_E   20.11.2019 Extension notice of TN_493 3280_E
  3280_D   5.11.2019 Extension notice of TN_493 3280-D(size-166kb)
  3280_C   21.10.2019 Extension notice of TN_494 3280_C
  3280_B   21.10.2019 Extension notice of TN_493 3280_B
  3280_A   21.10.2019 Extension notice of TN_492 3280_A
  PR_3280 18.09.2019 --- NIT for TN-491to495.Find attachment for more detail about last date of downloading etc. 3280(size-582kb)
  PR_3201 28.3.2019 28.3.2019 Notice of Inviting tender 489,490 3201
  PR_3153_A 27.12.18 27.12.18 Extension notice of TN_484(F/F) PR_3153_A
  PR_3153 20.11.18 15.12.18 Annual contract for opration of fire fighting,work of maintenance and cleaning services PR_3153
1 PR_3092_A 12.07.18 12.07.18 Extension of TN-483 PR_3092_A
1 PR_3092 3/7/18 3/7/18 480,481,482,483 3092
2 PR_3037 30/3/18 30/3/18 Notice 3037
3 PR_2973 27/10/17 28/10/17 E TENDER OF TN476,477,478 PR_2973
4 PR_2874_E 19/5/17 19/5/17 Date extension in TN-475 2874_E
5 PR_2874_D 12/5/17 12/5/17 Date of Extension -475 2874_d
6 PR_2874_C 5/5/17 5/5/17 Date extension 475 2874_c
7 PR_2874_B 25/4/17 25/4/17 Date extension 475 2874_B